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A hopefully passable introduction to League of Legends

Last updated on March 12, 2012
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Veterans... counting on you guys

I don't claim to know everything about League of Legends. I'm covering a very, very vast subject, that I could spend ages writing about. I'm trying to focus on the basics. I acknowledge that much of what I say could be hideously wrong - and instead of instantly downvoting the guide (OMFG THIS SCRUB THINKS THAT MORGANA'S BUILD AP LOL WHAT A N00B) and leaving deeply hurtful comments like the above one =P, please correct me.
So yeah... This guide is far, far from perfect, and I'm betting that a large majority, if not all of it will be reworked.

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Congratulations! You've decided to play League of Legends. It is a Real Time Strategy game, is of the MoBA genre, is online, Free to Play, and as you're about to find out, extremely addicting.

I've yet to redo the tutorial, but I'll write this guide on the assumption you've finished the tutorials, but have never entered a game.

Alright, I believe you should have enough IP for a champion.
You may pick from one of the following champions:

Annie the Dark Child
Ashe the Frost Archer
Kayle the Judicator
Master Yi the Wuju Bladesman
Nunu the Yeti Rider
Poppy the Iron Ambassador
Ryze the Rogue Mage
Sivir the Battle Mistress
Soraka the Starchild

A brief introduction on each of them:


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