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Lux Build Guide by Reynold545

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reynold545

A Way To Enlighten Your Enemies

Reynold545 Last updated on March 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Who is Lux? How should I play Lux? Well, Lux is both a support, and a AP caster. This is my first guide/build created. I personally have played Lux countless times. I do not advise you try Lux unless you are at least half decent with skillshots, which almost 90% of level 30s are. Lux is very similar to Morgana, they both have shields, bindings, and ultimates with short cooldowns. Lux's damage isn't as high as other AP carries, but her harass is definitely one of the best.

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Being a Light Mage

As Lux, you are a Light mage. "She should probably help you see things better." - Phreak
Two of her abilities and finales funkeln give vision off to where they are fired. This can be very helpful for you to scout bushes and over walls, such as Baron or Dragon. Use this to your advantage, as you can use Lucent Singularity to see an incoming gank.

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I perferably use 21/0/9 for many reasons. One is that the AP boost from the offense tree allows for easy damage early game, and since benefits off AP, it's a win win. In the utility tree, the mana regen combined with Clarity allows for domination in your lane, the Runic Affinity used with Blue Buff easily gives you an edge in both team fights and laning.

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I go with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration because I don't build Void Staff on Lux, since I don't get as many kills as, let's say a Brand. The magic penetration increases my damage by a significant amount. The Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power is a great scaling rune for AP casters, while the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power gives the early game AP needed for damage with your Lucent Singularity ].

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Summoner Spells

Why Teleport? I personally love teleport, because it allows me to do a few things such as..
- Save a tower from being destroyed
- Snag a kill with Finales Funkeln finales funkeln
- Ready an ambush by teleporting onto a ward.
I find Clarity almost essential to dominating as a Lux. It allows you to spam your spells as well as helping mana hungry teammates. The #1 reason I use clarity is for, Mejai's Soulstealer. The more I can harass, the easier I can get assists and kills from weakened enemies, allowing me to snowball. Lux's ultimate requires a good amount of mana, and clarity could mean the difference between a kill, or death.

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Team Work

-As Lux, you are a support. Remember this every time when a team fight occurs, because the mistake a lot of Lux's do during a fight is not to use their valuable spell Prismatic Barrier. provides a large role in a team fight, as it boosts everyone's HP by 500 at LEAST if used correctly.
finales funkeln is spammable after level 16, and can soften the enemy team before the fight. It can also be used to finish off a running enemy.
does interrupt channels, as well as annoys the hell out of the enemy team. Use this to stop a Katarina's ultimate or a Tryndamere from destroying your escaping teammates.
does the opposite of Prismatic Barrier, lowering the health of the enemy by a significant amount, with a slow added to stop the enemy from chasing your team down. Remember, the Fiora patch makes it so that the cooldown starts after it is cast, instead of after activation. Don't blow it up immediately.
Tips in a large teamfight - Stay far behind your teammates, you do not want to get focused down. Sit in the back, use your abilities and don't die. If you are getting focused down, consider buying Zhonya's Hourglass early. Do not spam your light binding in a team fight, use it to interrupt and stop enemies only, never for damage.
I beg of you, do not killsteal. You will rack up assists with your ultimate, which is your primary tool to charge up Mejai's Soulstealer.

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Spell Combo

Lux's passive Illumination is what makes her an awesome damage dealer in a 1v1. Each time you hit someone with your offensive spells, use your passive and repeat. The mistake other Lux players make is to not use this to their advantage, and rely on their spells only.

Simply do this combo for maximum damage output, with a Lich Bane you WILL be hated. Can be difficult to achieve on champions with blinks such as Shaco.

--> DO NOT BLOW UP --> --> Activate --> finales funkeln -->

In a fight with multiple enemies prioritize your own life over a kill, you don't want to lose stacks.

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Your E is your main farming tool.
After you get this to level 4 you can Garentee yourself a ton of gold.
When a minon wave comes forth, try to hit all the minions with this, prioritizing the back caster minions.
Combined with your , you can also early game farm with this, before your E kills minions instantly.
When an enemy minion wave is on the move, drop your on the ground and attempt to trap at least 4 of them into the AoE, and blow it up for free gold.

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Mejai's Soulstealer

I feel that this should have a chapter of it's own because many players love this item, while others hate it. Mejai's Soulstealer is a great item on Lux because of her abilty finales funkeln. Tell your teammates to alert you in case of a gank, even if it's not on your lane. A great way to charge up your stacks is to just laser random enemies that are getting ganked, you don't even need to get close and personal. Get the kill if possible, but don't steal it from your carry if they 100% have the enemy.
If you don't feel very comfortable or you're just dying frequently, I definitely would not suggest buying this. Get a good start before buying this, such as 2 or 3 kills ahead of your laning enemy. Skip this if doing mediocre or bad.

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Who owns Lux? Champions that counter Lux

Morgana - This bastard is one of the best AP carry counters. She was made to counter people like Lux. Her black shield makes her immune to your slows and binds, as well as absorbing all your precious magic damage. Don't get close to her, and you'll do fine.
Olaf - This guy smells of anti carry. His ultimate Ragnarok cancels out any hope of stopping his charge toward your face, your only hope is that your team is smart enough to focus him down, or that you can somehow manage to burst him down.

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Situational Items/Viable Summoner Spells

- I personally don't like ignite on Lux because it requires you to get a bit closer than you'd like. It does provide decent damage though, and does give easy stacks.
- Always a good summoner spell, whoever you use it on. I don't like flash on Lux because she can use and to escape bad situtions. If the enemy has blinks, this serves you little purpose in escape.
- If you like a support role, go ahead with this, but remember, your and finales funkeln already give vision. The benefit of clairvoyance is to provide your other lanes vision.

- I personally do not recommend Deathfire Grasp, but if you find yourself constantly in 1v1 situations, grab this for some extra damage in your spell combo.
- No one likes it when the enemy team starts gaining huge magic resist. The void staff allows you to pierce their magic resist, combined with your Sorcerer's Shoes.
- Only grab this if you don't use Clarity on Lux. This will solve all your mana problems, but you won't have any to begin with if you use Clarity.
- Normally, you don't need HP and more mana on Lux. If you find youself too squishy, grab this.