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Kalista Build Guide by Fentoniia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fentoniia

[8.20] Kalista Guide (We Are Vengeance) - In-Depth - Stream

Fentoniia Last updated on October 14, 2018
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Kalista Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Lethal Tempo
Lethal Tempo
LoL Rune: Overheal
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Hey Guys, welcome to my Kalista guide. I'm Zyrkin, a coach and a veteran League of Legends player. I've been playing since the Beta and in season 4 I was Challenger at the end of the Season on my account on the EUW server, and I was Diamond 1 in Season 5.

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Summoner Spells


Flash for Obvious Reasons. Considered the best summoner spell in the game, flash allows Kalista to chase down targets, reposition, and escape when needed.

Heal is amazing for bot lane Kalista as it helps her trade and also heals her support in a 2v2 lane. You want Flash + Heal probably 99% of the time.

Cleanse is good enemies who have hard CC (Annie stun, Morgana Snare/Stun, Cassiopeia Ult, ect). Cleanse also has a relatively short cooldown so don’t be too scared to use it.

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Standard Precision Keystone

Really, really standard build. Press the Attack and Fleet Footwork on Kalista right now are the go-to keystones due the the sheer strength and flexibility in terms of the situations that they works in. Most other options are situational, but this is the page that generally works best for all situations.

Domination Secondary Path

There's quite a few options you can take here. Sudden impact and eyeball collection allows for more damage, but you can opt to go for more sustain such as taste of blood or more utility such as zombie ward and ghost poro.

Alternative Sorcery Keystone
(Alternative Route)
Not really recommend as Kalista isn't exactly ability-abusive.

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Blade of the Runaans Edge:

Standard Kalista build. BoRK and Hurricane are absolutely essential on patch 8.11. All other build routes are usually variations of the standard blade of the Runaans Edge build path.

> > > > > +

  • 1-Item powerspike with Blade of the Ruined King
  • Build path is good as it contains many small parts
  • AoE/Waveclear with Hurricane
  • Early lifesteal
  • More attack speed = More jumping around

  • Fragile early game, Bilgewater Cutlass is rather weak
  • Semi-Expensive core items

Blade, Rageblade, Runaans:

Variation to the standard Kalista build. Rageblade wasn't affected by the patch 8.11 ADC itemization changes and still remains a strong item.

> > > > > +

  • 1-Item powerspike with Blade of the Ruined King
  • Lots of damage with stacked rageblade
  • Early lifesteal

  • Requires rageblade to be stacked to maximize damage output
  • Semi-Expensive core items

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Kalista's Mechanics

Walls you can jump

Kalista Kite Bind

This bind will allow you to kite your enemies in a much easier way, as soon as you press "A" your champion will attack the closest enemy and move to where your cursor is. This is one of the best tools you can use as Kalista. Give it a try and let me know on the comments section below!

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Champion Matchups

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Support Synergy

Playing with your support in lane:

Communicate with your support! If you have an aggressive playstyle or a passive playstyle, make sure to let them know how you intend on playing the lane! You have to know your own cooldowns as well as your supports cooldowns for more effective synergy. Pings are especially helpful for communication! Positioning wise, always try to stay in a parallel line in lane with your support as shown below:

Make sure you two hit lv.2 first or play safe!

This is a really common mistake for bot lane synergy. Be on the same page if you're looking to hit level 2 and push the advantage or play it safe to not get caught off guard by an early enemy level 2 all-in!

Help ward

You usually want to ward the tri-brush or lane brushes while your support occasionally walks away from lane to ward river.

Set up CC for your Support to make a play

This includes slowing enemies with your Rend or using your ult Fate's Call to set up your support so that they can land CC or damage, which in turn will help you get a kill!

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Early Game

Early game would include level 1 and the lane phase. During this time, your main objective is to push turrets, deny the enemy ADC the chance to last hit, farm up/get kills and become an even larger threat mid game!

Kalista is probably the strongest laning ADC. Paired with an aggressive support, you can make a lot of plays early game:

Level 1-5:

Leash for your Jungler if needed and then push the wave as fast as possible to level 2! Whoever hits level 2 first at bot lane has a major advantage since it's 2 people leveling up instead of 1.

When you hit level 3, you should have a point in all 3 abilities. At level 4 when you have 2 points into E, Kalista becomes very strong and this is when I opt to trade with the enemy lane.

Level 6:

Level 6 Kalista has insane kill potential if your support is also ready. Just make sure that your support is also level 6 if possible. This cooldown is very important though since it has a very high cooldown, so only use it when you think you can get a kill or if you need to save your support.

You usually want to take the enemy turret at around 8-11 minutes if possible to transition into the mid game.

Warding in lane:

Always try to ward side brushes in lane and dragon area/tri-bush whenever possible! Your support will do most of the warding, but you can help!

Early Lane Harass: Q > Auto QR Q > Auto > Q > E

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Mid Game

Mid game is where the laning phase ends and usually where teamfights and skirmishes involving multiple lanes happens. Kalista has her largest power spike at this point.

By this point, you want to have your first major item and boots completed on Kalista (like Blade of the Ruined King and tier 2 boots). You'll do a lot more damage than early game, but you always want to keep yourself safe first because this is usually when assassins get a huge spike in power.

Dragon control:

Dragon becomes an important objective during this time. Be careful about fighting here however, especially when the enemy top laner has teleport and can join the fight. You usually want to do dragon if you get a kill or 2, or if the enemy team has returned to base.


Try to take as many turrets as possible during this time. However, often you will have to push turrets with multiple people to take them down.

