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a aggressive kog guide, work in progress

Last updated on May 31, 2012
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starting items

hello, welcome to my strange guide on kog, i dont really plan on finishing it, but the top guide currently tells u to go w/ a generic ad carry build, considering most ad carry scale on AD and not AS best, while kog has his w whichs scales off AP AND AS meaning that ie isnt a strong item to rush

for starting items its basicly shoes or a piece of wiggles + hp pots, depending on who ur facing

cloth: going vs a cait? or maybe a the other team is trolling with 5 solo top laners? either way this is the "dont die" item

sword: highly aggressive, i wouldnt recamend it at all but if ur "support" is a try/panth/xin who make u fight for every cs(u should have dodged) its ur best bet at having a small chance at winning

vampspec: a ok item, there is probaly a reason u would want it over shoes, but none come to mind

shoes: what i start with usually, since u have better range then most champs from lvl one(and better then cait at lvl 5-ish) u kite best with this

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the next few items

i like wiggles and spark because they are farming items, and as a hyper carry, u mainly need farm, lots of farm, and then some more farm.

for shoes u may want the move really fast boots(and maybe move3 boots if they have alot of gap closers) but the AS boots are a good pick and never really wasted

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the over all idea of the item of the biuld

the over all idea is to MAX attack speed( its 2.5, but with surge u dont need that much) with either pantom dancers or on-hit effect items, then build the remaining item slots with huge dmg item based off WHAT defensive items they are building

viable attack speed items

ionic spark: farming items, also if all the other team is slower then u, u can kite them if the are all grouped up

malady: a very good item, if they are building mr and hp, this will make ur w do true dmg in most cases

nashors tooth: a good item, it makes ur ult more spamable(and we all spam it a little to much), but i would get malady first

phantom dancer: one of the best gives u the only defensive stat that makes sense on kog, movement speed

stinger: honesty i only saw this by looking down the lol wiki's as page and i never know how cheap it was, i'll have to look into this item but it looks strong

wits end: the most commonly seen on-hit item, best counter to thronmail, but i would only save it for throns

youmuu's ghostblade: its a touhou item much like wiggles so u know its good, it gives u a 2nd ghost but it is for melee champs so u shtould only look into it if u need a 2nd ghost THAT bad

viable damage items

Madred's Bloodrazor: there is a very good reason its on most kog guides, but it is expensive
but assuming u are doing true dmg because the other team didnt build ANY mr, it + ur w does 10% of the other guys hp each hit meaning even 6 warmogs mundo will die faster then 4 seconds if u did max actack speed

if they are biulding hp but not mr, this is a good choice

Infinity Edge: while i did say it was a bad item to rush on kog, once u max attack speed it gets very strong, it is the best raw ad dmg in the game, almost a must if u got pd's instead of on-hit items

if they are ignoring defensive all together or they think u are a ap carry who started bot, this is also very good, but sell if 2 or 3 of them get throns

Maw of Malmortius: got a feed ap assassin? this may get u to survive their burst once meaning they die, but u wont want to be near a ad champ while this is going on

bloodthrister: a ok item after i.e. but not really before, if the game goes long this is a better item to replace wiggles with since u still need some lifesteal