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Aatrox, Immortal Onslaught TOPLANE

Last updated on June 14, 2013
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Aatrox Build

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Greetings Summoner's!

This has got to be the most exciting champ I've ever had the pleasure to write a guide for!
My first try was soso, so I started thinking..hmm this champ has very few weaknessess, but
how can i make it so he has none?Better yet: How do i make the aspects about him that are
OP even more so? then it hit me ! and I will show u below!

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Armor Seals : Aatrox depends upon Lifesteal so the less damage he takes, the bigger the
difference it will make!

AttackSpeed : Every THIRD attack heals Aatrox and thus this early AS boost helps u to maximise
Glyphs this effect!

AttackDamage : Since I'm going for Lifesteal Quints for even better sustain I picked these because
Marks they are what the Lifesteal% is based off of.

LifeSteal : Lifesteal every third attack? Hmm yeah thats great and all but how about
Quintessence Lifesteal EVERY attack with a BONUS every third attack?!

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I've decided to go glass cannon on this build mainly because im focusing on an assassinbuild with
great sustain.Therefor I went 27/3 taknig only Perseverance from the defensive tab to help
give u even better sustain if by some chance u get poked a lot and cant allways get to the minions.
(Or for example the enemy jungler is waiting in the bush and u want to make him waste time without
putitng yourself at risk, standing still? All the time regaining life baby!)


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Well ok so we've got some attackspeed, some attackdamage, some bonuslifesteal and some armor.
So which startingitem would benefit most out of this?
Longsword hmm it does scale off of the Lifesteal Quints,but doesnt really give that much sustain
Since 6% of the low damage it provides isn't all that much..

Doran's Shield certainly not a "bad" item if you're up against someone like Riven

Doran's Blade scales off of your attackspeed thx to the 5hp per hit, gives AD which in turn
scales well off of your Lifesteal Quints and some HP to boot. IMO this is perfect
Cheap and costeffective.

Since I don't want to turn this into a bestselling book im going to keep the rest of the items
short and to the point. :)

Bererker's Greaves To help u scales your dorans, passive and so on even more
Vampiric Scepter Even MORE sustain, basing? whats that?
Blade of the Ruined King Bring on the sustain! and a neat little active to help chase and flee.
Mercurial ScimitarYou don't want people to counter your heal with ignite or exhaust do you?
Spirit Visage Cooldown! Stronger Lifesteal! GET IT!
Infinity Edge Massively increased damage output and in turn lifesteal
Guardian Angel Somehow they managed to deplete your Bloodwell? DOUBLE REVIVAL!!

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Skill Sequence

By now I'm pretty sure U've noticed this build is base upon sustain, the skill sequence is the same
Start by putting one point into Blood Thirst it will give u sustain and also burstdamage. It
only has a 0.5sec cooldown so u can use it to lasthit easier or switch in the middle of a fight too.

Secondly I would suggest taking Dark Flight as it is both an initiation and an escapemove.
Max this one secondly.

third put 1 point in Blades of Torment for the slow it provides to make escaping ganks even
easier or ofcourse to lasthit a minion that u wouldnt be able to reach in time with an autoattack.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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I prefer to get Ghost and Exhaust I will explain why :

Ghost I prefer this over Flash because u allready have Dark Flight to jump walls.

Exhaust I prefer this over Ignite because it helps in more situations.
Ignitecuts their lifesteal and hp regen and helps u to stil kill an enemy that runs
right?IMO Exhaust does all of this and better.They cant hit u, thus they cant
lifesteal you,plus they cant do any damage with autoattacks during that time
AND their armor and magicresist is lowered to boot.It also works to stop the
enemy jungler. Or your escaping target. Pretty open and shut.

Champions you might want to pick different spells against:

Darius Garen: Barrierto counter the ulti Fiddlesticks Amumu: CleanseScimitar wont allways be active

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Use Blood Price to lasthit easier and toggle back to Blood Thirst to replenish your health
often. If u get poked just heal it right back up. Also remember to get the wraiths and wolves
whenever u can to give u an advantage. Don't be afraid to use Dark Flight or
Blades of Torment to net u those multiple or faraway minions that are about to die.

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Team Work

Make sure to help your teammates whenever possible by roaming and placing the right move at the
right time. When roaming use the element of surprise by jumping a wall with Dark Flight or by
Throwing your Blades of Torment through a wall or from brush.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great Sustain
  • Manaless
  • Good Damage with Good Escape

  • Not that strong at lvl 1
  • Lifesteal can be countered before u have Mercurial Scimitar
  • Will make u sad when he becomes a permaban in rankeds

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Final Thoughts

Aatrox is a very fun and strong champion indeed, just don't go all rambo early game. Be patient,
farm and watch your power grow into the unstoppable demon u are.
I hope this guide has helped u to understand Aatrox and that it helps u realise his full
potential. Please comment on what u thought about the guide, if it did or did not help
u win games. And what i might've done better in making this guide.
Good Luck and Have Fun!