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Late Game

While Kalista isn't the strongest ADC late game, she can still pick off enemies and do a ton of damage if left unchecked.

You should have your core finished at this point. You should aim to have at least 3 major items + tier 2 boots in order to be a large threat during teamfights.

Be careful when farming!

Try to keep farming to a minimum during this time. The enemy team may catch and assassinate you, or do baron if you're farming bot.


Baron buff is super strong at this point and is a huge priority! Baron is also much harder to take down now so be careful when attempting Baron. Always try to have a ward on Baron Nashor so that you don't facecheck the area.

Dragon buff is good, but not worth giving up baron buff for. Unless the game goes to super late game and you're getting to 4 or 5 dragon buffs, it is usually much more important to obtain baron control instead.

Try to get turrets/inhibitors if possible, but don't make the common mistake of overstaying.


See section below.

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First, lets look at the basics. Shurelya does a really good job of explaining teamfighting in this video:

Teamfighting as Kalista

1. Starting a Fight
You can either initiate a fight with your support and ultimate or wait and do sustained damage. Consider:
  • Cooldowns: If you have all your cooldowns available, you are in an optimal place to fight. Now consider your team's ults (green circle beside their portrait on the left) and the enemy team's ults (if you know their cooldown)
  • Priority: Your target priority is (Enemy) ADC = Mid > Support > Jungle > Top. There are exceptions to this if there is an enemy team Riven top laner who might be more of a threat, ect.
  • Positioning: You can stay closer to the front line with your support and ultimate or stay back and wait to pick someone off after stacking E.
2. Teamfighting
  • You can either use cooldowns one at a time as opportunities arise or;
  • Use rounds of cooldowns then wait until another round of cooldowns are available
  • Use your E to guarantee kills and reset its cooldown
  • Dodge key enemy abilities and CC if possible
  • Assess how a teamfight is going and plan your next move
3. After a Teamfight
  • This time is dangerous if there are still enemies left and you're at low health. They'll usually have all their cooldowns available and can burst you down.
  • If you win a teamfight, look to take objectives
  • If you lose a teamfight, plan how to stop the enemy team from taking objectives if posible
  • Keep track of what summoner spells or guardian angels will be available/unavailable for the next fight

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  • Build situationally!
  • Practice last hitting minions in custom games to get the hang of it. Last hitting (CSing) is very important
  • Farm side lanes when possible then group with the team or;
  • Assassinate enemy carries that attempt to farm juice side lanes with minions in them
  • In a teamfight, its usually best to hit the person closest to you if you can't get to anyone of a bigger priority
  • Save summoner spells for major teamfights/objectives
  • Try to stack as many Es as possible and guaranteed its cooldown reset
  • Use your W to scout whenever you are lacking in vision
  • Always ward! Try to carry wards with you.
  • Upgrade your trinket.

Most importantly...
  • Learn to use the attack move feature! This will let Kalista jump around a ton during teamfights and significantly reduces the mechanically demanding elements of playing ADC.

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Players Mentality

Pro Mindset

The most successful players all have one thing in common, either they win or lose, they always think "what could have I done better?". This is the key for you to become closer to the greatest players, it's not about how many games you play in a day, it's about what you learn from each of them.


The easiest thing to do when you are losing a game is to blame your team, even if you're right, that won't give any help on winning the game. If you really want to get into the next level, try to keep cool and boost our teammates morale.

Winning Attitude

Everyone is fed in the other team, your team is far behind and the easiest thing to do here is surrender. You might argue that it'll save you a lot of time and playing would be a waste. Yes, you're right, but some of those games you'll actually win, and you'll learn much more from hard games than from easy games that finish at 15min. Just keep focus and don't stop believing. Everyone throws, even the pros.

Think about this:

If you're one of those players stuck in Silver, you feel like you deserve much more, but you are just unlucky and can't climb, it feels like a curse that Riot put on you. I will tell you straight away there's no such thing, and yes, sometimes we can be very unlucky, but it doesn't last. If you're stuck there, you might've been doing something wrong, the proof is that people boost accounts and they know exactly what to do in order to carry a game and climb quickly. If you find yourself in that situation, I suggest watching some of your own replays, maybe your mechanics are good but it only takes a few mistakes for you to not be able to carry your team. Start thinking, what could have you done better? The other team is silver too, if you're much better you should be able to outplay them in every way possible.

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Special: How to get in the Zone

What is being "In The Zone"?

  • It's a state of mind where you become extremely focused and hyper productive!
  • Being in the zone is being completely immersed in what you're doing. Losing the sense of time is very common while in this state of mind.
  • You'll be able to predict your opponents movements and see them almost like in slow motion!

How to enter "The Zone".

  • Think about what you're doing and your role.
  • Get rid of distractions. (Close the door if open. Being on a conversation will most likely stop you from entering this state as you'll get distracted easily).
  • You need a deep understanding on what you're doing. (Once again, know your role and your opponent as well).
  • Create a balance between challenge and skill. Big challenges require huge skill. Taking a step bigger than your leg will only get you demotivated. (Yes, this one is for boosted accounts.)
  • Be patient, it might take some time to achieve and master this state of mind.
  • Now that you know about it, you just made it easier.

Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "The Flow" (1990).
Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "The Flow" (1990), p. 74.
  • As you may notice, balance is key. Even if you skill level is low, a small challenge for some people can be a true one for you!
(I do not own this video.)
  • Use headphones.
  • Those sounds will help you achieve a focused state of mind.