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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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A Guide to super tanky killer Rammus(:3

Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Introduction

Well Yeah some may think why all attack speed runes on Rammus.. ? Why Wits End on him even though there are other good MR items in the shop...? well here's my Guide to a supah killer tank Rammus... well first don't ignore this build. I got 50 games out of 50 game with him on Normal and Ranked games, and even got a good stat or score or whatever you call it my minimum is 12/5/20 and my best is 18/8/30 so dont underestimate my guide on Rammus. If you have other questions.. I'll have to say it to YOU!! read all of my Chapters before going to conclusions. (:3)

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Well here the thing. the Attack speed runes are good on Rammus cause he already has a great amount of armor and MR given to him by the Defensive Curl skill. This will give you a great advantage to kill another farmer 1v1 or a ganker. If you give him armor its ok with me because its your choice but still what will you do with all that damage from his passive if you have no attack speed... LOGIC Guyz!!. Ill do this short cause youll maybe get bored and skip this important lecture... I mean words.

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Here in the Masteries I do 2/28/0 cause hes a tank... in short you need the armor, health ,reduced damage from minions and monsters, and additional damage to them.

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Here is as simple as eating your breakfast in the morning.

In jungle we all really gotta buy cloth armor and 5 pots for Rammus.. cause it's essential for him...
Then jungle to the other enemy jungle if they have no jungler until you can afford a ninja tabi after that buy the Chain Vest then slowly build a Thornmail.. if you can afford a Thornmail automatically after your first gank then good for you. :3 Slowly build the sunfire cape by first buying the giants belt for an extra health boost early and rushing it to sunfire cape. Then buy a recurve bow to further increase your attack speed and rush it to Wits End for the extra MR in every basic attack. Do the Randuin's Omen to activate it to a clash to slow the attack speed of their carries to increase your teams survivability. and slowly BUILD the Guardian Angel for the second life and armor and MR thing... to really bring them pain.... here's a damage peek in my Rammus build.... 335 damage!!!! and 1.9 or 1.5 attack speed.. see thats effective on him right?!

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Skill Sequence

yeah.. do it like a crazy giant wheel and squish them from behind!!! the first is the defensive curl to add the armor... for about 79+ armor early if you activate it. then Powerball for further damage to the monsters and taunt for the early kill.... max your skill 2 slowly to let them feel your alternative thornmail :D. and damage.

If your gonna gank on a lane Powerball bump them and taunt + defense curl combo!!! surekill if your laner cooperates.... and if you have Tremors activate it while on powerball towards the enemy .. or if you want to save the mana if your enemy flashes... bump,taunt + defensive curl and do the Tremors!!!!!

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Spells.. hmmmm yeah
Flash: Good for dodging the line of creeps or eventually catch your prey.... or flash through walls if your prey flashes too... :D

Smite: Good for jungling , dragon stealing and Baron stealing... and other buff steals

Cleanse: Really good for him for the slows and debuffs!!!

Ghost: added movement speed to catch up to him or her(prey)

Ignite: NO!! no no no no your jungler Rammus stick to it ....

Heal: well you dont really need it while jungling ... youll end up a full to half full health after the encounter with blue or red with just 3-5 pots.

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Pros / Cons

The Pros:
Good ganker
Easy tank to play with
AD carry or( Master Yi) killer
Disabler (because of the taunt and powerball)
Good if your enemy team has a jarvan if you know what i mean:D

The Cons:
Really squishy if powerball is on cooldown or not activated
Powerball escape can be block by getting close to him or flashing to him
Cannot chase other enemies if powerball is in cooldown.
Easy to be kited by cautious champs (ranged)
Can be stunned to stop the spin or silenced to stop the combo

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Team Work

The best Teamwork for Rammus(Opinionated)

Blitzcrank: Pull , upper cut, slow by power ball taunt and defensive curl combo

Orianna: Her 4th skill is really helpfull for him to let the enemies suffer to my tremors and powerball!! :D

Master Yi: Rammus Taunts the squishy from the other team and Yi focuses on the targeted squishy... TADA!! :D

others: Jarvan(his ult), Amumu(ult), Vayne(stun if properly directed to a wall or turret)

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Creeping / Jungling


Blue,wolves,wraiths,Red,Golem,Gank bot (if your on the blue team ) or Top (if you on the purple team)
then Mid then on the other side ....

Short ganking method:
Blue Team:

Purple Team:

After the dragon spawns kill it to gain a great amount of gold in earl game.... then after 20-30 kill Baron but i suggest do it earlier after it spawns.

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Unique Skills

The unique skills to know about this usefull skill:
Can detect other stealth units( Shaco,Akali,Teemo)
Can disable a lot of channeling abilities like(Death lotus, NuNU's ult, Requiem of Karthus, Malza stare :3!!