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Abusing the Jungle with Shaco

Last updated on December 30, 2012
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First round of the jungle

Hi everyone, Im RiskyD And I Just created this account on Mobafire :), Ima mainly a jungler and ive been playing Shaco since I Saved enought for him, thanks to Shiv HD Hohoho, Ive been playing LoL for around 4 months but as a DotA Ex MLG,WoW,Maplestory Top 10 server ranked, I Got the hang of the game pretty quickly

with Shaco you really need a good start to be useful. To make it possible you need to know how to use your boxes.
1st of all always place boxes near the place where highest damage dealing neutral monster spawn.
2nd of all remember that your box can take around 2 to 4 hit before diying then try to make them attack for entire 5 sencods they last by baiting the biggest monster toward you and make them take this 1 or 2 hits, so you can waste less hp during your route.
Possible jungle routes :

1 ) box in 0:45 under big wriath respawn > 3 boxes under lizard elder respawn > clean wriaths with help of your lanes > clean red without using smite > take blue buff with smite using.
2 ) box in 0:45 under big wolf respawn > 3 boxes under ancient golem respawn > clean wolves with help of your lanes > clean blue without using smite > take red buff with smite using.
(Thanks to viedzmin for the routes because since he do the same thing I Do, might aswell take his )

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Counter jungling

Shaco is a good counter jungler, if you have blue buff ( mana provider ), and some vision in enemy jungle, With shaco its possible to kill enemy jungler in 1v1 in his jungle. Remember that you need to :
Be sure that you wont get ganked by enemy team laners, so play safe, so always tell your mid laner to back you up incase their mid come to help the jungler, most of the time, I Clear my blue and goes to the ennemy jungler and in the bush before going to his wraith, I Camp there and place boxes, Why?

You goal as a jungler is also to slow down the ennemy jungler so he'll be lower than you so before ganking, he needs to farm more in his jungle and if he had the blue buff, you'll take it from him since you killed him in the bush, so hes gonna B 2 Or 3 times before ganking and youll be 2-4 levels ahead of him :)

place boxes in here

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Ganks, counter ganks and teamfights

1st before you will decide to gank, think about positions of your enemies and allies. If mid lane is missing, and you think its possiible that he is going to lane, that you are about to gank its safer to wait in safe spot untill you will be sure that your gank is safe so wait and farm until he comes back in line, before engaing a gank, always make sure that your allies have the CC skills up and enought mana to goes in with you or else it will fail, if the ennemy use flash or better, he gets killed, thats a succesful gank because since he used flash/summoner spells, he cant go away within the 3 minutes cooldown when he gets ganked again so time your gank and do it again withing 2 minutes.

Remember, dont gank if you think its Risky, when gaking, its always better to let laner die, than to die for him ( especially if you have buffs ), cause most of the time when shaco dies early game for free, he wont be able to turn this around, and if laner dies its always possible that you can help him out with one or two good ganks and having the ennemy with a double uff, your alllies gonna have a bad time early.

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Try to catch enemies out of position. Its Shaco's great strengh - if some1 splits from a team, force him to 1v1, in late game, I Could 2 hits the ennemy fed ADC And last longer in team fight, remember, as a fed shaco you should go in after your bruisers / tanks, and always try to take down AD c, or ( if its impossible ) AP c.
those are some spot where you might be safe doing a 1vs1
But dont hesitate if you think you can take the ennemy before his allies come

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Shacois known to be able to solo neutrl monsters boss as (Dragon early lvl 6) and baron later game, so when you hit level 6, before doing this, you should Ward and also wait until the ennemy laner dies or when hes visibly MIA. When you have the chance, take dragon, its easy to do.

Place a box behind Drake, E Him, Ulti and let the dragon take aggro on your clone and go behind the dragon and attack him and makes sure you have smite on incase.

Here's another trick for early dragon but its a waste of time

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1. Spell dodging - if you will time properly you can dodge every attack with Shaco ultimate. If the spell / auto attack will hit during this fog that shaco uses during his ult, that means that this damage will be dodged.
2. Juking - its really hard to master this part. If you have no buffs, and you are getting chased you can use your ultimate and move clone in one side, while not moving yoursel, enemies will think that you are the clone, and chase your clone instead of you, also you can use clone that was popped out earlier to make enemies confused - you q to the left, you move clone to the right, and they are brain****ed, cause they have no clue where can you be :-)
3. Turret Diving - you jump in take 2 turret hits, use ultimate and turret retarget on your ally.
4. Walking ward - if you are aware that enemies are doing baron / dragon and you dont wanna face check it - let the clone do the dirty work ;)
5. Bonus damage output - quite obvious no need to explain it ....
6. Shield - if you see that your ally is getting ultimated by Cait you can take a bullet by your clone, same with other single target skillshots.
7. Zoning - in teamfights you can move your clone to the 1st line of enemies if you want to zone them. It works best for bruiser / tank Shaco's.
8. Pushing / Backdooring - if you want to take some turret fast you can use your ultimate for faster push - turret will focus clone instead of you aswell

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Shaco was, is, and always will be a decent solo queue jungler. His great influence of early game combined with strong counter jungling and great abbilities to take fast global gold will always keep this champion above most of the solo Q junglers. However Shaco is highly skill required ( even if some 'high' 1500 elo guys thinks he is EASY ), and team dependant in many situations. I would recommend this champion for people that want to have good early game pressence as a jungler, even after this early-game pressence nerf for junglers, and for people that want to play some fun-champion.

Here is a funny video explaining how shacco's work and tips and trick ^^