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Akali Build Guide by DatKawaiiBunny

Support [9.10] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's AD/AP Akali Support with Conquer

By DatKawaiiBunny | Updated on May 17, 2019
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Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating
Font of Life

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #58 in
Middle Lane
Win 44%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.10] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's AD/AP Akali Support with Conquer

By DatKawaiiBunny

Hello! I'm DatKawaiiBunny and welcome to my guide! I'm an Support main that likes to try unconventional builds! I'm planning on making videos so I can inspire others to try something new!

I decided to try Akali support. Since I duo with a great ADC and I don't like mid as much, I thought playing Akali support was a great alternative! So many people underestimate Akali support. Not everyone is onboard with Akali support, but I always tell them to have an open mind.

I will be updating this guide frequently! Akali support is still a work in progress!

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♥ Easy Escape

♥ Not as squishy as a normal support

♥ More attack than a normal support

Akali can do a lot of damage, especially when she hits level six! Most supports have high cooldowns, and they're squishy. Akali can also roam when the ADC recalls, or roam with their ADC. Akali's R Perfect Execution is a good engage tool for teamfights since it stuns.


♥ Can't heal

♥ Uses up a lot of energy at low levels

♥ Shorter range than a typical bot lane

♥ Can't get a lot of gold.

Twilight Shroud

got nerfed.

Laning phase is a little bit tedious because Akali doesn't have a lot of range early and her Q Five Point Strike takes up a lot of energy, which makes it difficult to combo. Also, since Twilight Shroud got a little bit of a nerf this patch, the cooldown increased early. Overall, this isn't going to affect Akali, but it might make the early stages of the game in the laning phase a little more challenging. It's better to engage around level 6, or at least when you hit level 4.

Conqueror recently got a nerf. I haven't tried Akali with the new rune changes, but I think it can still work.
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In my opinion, I think this is the best rune to take on Akali. I tried Electrocute, but it's not the same. Conqueror grants you bonus AD and true damage, plus it heals you for the amount.


This rune pretty much restores your health after you kill an enemy, and it provides you with an extra 20 gold. Since you won't be getting a lot of CS as Akali when you support, I suggest you take this rune!

Legend: Bloodline

The passive for Legend: Bloodline gives you 0.6% life steal for every stack you have. Akali can easily get stacks from minion kills because your starting item is Relic Shield and you can easily takeout enemies in teamfights.

Coup de Grace

This is one of my favorite runes to take from the Precision rune path. It works so well with Akali since it deals 8% more damage to low HP champions.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating provides Akali with some protection since it's her job to engage as the support. After taking damage from an enemy, their next 3 attacks deal less damage. I sometimes prefer taking Sudden Impact from the Domination rune path for extra damage, but this rune should be used for supports that have a lot of poke.

Font of Life

This is one of my favorite runes to take on Akali support. Font of Life marks an enemy champion that has impaired movement speed for 4 seconds. Allied champions who attack the marked enemies heal for 5 (+ 1% of your max health) for 2 seconds. Her Q Five Point Strike slows enemies by 50% for 0.5 seconds.
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I always recommend taking Flash. Akali has a lot of dashes. It can be combined with Perfect Execution and Shuriken Flip. Akali is very slippery, so it can also be used as an escape if you time it just right.


Ignite provides a lot of kill potential, especially during teamfights and early game. With Akali's R Perfect Execution and standard combo, it also provides you with some additional damage.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DatKawaiiBunny
DatKawaiiBunny Akali Guide
[9.10] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's AD/AP Akali Support with Conquer