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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chainer

AD Acid Anihillation and Control

chainer Last updated on October 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay ... I saw people don't play urgoth much, builds are all on atk speed and damage...
I think it's wrong to treat urgoth like an ashe or tf.
This is my build and it rocks...
First you have to learn Urgoth style.
He is weak but do a lot of damage early and harras well late.
His primary wearpon and main skill is Acid Hunter....we will tendly call it Acid ^)

First of all better go mid , well other lanes will do
I buy mana regen so I can regenerate some mana before pre mob harras...

I use acid hunter to harras even pre mobs spawn.
On lvl 2-3 using bombs and probably 2nd acid - you can easily have kills...
just remember to hit bombs and then run towards enemy cos he will try to retreat so you can still have the range.

2nd skill to max is shield witch is used to slow and to protect you - try to get it almost automated to use.

Okay now I tell you more in detail , trying to include all real tips unlike last hit minions and try not to die or this is a good item =D

Runes Mastery points and SSpells

Runes on Armor pen must be used obviously....but last fix that cut the damage of Armor penetration runes by 33% and raised damage runes power made me to think about testing damage runes ... But still armor penetration is giving great benefits in late game.
Seals are of |Evasion
Glyphs are of Focus
These runes give great benefits and fit goot in this style.
Other runes were less impressive.

Masteries are arranged to max the damage....This boost gives high advantage in early game that makes dreams of overfeeding enemies come true often enought =D
Notice that lethality is skipped. Utility gives us mana that boosts our Dmg with manamune greatly

Behavior in different stages of the game

EArly Game

You go on whatever line
And try to catch some early come out opponents and harras with Acid... you have a fine range. By the way you can use it just barely interrupting your movement - be mobile!
You also do a good farming. Try last hitting ... as usual=)
Next you get some $ and return to base - with teleport you can do it very quick. Buy mana crystal for manamune and/or boots. This quick reinforcement will surely give you some kill if you do it right with tp.
At the end you neet to have Mecury threads and at least short sword and stone for manamune.

You get manamune and occult dagger.
Manamune boosts you dmg and mana so great that opponents can be surprised by your harras... but you become more vulnarable, so pump up shield.... bomb don't give much dmg and shiel SAVES YOU + SLOW THEM....
The mechanic:
You throw bomb.... usually if opp is quite mobile throw it behind him , often opp trying to escape steps just in it's range.
Next you immidiately start running towards , aim mouse on opp. and shoot Acid =) , while acid is in the air you CAN STILL turn on the shield and SLOW opp. =)))))
The best occasion is when you shoot 3 acids at 1 bomb. Just try not to ran too far and towerdive or miss enemies behind....
This mechanics must be at use all the time - espessialy when 1 on 1
Ult is used occasionaly ... you can throw running opp. into the mob of allys or just stun for a secont to break the channeling or stun a caster... Very rare occasion can give you chance to escape with ultimate....
So be quick on flash, witch btw can be used also to quickly cut the range of ultimate.
Use shield espessialy when you see that a turret's gift flyes to you =D
And just be aware that when you got nothing of listed above - your death will be quick and painless =D

Late game is not our time - exept when we are overfeeded and got full stacks on occult.
I see urgoth role now is more to support team by 1) slowing and harrasing 2) benefitting from will of the ancients 3) Ultimate .... well and killing low health ppl and squeeshy mages or te-emos....

Big pity that last patch fixed shooting acid at invisible enemyes or objects....even when affected by bomb... Before that teemo bombs, wards, invisible ganker often had a mouth full of acid before they understood tht I got nither oracle nor wards =D
Once i killed twitch just by occasionaly hitting him in lane , then I threw a bomb and 3 times locked him again =D

TRY IT...and for Urgoth's sake -D - don't go aspd or ap or what else you think he should do -)))))

Only tanks , big fat health regening tanks can make Urgoth sometimes sad... T_T
But I always have a hope my team is not a bad one , or at least not the leaving and ragequitting
MAy the force be with you =)
Using U2R0(t) - the Terminator