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Orianna Build Guide by Guest

A simple Orianna Guide ;]

A simple Orianna Guide ;]

Updated on June 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,654 Views 0 Comments
2,654 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Orianna Build Guide By Guest Updated on June 14, 2011
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Sup guys another simple guide here about Orianna, mrs roboto, or the lady of clockwork. She has a new way of play style because she is very dependent on her ball. based on wherever it is, you will need to decide whether to activate abilities or not. You need to have full awareness where your ball is in order to be really good with orianna. She is like a soccer champion and transitions from more ap in early game to more of a buffer in late game. So lets get started.
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Magic pen marks, mana regen seals, ap per level glyphs and health quints. These are my typical support runes. The mana regen runes to help Orianna's slight mana problems throughout the game. The ap per level glyphs and gives her the ap which you'll notice gives you a good chunk of damage early-mid to late game, which makes Orianna somewhat threatening. Magic penetration marks are self explanatory. I get health quints for the health provided stacked with Doran's rings early game to make me somewhat beefy.
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There's only one way to go as Orianna and that's 9/0/21. This gives Orianna the cdr, mana regen, movement speed, and buff duration she needs throughout the whole game. With a longer duration of blue buff, you'll support your team more constantly with your speed/slow buffer ability and makes your ultimate have a cdr shorter than a minute.
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Summoner Spells


Typical AP summoner spells. In my video i have 1 point in ghost because i go Ghost/Flash when the team has alot of cc. However, most of the time i get Flash/Ignite. Flash adds another escape mechanism on top of Orianna's slow/sprint ability + ult which she needs in order to avoid being focused hard in the mid-late game. Ignite provides me with more damage power in the early stages of the game on top of my 2 main nuke abilities with my ult, greatly increasing my chancing of getting first blood within a lane (400g).
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So item build. First off you start with items/dorans-ring. This gives Orianna a decent amount of health while also giving her some ap/mana regen. You should be using your range from your ball to damage the enemey so you shouldn't be taking damage unless you know you're going to trade blows or have a ****py enemy compo.

First trip back get another dorans-ring and boots-of-speed. I get 2 doran rings so i have an additional 200 health so im not that squishy, provides my abilities with a decent amount of ap along with my runes that does a good noticeable chunk of damage to opponents, and some mana regen for the whole laning phase , which imo, is really great on Orianna.

Next you get yousorcerers-shoes for the magic pen which will add additional damage to you abilities. After, depending on your game, you can go one of two ways.

If your having a very good game/descent game, get needlessly-large-rod or blasting-wandthen Rush to rabadons-deathcap. Orianna already has abilities that can protect her, buff her, and slow so all you really need is either flat ap or cdr/mana regen. After rabadon's deathcap, get morellos-evil-tome.

If your having a bad game though, fiendish-codex, and turn it into a items/morellos-evil-tome for the package of cdr, mana regen and ap. Then get a rabadons-deathcap.

After those items are completed, you decide, according to their team compo, if they have weak ap but alot of cc, or alot of ap and alot of cc. If they're weak, get moonflair-spellblade, then a banshee's veil. Spellblade Gives ap and shortens cc which makes it even harder for you to get caught in team fights. If they are strong ap, getbanshees-vei first then a spellblade. Banshee's veil gives you the beefiness along with an absorption shield.
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Early Game

As Orianna, you should wait until your level 3-4 to play aggressive. Depending on your early game, you should have your abilities ranked differently. If you're dominated by level 6, you should have 3 ranks in command attack, 2 ranks in command dissonance. At level 7 you should get command protect. This gives you damage that will dominate the early levels. In most cases though, I get 2 ranks in attack, 2 in dissonance, and one in protect because it provides good damage with a back up support ability. If i am getting raped, i get 1 in each ability by level 3 and at level 6 I have 1 in attack, 2 in dissonance and 2 in protect. At level 7, I go back to maxing out attack. This helps me last/survive the early game.In early game, you should be farming/zoning people out in early game with your ball. You'll notice that you'll do a decent amount of damage which will make you a threat to them when they decide to close the distance on you. With your summoner ignite spell + your 2 nuke abilities, it gives you a good chance for a first blood because of the nuking power of this combo.
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Mid Game

You'll begin to notice your damage power as you approach mid-game. You're kind of like a lux. You nuke a pretty good amount of damage while also providing the team with good support from your speed buffing/slowing and shield abilities. You want to be grabbing blue from time to time and also want to tag along with a teammate in order to use your abilities to full potential. Yes Orianna has a good bruiser/nuke ability, but she, most of the time, can't finish them off because of cooldowns. Once you unless your combo, you stuck at a 2-3 second gap doing nothing but waiting for cooldowns. That's why you need a teammate to finish them off or to cc.
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Late Game + Team FIghts

In late game, Orianna is either a speed buffer/ shield bot or a nuking ap champion with good support

abilities. In late game, you want to ALWAYS want to be with the team. ALWAYS. You'll begin to be focused hard, but if you activate your abilities in the correct order, and have flash, you'll be able to dodge the focus hard train and kite them with your dissonance and ultimate. As Orianna, your position is critical.You want to be out of range of the enemy, but also in range to use your ball to hit them, or protect your allies/ speed/slow them. You also want to land your ult in the midst of the team fight so it can toss at least 3 of them at once , in order to disable them for a good 2-3 seconds for your team to just wack them all up.
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Orianna Guide
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A simple Orianna Guide ;]

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