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Aatmog Aatrox

Last updated on July 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quite simple, i decided one day that aatrox simply dies too fast or does not do enough damage to stay relevant, this build however seems to fix both of those problems at the same time.

The overall theme of this build is to have lots of health and damage... health is great for aatrox because it increases the rate that his passive stacks up while also causing him to become hard to burst and AD is great for him because it increases his W lifegain.

The combination of these 2 stats create a fighter that is hard to burst, highly regenerative and can also hit quite hard and even after all the effort to take him down... he stands back up again.

think of him like a sort of melee Vlad that can knockup slow and revive himself

You can possibly use this in either mid lane or top lane hey, maybe even jungle with some alteratons

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Runes and masteries

The runes look a bit oddball but they are also set to tackle much of the problem which i stated in the introduction, they are simply there to increase both his damage and survivability allowing aatrox to jump onto his targets and stick to them without simply dieing when someone throws a teddy bear at him (both literally and figuratively)

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There is also quite a simple reason why heal is included and that is health... this spell can and will make u even more irritating to take down

with aatrox usually hanging at 50% health after a little harrassment heal will allow you to pull your health back up to make it more like trying to take you on at a much higher health value than you really have.

on top of this the other reason for it is the passive 5 health per level adding even more health to large health pool that you will build.

oh dont get me wrong you can use any summoner spell you want but this poor little spell is so underrated, people dont understand that being to heal your jungler when they come to gank or baiting an enemy into a bad fight is also a very potent effect, unlike barrier this can save your allies from death rather than just yourself and trust me... saving an adc or any ally for that matter who would have died from the last 1-2 ticks of ignite or a skill shot is well worth the 300-500g you just denied the enemy.

(especially when u have "that guy" (JUNGLER) who decided to dive and get himself normally killed without your intervention sure u wasted a summoner spell to save him but at least your lane isnt getting fed by him)

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About the items... it rather depends but i find dorans shield works nicely for aatrox with the block mastery largely reducing the damage he takes when the enemy wants to harrass/duel with him in the early stages of the game and because his W is life "gain" and not life "steal" it will always remain the same unless you take a 50% healing debuff.

As the guide title implys your aim is to get a warmogs and atmas impaler before moving onto a frozen mallet providing you with an amount of health which will almost instantly fill your passive bar upon initiating in combat while providing enough damage to keep your W healing for large amounts and more than enough health to pursuade enemys to attack someone else.

some of the items in the build can of course be modified depending on your enemy... the boots especially.

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Overall this is short and i suppose less of a guide than simply an item build but this giant sword wielding winged demony thingy has been a 2-shot kill for far too long with so much glass builds, this simply aims to toughen him up into a real... sword wielding winged demony thingy

now your probably wondering: no armour penetration??? well quite simple because your going to take time to die and therefore you will most likely get alot more hits than if you just build like a glass cannon anyway...

one more thing to mention is that with the excessive amount of health your W will be activating at a much, much higher health value than a lower health build...

anyway if you try it out and like it then go my minions spread misery and death upon your foes! and if you try it and end up failing... try harder you already have 2 lifes what more do u want?!!!