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Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Twisted Fate also known as TF is a champion able to be built in many ways. I say, and this is me hes best build as a mix of AD/AP, Hybrid so he cant be supressed with a thornmail alone or some magic resistance. TF in the beggining is very squishy but puts some power out in the contrast. Getting Dorans Blade help with hp, ad, and some lifesteal extra. You want to hit minions 3 times and use Stacked Decks 4th card against a champion. This alone will weaken a champion very fast and give them a scare once you get Pick a Card try to get the Yellow card and the 4th card together and get a good busrt damage combo. When you get your q only really use it after they leave range after your stun combo. And do this intil you get the first tower in your lane before leaving unless you get your ult help mid when needed but tell your partner when you do it.

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

All Ad runes give you 22 AD at lv 1 alone plus the extra from Dorans Blade you shouldent have much trouble putting off more damage then your opponet.

Masteries is pretty basic nothing to big there some extra lifesteal at lv 1 and all just help for beggining the armor penetration comes from this the reason dont need magic pen. is becuase of Malady and Wits End combo one you get both magic pen and resistance from these 2 items and if you hit your stun on your target your should get full stacks against the enemy with your ATS - Attack Speed

Summmonr Spells is pretty much up to you i get flash for it chance to get my stun and flash in as a suprise attack and get my target or to run away. Note: When running away use Pick a Card and get your stun and turn around use it then run do not try to attack unless you actually know you stand a chance.
Exhuast is for people who try to use ghost or some move that helps then escape this can cancell it out and give you time to get your stun card again on them.
Other summonor spells is up to how you feel like is missing.

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Dont be overagressive in early rounds once you hit Wirs End u can have a chance on a nonfed champion. In mid game try to farm alot to get the gold for Black Cleavor and then Madreds's Bloodrazor. Black Cleavor will help vs tanks and Madreds's helps also for the 4 percent unless they have magic resistance even if there tank is got both your magic slash armor damage should do more damage to him them most champs. Use your ult when you see a only 1 or 2 champion on the battle feild for possble ganking issues it will help if you see all 4 champs and you know 1 is alive on his own try to single him out TF very good a killing those who wonder by themselves.

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Late Games

When you have full build the last item is optional you can trade it with a Bloodthirster if you need the lifesteal. But if you get the recommemnded you will have 2.5 Attack Speed and very good damage output. This build is usally good for taking out 1 to 2 enemy before actually needing to ever go back usally you can take more if you kill them before your stuns ware off.