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Olaf Build Guide by ChaseMorePlz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaseMorePlz

(8.20) 80% Winrate Olaf Top/Jungle Guide: Season 8 SAVAGE! [

ChaseMorePlz Last updated on October 10, 2018
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Olaf Top


Olaf Jungle

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How to Dominate & Carry!

Olaf Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Conqueror
LoL Rune: Presence of Mind
Presence of Mind
LoL Rune: Legend: Bloodline
Legend: Bloodline
LoL Rune: Last Stand
Last Stand

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Chrysalis

+9% Attack Speed and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Win 50%
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Threats to Olaf with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven One of Riven's toughest matchups. Her only chance is to rely on her jungler or somehow outplay and kill you early. After you get a few items and hit 6, you can destroy her especially since she can't CC you.
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Introduction: How To Play Olaf In Ranked!

Hey, what's up guys! I'm a Platinum Jungle/Top Main in the North American region known as ChaseMorePlz. I have been playing Olaf for a while now, and in a nutshell he's lowkey OP; a sleeper champion for free ranked elo, as well as easy normal wins. I'm writing this guide to let you guys know how I play Olaf, and how to play against his counters correctly and build him as efficiently as possible. After a few games, dominating with this champion in any gamemode will be as easy as pie (probably easier) once you fully understand this guide. I also have created a YouTube video explaining how to lane vs. Olaf's toughest counter in my own personal opinion, Kennen, in a Ranked Platinum Elo game (if I helped you out with this guide/video, subscribing to my YouTube Channel helps me out a lot!):

Combining this guide with the gameplay/commentary will help you tremendously learning how to play and win games with Olaf! Be sure to check it out and subscribe for more :)

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Pros / Cons


- Snowballs VERY hard, this is very good due to the fact that winning lane in Season 6 is very imperative to succeed early on.
- Amazing damage with an early Tiamat (most efficient method of pushing your lead with Olaf in my opinion)
- Ridiculous chase and poke potential. Nearly impossible to get away from Olaf while overextending; if he's able to get multiple Q's Undertow thrown onto you, you're not moving.. very much.
- Multiple attack speed steroids( Berserker Rage and Vicious Strikes ,lifesteal built into his kit with Vicious Strikes, as well as true damage added along with all of that, Reckless Swing.. very good for dueling.
- His ULTI, Ragnarok! The ability to not be CC'd for the duration at such a low cooldown is a reason why I believe he's lowkey OP; it's just very beneficial in nearly every single situation.


- Very immobile without any summoners/ult, Flash, Ghost, or Ragnarok. He can easily be focused down or kited at this point without these being up. However, he does have high base movespeed with the quints.
- Not very efficient at gap closing. He can run, or use multiple Q's with Undertow, but this puts him in the position to be kited as well.
- Lacks a reliable form of CC, doesn't offer anything but the slow from Undertow.
- Requires the cooldown reset from his Undertow in most teamfights, which will inevitably reduce his DPS.

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Early / Late Game Itemization!

1. Starting Doran's Blade is the best option in most situations. Long Sword is also a good choice to build towards a Ravenous Hydra or The Black Cleaver. Building a The Black Cleaver first is one of the safest build paths for Olaf. Ninja Tabi are a must vs. AD matchups and autoattack heavy comps; Mercury's Treads are an okay alternative, however aren't completely necessary on Olaf due to the short Cooldown on his ultimate, Ragnarok. Spirit Visage helps Olaf's health regen and self healing tremendously.

2. Only build towards Ravenous Hydra if ahead. If you are already behind, building this item may delay your power spikes. There is nothing wrong with building Black Cleaver first, however Hydra can EXTREMELY snowball your early lead and hit crazy power spikes.

3. If you don't need any Lifesteal from Ravenous Hydra, Titanic Hydra is also a very good option. Dead Man's Plate assists in catching up to targets, Righteous Glory does the same. Frozen Heart is very good vs. heavy ad comps; the CDR and mana is very good on Olaf as well. Sterak's Gage is a very underrated and strong item, the shield, health and scaling damage it offers is amazing. I prefer going Gargoyle Stoneplate if you need the extra Armor & MR, I call it Sterak's Gage 2.0 because you can choose when to activate the shield! Be sure to build this item with more HP items such as Titanic Hydra + Deadman's Plate.

4. Consider what you need in terms of tanky stats depending on who's ahead on the enemy team. Enemy ADC snowballing? Build some Armor. AP Mid becoming a threat? A Spirit Visage or can help out a ton so you don't get 100-0'd by them; try to avoid dying in general as well. Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart are the best armor items to build vs. the enemy team, take what you need and don't max out on CDR!

Building Olaf correctly and staying ahead in farm/CS will always result in you scaling into a late game monster. Be sure to refer to the example builds and items at the beginning of the guide for even more information and item choices! You can be strong in every point in the game depending on your gameplay decisions, resulting in very positive results from the games you play with him :)

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How to Teamfight and Splitpush

For the most part, Olaf can do both very well. Aim to splitpush to snowball yourself or create pressure for your team, in order to gain objective control. Teamfighting is a good way to get your team ahead, especially by gaining an objective after winning a fight. Using Teleport to do this is very efficient; pressure top lane and Teleport in order to assist your team in winning an objective while enemy teleports are down. Early game will be your damage power spike, so keep in mind that if you do not take advantage of that early, your damage will fall off anyways. Use your ultimate in fights to avoid being CC'd and focused down. Late game you aim to become a tank for your team that can destroy the enemy's back line.

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Olaf is a great jungler with Smite and Ghost; I feel it is best to play more Olaf Jungle in Season 7 right now because he is very strong if you can land his Undertow and snowball your laners! I prefer starting Blue side and rushing Cinderhulk, I prefer getting the Stalker's Blade smite enchantment. More coming soon as more patches come and go :)

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Having full AD runes and masteries helps you farm a lot better, to maximize the gold income be sure to miss as little CS as possible! Using around 10% attack speed and 10 AD is good for farming camps when playing jungle. Be sure not to waste time, farming camps when you have downtime in game is a necessity, while doing so always check the map! It is important not to fall behind because you won't scale very well in the mid to late game.

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Ranked Play

This guide can be used for both Normal and Ranked play. Very viable pick right now in Ranked as well, which is another reason I make the video tutorials for you guys on my YouTube channel, I main Udyr! Drop an upvote on this guide if you enjoyed, it really helps me out! :)

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In conclusion, Olaf is a very viable pick in this current meta. He can provide a lot of pressure due to his great wave clear with his Undertow & Hydra. Also is a beast in teamfights with his ultimate, Ragnarok. Teleport and Ghost also adds utility to him as an overall champion, enhances other things you can get done with Olaf; Flash is also a good option as well. He also handles counter matchups very well, unlike most top laners. Can also be played in the jungle, and overall has a very strong early game and great late game scaling. Pick him up while you can, before everyone finds out about his assets! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for new videos and follow my stream on Twitch if you want to see more of my gameplay and content. Have fun destroying your opponents on the Rift! :D