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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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A Smart Jungle guide to tryndamere By Smarticous

Last updated on January 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, You are probably looking for a tyrndamere guide right now. If you want OP top lane trynd, well your out of luck because this guide is for jungle tryndamere. I'm not sure which lane he is better in, but the jungle version is definanly more fun.

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Pros / Cons

great sustain
can gank quiet well
almost always crits
easy to carry with
in champion select you can yell "TRYNDAMERE" and LMFAO

Not to great early game
if you don't crit, go home type of champ
only has a slow to gank with
relys on late game success

If someone one wants to surrender at 20, hit no.
Unless there is no way to win just remeber u become a god late game.

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These are basic offencive jungle masteries. all i have to say

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For yellows take armor like on any jungler
For blues, take mr or mr per level, base MR gives you a better early game vs the mid lane, but the MR per lvl gives more late game success which is what tryndamere is about
For Reds you can take armor pen or attack speed if you want to crit like a boss just take cirtical strike. (on my rune page i have them mixed.)
For Quints, take armor pen, HP, or what ever you feal like.

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Summoner Spells

I take Smite, for obvious reasons and either exaust or iginte for my other spell.

I don't take flash because your E goes over walls and you could use the summoner spell on something offencive.

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On Tryndamere what i like to do is build a **** ton of crit. The reason for this is his passisve which gives him crit for the amount of rage he has. i start with the vamperic septar because it gives you life steal, and i build it into the exicution calling(?) which gives crit and life steal which is perfect for our barbarian friend. Next i have in the avrias blade because it gives crit and builds into the ghost blade(which can be used to backdoor) Next i get zeal because you need phantom dancer for the movespeed and crit. After you have all this crit you might as well give an infinity edge to extra strength and AD because you have not built any yet. Once you have your IE you basicly have gone into god mode, try not to get carried away because you are not completely invincible....yet. After IE i get Phantom dancer because you need attackspeed to keep up your life steal. After this you can finish your ghostblade, or get your blood thirster. Both are good choices, but if you are dying more get the blood thirster, it will give you more life steal making you live longer and duel better, the ghostblade will give you armor pen and will make it a brease to backdoor/1v1. lastly get some exlixers, they will give you extra power and will MAKE YOU SPARKLE. Around the end just sell your execution calling(?) and get another Infinity edge or phantomdancer.

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For your jungle route you can start at wolf, with some help

If you got help
i can't remeber if the wraiths at the end is nessisary but if you hit lvl 4 you are ganking or going there anyways

If you don't get help at wolfs, but you do at blue
blue>wolfs>wraiths>red>wolfs(or golems)>golems(or wolfs)

You probably could start at red and go to golems and then continue on, but i haven't tryed it yet

also remeber to ward your lanes and gank offten. Tyrnd needs gold to be usefull, so get dem ganks going.

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Farming is important if you are loosing, even if you are winning. Just remember You need gold, so don't surrender because late game you can dominate and win. This is something i can not stress enough. if you are down in towers just farm like hell in both jungles (maby not if all towers are gone but you know what i mean) You will eventualy get enough items to kill anyone with red buff. You will also be able to back door, split push, and win.

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Team Fights

In a team fight just kill the most fed champion.

Because of your ult you can run in and kill their main dps before they can devistate your team. Also if you time it right you can make it out alive and run back in to fight. Obviously you need your support to heal you.

In order from most to least important
1. AD
2. AP
3. Their top lane bruiser
4. Support
5. Tank

Depending on the circumstances these are they people you want to focus.

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Good bye

thank you for reading, hope i helped you.

Vote 100 if ya liked

and comment

i will update if **** changes