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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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aaaaaah!!!! Its a TEEMO

Last updated on September 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I know my runes are abit weird and awkward, so let me explain. Many guides emphasize on the late game session or ending session of a match. However my guide stresses more on the beginning of the game because to me whether the game turns out good or not depends mainly on the beginning of the game. Even my item guides emphasize on the starting of a game and burst damage during the mid-games. As most of you know Teemo is actually a support character. Therefore there is a limit to his abilities in LoL.

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Item build

I start with the simple and safe item pots and shoes, if you feel like you harass alot and drains alot of mp you may switch the HP pots to MP pots, just be careful of your HP. 2nd of all after Nashor Tooth i burst damage with Rap Cap. However I must warn you that one you get Rap Cap, enemy team will be like target Teemo coz he is squishy and everyone is desperate to shut u down coz once u get fat its really hard to kill u. So after Rap Cap try your utmost best to get Rylai ASAP coz its really risky playing AP teemo with low hp. (Sorry for the spelling error)

An Akali once said ~ WDF happen to the Teemo he mid game suddenly so hard to kill
This is because once you get Rylai you will have sufficient HP to match up with your blind to try and take kills. The blind is extremely effective against Master Yi by they way

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Teemo is squishy why u still pick UTILITY BUILD?

I decided to use utility because in my opinion the slightest changes that utility build provides is very useful for Teemo. No matter how much u emphasize on defense build Teemo is still squishy, so why not secure ur escape routes with utilities or kill your enemy before they get the chance to strike, Teemo is a stealth champion after all.

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Why my teemo no kills?

Some people might say that teemo is team dependant and that although they have gotten full item its hard to gain kill. In my opinion teemo is not team dependant but environmental dependant. With the right area the right jungle and the right mushroom teemo can take down tanks. Teemo is very low on HP. So mostly people will recall when their hp i lower than the enemy. NO YOU SHOULDNT DO THAT! why>? Teemo has blind man, use his blind properly and 1.5seconds is enought for you to kill your enemies. Of course you must know your limits, you dont expect yourself to go back to action wif lower than 1 bar HP do you. The key to Teemo is know ur limits and improving them. Timing is also extremely important for teemo. When playing mid, Teemo has to be the first to strike , the fastest to strike and able to dodge enemies attack while attacking. If using the potency runes provided Teemo should start wif extremely painful first skill.

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Why exhaust and not ignite?

I have seen many champions take ignite and flash or ghost. It is true ignite is useful for early games and very effective for killing people in early games. However what abt late games? ignite cant do shyt dmg to people. I know i said i emphasize on early game but if you take exhaust it can be used to take down enemy in early games as well. Exhaust can be used in late games also so why take ignite. I am not completely saying that ignite is useless even i use ignite most of the times but i dont suggest you all to take ignite coz teemo already has poison remember? by the time u click ignite on the champion u could have shot once more.

Thats all for my guide, Its really short no Pros no Cons because I wasnt logged in when making this guide. I hope my guide helps, it is just a short experience on how i feel regarding my ALL TIME FAVOURITE CHAMPION ~ CAPTAIN TEEMO [byes thanks for not hating my build]