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A Guild to jungle Vi

Last updated on January 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A over view on Vi

Vi is my go to champ right now, she is a good jungler that can fit in a lot of team comps. I find that she is better jungle then top as in the top lane she can be easily bursted and shut down, her E also pushes the lane when trading. In the jungle she has fast clears and can be used to her full potential. Not to mention she can get easy drags at low levels with her W.

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Jungle route

Start wolfs,blue,wraths,red,gank. If you get a smite less blue then go wolfs,blue,red,gank.

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Pros and Cons

Fast clears
Good shield for juggling
Good ganks at 6
Low CD ulti
Fun to play
Great late game
Really nice 1vs1 becasue of her w
Very fun to play as

Low HP early in the game
If shut down early it can be hard to come back
Bad ganks if you miss you q (so dont :P)
Is red reliant if you don't have phage yet for ganks

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Items on Vi are very dependent, I find that frozen mallet is a key item and that Black Cleaver really gives you a good amount of damage. I ofter don't get much offensive items and get more if the tanky items (if your solo que you need to because everyone builds to much dps and no defense). But if im doing well or am fed I like to grab a bloodthirster for damage or a maw of malmortius if they have a more ap based team.

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Mid game guild

At this point you will be more wandering and being mid then jungling. You want to try to help you your mid as the other team might try to get a free turret in a 1 vs 3 or 4 area. If you can help your top/bot lanes get there tower then they can do this back. This is also were you get into fights with out your full team. Don't go in unless there are very bad positioned or you have a man up on them.

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Late game

If you start the fight:
This is much harder to do than the other options as you will be in the middle of there full team with. This is only a good choice if one of them is out of position or some of them are dead. After this try to get there carry(s) out of the fight and pick of the rest of there team.

If you don't start the fight:
My first few games Vi i would bull rush there carry. After seeing that is wans't working i tried to peel for my carry this is the go to option. Use your Q to hit away any anti-carrys and try to save your ulti but if needed use it for the protection. This works really well as you W will make your ad carry do a bunch more damage to the others. Also if you get stuck bruiser vs bruiser you W and E will make them suffer. If you still have you ulti after all the enemy anti-carrys are down use you ulti to to back into the fight instantly.

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Thx and hope you liked it

This is my first guild and I wanted to see how it went plz like and leave comments to help me make better guilds in the oncoming times ;)


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