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Veigar Build Guide by Guest

8.8 NQ's Support Veigar guide

By Guest | Updated on April 23, 2018

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Arcane Comet
The Ultimate Hat
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Whats up people, i am a gold Veigar main; I know that Veigar is meant to be a mid or top lane burst mage due the fact that Veigar rely heavily on his passive stacks;the more stacks you have, the stronger you get.But personally,I love using Veigar as an AP support.The core of Veigar strength is still his STACKS, however, in stead of getting your ap from killing minions, you get STACKS from poking the enemy champions with your Q , crushing them with your W , stunning them with your E or nuking them with your R. I hope this guide help you guys be the best support Veigar you can be:).
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Pros / Cons

+Veigar have infinite AP scaling
(You can get STACKS from killing minions or hitting the opponent with your abilities)
+Veigar's stun from his E is unique and is extremely useful for stunning, zoning and blocking your opponents.
+Veigar can influent team fights significantly.
+Veigar is the perfect solution to shut down any ADC late game or any champ due to the fact that he is a walking Nuclear launcher.XD
+His early game in lane is a hell hole
+Veigar is immobile as **** and require good positioning.
+Veigar is a glass cannon just like the AD, assassins and divers can rape you all day long.
+He rely heavily on his E, without his stun, the enemy jungler.
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At his core, Veigar is a burst mage, it is wise to get as much ability power and cooldown reduction as possible:
+Arcane comet provide any champion who can poke down the enemy with extra ability power.Support Veigar whole ideal is to poke down and nuke enemies.Even though the comet might miss, it is still the best option.
+The ultimate hat is a great option for any champion who value their ult. With this rune,you can lower the cooldown of Veigar's ultimate significantly.Long story short,lower cooldown = more Nukes.
+Transcendence provides 10% CDR for free at LV10 which is awesome.Furthermore extra CDR get converted into extra ability power.
+Gathering storm is a rune designed for late game champs, Veigar is one of them.With this rune,the longer the game progress,the more extra ability power you can get for free.
+Cheap shot allows you to deal true damage to opponents who are stunned or under hard cc.Even though the amount of true damage is not that great but extra true damage is better than no extra at all.
+Eyeball collection give you a total of 20 extra AP, since you dont get to farm like mid lane Veigars,you need as much extra AP as possible.
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1.Flash: +You are squishy and immobile,flash is a basic requirement because it allows you to escape when needed.
+You can also use flash offensively to get in range to nuke any poor soul you see fit.
2.Exhaust:Just like flash,you can use this spell both to save yourself and to murder some fools.
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1.Eye of the watchers is needed because you are a support, you need to provide vision through out the game.In addition, this item also gives you extra AP,health,CDR and mana regen.
2.Hourglass not only gives you armor,AP and CDR but it also saves you under so many different circumstances.If you want to survive all the ********* this game put you through, than this item is the perfect answer.
3.Morellonomicon gives you extra health and ability power.But the most valuable stats this item provide is the magic pen and grievous wounds effect.This allows you to kill everyone regardless of their MR.
4.Twin shadows provides extra ability power, CDR and movement speed which is great for you in any situation.Additionally,this item active let you spot and slow two opponents which is great for chasing and escaping.
5.Arcangel staff help you with your mana shortage problem , gives you extra CDR and AP and give you a valuable shield base on you mana.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Veigar Guide

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8.8 NQ's Support Veigar guide