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League of Legends Build Guide Author EnhancerAjax

A Few Tips On Jax

EnhancerAjax Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Ill Start off by saying this IS my first build on Mobafire so dont expect anything Fantastic from me.

Now i have played jax for a while and i have found this build to be very versatile IF the person using it is not suicidal.

This is VERY good for 1v1 situations if you wish to go in for a quick slap chop and run.

Rune Build;
Seals:- Evasion is top dollar for jax as it allows you to spam your 'E' alot more easily, Plus as a added bonus it Totals up the resist for his ulti.

Glyphs:- The added ability power Is good for everything plus the extra health personally the glyphs can be varied alot according to personal preferance, Another possible suggestion would be mana regen for early game spamming.

Marks:- I swear by armor penetration for almost any char i play it can help you get those few extra points of damage towards a kill

Quints:- The extra health is a MUST for early game survival it and it stays with you for free.

Skill Build;

Now before you rip my head off here for no leveling counterstrike at lv 2 there IS reasoning behind it, basicly your not going to be wanting to take minion damage for a 10-11% chance at a skill are you? ESPECIALLY in early game thats where the health counts!

After the first few levels i would focus on mainly on leap strike as this is one of your better skills as it can be used for chasing or retreating!(dont forget you can use it on freindlys for a quick escape!)

Early game: I find that if you can coordinate with your lane partner effectively you can use Empower+leap strike for a nice chunk of approx 200 dmg, then whack your ignite on them for extra dmg before making a hasty retreat. If your buddy was smart he will have attacked in tandem with you and HOPEfully you can snatch a 1st blood if not you will have atleast sent them home with a few bruises.

Keep in mind the above tactic needs to be used when you are sure you can make a quick escape afterwards otherwise you could end up being the first blood yourself this itself is one of the few reasons you have exhaust!

The moment you have enough money/And its safe enough for you to do so! recall for your ninja tabi then you can start using your counterstrikes a bit more effectively, with this i normally spam Empower, Jump my Target, stun with counter, and back off straight after If you have if avalible smack and ignite on them while running this will give you an extra 10 ability power along with 20 extra health.

once you have your guinsoo you can start putting out a little more damage Try to wind up on minions 1st then jump in for a few quick hits, stum them, and run straight back
(you cant solo just yet!) if they come to you stun them and leap strike to a minion further back to put soem distance between you and them.

Mid Game;- By now you should have a vampiric scepter to help keep you alive in the lanes longer now we need to work on somthing most DPS will forget, Defence!

Take a good look at the opposing team before deciding this Are they made up of mainly casters? are they mellee? normally you can tell this fairly soon on (even in the loading screen!).

Normally for mainly mellee i would choose randuins omen for the extra armor/Health and its excellent passive/Active abilitys.

If your up against alot of casters Banshee's veil is a Must have for the magic resist and spell block.

Late game:- Once you have your armor sorted were moving on to my personal favorite lifesteal, The Hextech Gunblade.

This give's you needed life steal(Survivability) Ability power, Damage (more health) Spell vamp (more ability damage) And has a Fantastic active ability to slow down those pesky feinds who Dare to outrun you.

Now if you have managed to get to this stage with your build next up should be a Sword of the divine, Extra attack speed builds up your ulti faster, with its passive you will be cranking out even more DPS with your ulti and once again another Active! (YAY) this can come in handy for if you going against a opposing jax but personally i use it for its extra 30 armor penetration to rip into people even faster.

Last up is a phantom dancer: this give you more move speed, Even more dodge, and a stupid amount of attack speed. nuff said.

If you are STILL going at this point (how?), Sell off your ninja tabi and work towards a second phantom dancer, this will give you more dodge chance than ninja tabi will, you will move slightly faster, AND you get more attack speed! (joy).

One last tip before i finish up the items in this build have ACTIVE abilitys! Dont forget about them! they can save you more times than you think!, A good idea may be to set the active iteams to 1,2,3,4 in items slots for easys use as there above your skill keys.

Lemme know what you think of my build below if you'd like :D

Thanks for reading all of it if you have!