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League of Legends Build Guide Author jockoishh

A christmas critt

jockoishh Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Hello! this is a simple build of an awesome nasus critter with his ''Q''

-To start off with i wana tell that you need a pretty good start for this build for nasus because you really need all the last hits that you can get.
Every last hit with Nasus ''q'' spell will make it hit 2 harder every time!

Hello! this is a simple build of an awesome nasus critter with his ''Q''

-To start off with i wana tell that you need a pretty good start for this build for nasus because you really need all the last hits that you can get.
Every last hit with Nasus ''q'' spell will make it hit 2 harder every time!

Early game:
At the early game nasus kinda sucks in my opinion because he got no save spells or anything (in case you don't choose exhaust). So as nasus you shall simply concentrate at all the last hits that you can get and watch out for your enemys attacks, snares , stuns and hold exc. If it is very tight on your lane you can't even go close to the creeps without loosing alot of hp its probably time to switch lane with somebody or ask mider to come gank at your lane, if you run out of health go back and if you can afford avarice blade and a pair of boots grab them and teleport back as fast as possible. Keep up last hitting until you found you got a great damage on your Q spell.

Mid game
Now you shall be having 2 avarice blades , a pair of boots of swiftness and you should be on your road to buy the infinity edge, also you should be able to pull up a really great damage right now but still don't go to greedy as nasus critter is more late game powerful. Anyway make sure that you and your team go together and gank the others, it should for the most of the time be you that win the gank because of your ''E'' spell and your ultimate. But if your opponents got a little more fed then your team then you must watch out and gank them when they maybe fail or just anything. Might i tell you that if your enemy team got any hardcarry dps such as tryndamere, master yi or even teemo exc, then it would really really be helpful for your team to put the W on one of the hardcarries.

Late game:
To be honest i don't know so much about the late game because as playing nasus i actually never came further then atma's impaler. But if it continues to late game you must know that you can never get to greedy and that because your like an off-tank for your team you don't die so easy but when it come to 1v5 it can get painful but! if you can concentrate and use your ulti and still put the W spell you should be doing alright.

Ghost - is probably my favourite Summoner spells because it can either chase or flee and this works perfect with nasus ultimate because it's an AoE close to you.

Teleport - Well teleporting isn't just nice on nasus it is awesome, Why? well you see if there is a tower that closely enough are going down you can teleport over there and use your Q spell on the creeps to get more damage.

Exhaust - Well it is an idea but i don't like exhaust at nasus it feels pretty waste when you already have a slow.

Clarity - Nah clarity may be good for some champions but for nasus it is very bad because your q spell cost so little mana.

Rally - well this one i can't really say no if you wana replace it with teleport because in early team gank this summoner spell can actually help out quite alot.

clairvoyance - simply no

Heal - if you go for nasus tank heal is a better idea there but it still works for dps nasus because you probably get Agro when you pop your ultimate.

Fortify - nope

Cleanse - this one is okay.

Ignite - Actually no.

flash - i would say flash is like an extra Gank spell or flee spell and as you already got ghost and your boots of swiftness you can flee pretty much without fail.

revive - nope.

In late game you shall atleast have gotten 100+ last hits with your q spell and that means that it hit 200 harder. Your regular Damage is 226 and the spell damage deals 110 damage so this all will be 536 damage and your crit chanse is is about 72% With the infinity edge you will deal 250% higher on your crits and with your runes you will deal even 43 more damage on a crit so this will be 536+43=579 579/100=5,79... 5,79x250= 1447,5 Damage! now i'm not sure if the trinity force effect works with the spell but if it does you will increase the damage with 150% more if i'm right, so yeah pretty damn much. and you got 3.5k health so you are sort of a off-tank aswell so it will be a pain for your enemys.(i'm not sure if that is right but it should be right but you must know that the enemys got armor and magic restistance so you might just critt 1k or even less. but you will still put up a really great crit, not enough with that, the cooldown is just 5 seconds long and with frozen heart and the blue rune you should have 40% cooldown recuction so the cooldown of your spell will be 3 seconds exactly, alright hopefully enough told at damage! (remember that elexirs always improve your critchanse,damage and health :D

I think this build is more powerful in 5v5 as it is a very good foresting ground aswell, you can very easily get more damage to your Q in the forest but it is always 50% unsure to run around in the forest because you never know were they are when theyre missing. how ever killing all the small monsters with your Q will give you 26+ damage to your Q and if you go your enemy side and hunt the forest there to it will be 52+ damage and if you hunt the rune carries with the Q aswell it will be 60 damage or 30 :D very nice!
- if a creep wave shows up to be big try to get the most of them with Q spell let's say you got down 12 creeps well that is still 24+ damage and all this will help you so much! the more damage the more awesome crits! :D

Merry christmas everybody! hopefully you will bring your christmas critt to your enemys :D