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Shaco Build Guide by TheSanch

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSanch

A non jungle shaco?! :O

TheSanch Last updated on February 6, 2012
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Hey guys this is my guide to how I play my favorite champion in LoL, Shaco, however I do not play a jungle shaco. :O however surprising that may be to you. I'm gonna go through step by step guide of how to build your shaco and how to lane with him. Recently with this guide I have gone 30-4-2, 9-0-0, 13-2-9, 16-5-9, etc.

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Summoner Spells

To start off you're gonna need some summoner spells. My favorite are Heal and Ghost. I choose heal because it helps you stay in the lane longer, and actually helps get more kills then say an Ignite. Since you aren't jungling you don't need smite. I also got Ghost for the excellent getaway spell that it is. Shaco already has a Flash and yea 2 would be nice but I feel like Ghost is better.

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Rune wise I go with almost all attack speed. I....LOVE....ATTACK SPEED. But yea I didn't like the runes on other guides so I went with 9 Mark of Attack Speed, 9 Seal of Attack Speed, 9 Glyph of Replenishment. So all attack speed and mana regen. Mana regen as shaco = longer laning = more money, etc. For Quintessence I went with 1 Quintessence of Attack Speed and 2 Quintessence of Critical Chance for more attack speed and for crit chance because crit is amazing at the beginning of a game.

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I'm gonna leave this one pretty simple. I went offensive masteries to do more damage, for lifesteal, etc. and the extra mana and mana regen is nice.

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Ok items, start off with Vampiric Scepter for the lifesteal to stay in your lane longer, then once you go back pick up either Boots of Speed or Berserker Greaves depending how early you go back. Now after that start to build your Phantom Dancer by starting off with Zeal then just save up for the Phantom Dancer. Why PD? Well the attack speed, the crit, and the run speed are nice to catch your enemies if they try to run away. After you get your PD then buy your Madred's Razors and then either buy your Recurve Bow or just save up to get your Madred's Bloodrazor. After you get your Bloodrazor start working on Trinity Force by starting off with Zeal and secondly get Phage before finishing off TF. Now why did I choose TF? Well plain and simply it has everything that would benefit shaco. Now why has the Vampiric Scepter just been sitting there? Well now it comes into play, after you get all the items above start getting The Bloodthirster and finally, if time allows, get an Infinity Edge. Of course you are welcome to experiment and get these items in a different order, I know it took me a while to get the order I liked down.

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Skill Sequence

Why do I choose the spells in the order I do? Well any shaco knows that you need to start off with and then get because it is an awesome ganking spell and also a great getaway spell, pluss the crit damage bonus. At level 3 start to get as high as possible and at level 6 get Hallucination and then continue to get up Two Shiv and when that is full level up Jack in the Box to full until you can get your ult again, and finally get Deceive full. Deceive is last because I only use it for the gank/getaway, which most people do, but the crit is not as important as the damage and slow of Two Shiv or the fear and damage of your Jacks.

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Pros: Lot of attack speed
Easy to get away/catch up to enemies running away
Very fun ;D

Cons: Slow start up (kind of)

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Team Fights vs. Gank

So with this build Shaco does not have a huge presence in team fights, when a team fight is going on make sure you are the last one to enter combat because you are very, very squishy. Gank wise, go nuts haha simple as that, you should have no problem with any hero if you get the jump on them.

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So yea that's my Shaco build, a very different build, but I have mastered my build and now every game of LoL I play I am almost always the top player in the game. So try it out, comment and whatevs and tell me how my build goes :D