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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KickPistol

AD Carry Caitlyn: Bullet Storm

KickPistol Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Hey. I don't plan on making this guide relatively huge so I guess I'll just stick to it being short and simple as possible without mowing off the details. Before we begin, keep in mind that this build and play style will revolve around those who are:

- Actively aggressive
- Knows how to last hit
- Willing to carry the weight of the entire team through early, mid, and end game

Also keep in mind that this is not a build for newcomers, as I will not be explaining the full basics of how to get better at this game. There are certain guides that explain that, go search it up.

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Overview: Caitlyn

Apart from the sexy purple outfit and the awesome large sheriff hat, Caitlyn is the most annoying character to lane against. Use this to your advantage! Your range is 650, apart from a lvl 18 Tristana, you will out range any character in the game. Cait's long range takes off some pressure of last hitting as you can literally stand back, run around, and last hit without much problems in the fighting zone. It is crucial that you know how to last hit, especially with Caitlyn. You want to out farm and out lvl everyone on the opposite team in order to give your team an edge. That is, of course one of the main reasons why you "carry" a team. Your head shot passive allows you to ensure a last hit, or harass a champion. Auto attack any champion that tries to last hit or harass them when they are caught off guard. The whole point of doing so is to have complete lane control. You are in charge of the lane, do not let the other person farm. To put it very simple, you farm up while they struggle to last hit without having a bullet caught between their eyes.

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Pros and Cons: Caitlyn

Every champion has pros and cons because they are simply balanced. Again, short and simple. The *** I will explain with more detail.

Good stuff:
- Long range that puts you out of harms way
- Easy farming
- Extremely annoying harass
- Can easily pick out and destroy squishy carries
- Champions cannot flash/ghost out once Ace in the Hole is being charged
- End game can crit up to 1.2k per shot, 1.6k per head shot
- ***Terrain maneuverability***

Bad stuff:
- Squishy herself
- Most likely targeting in a team fight
- Ace in the Hole shows a red line that can be intercepted by another person
- Demands last hits to carry team
- Noobs will feed hard with Caitlyn

***: Caitlyn can phase through certain walls in the map by the use of her 90 Caliber Net skill. This along with careful positioning can almost always save your life in a gank.

Example 1: It's still early game and the other team has noticed that you've been farming extremely well in mid lane. You know that your about to be ganked if not for the MIA's or your own map awareness. Feeling cautious, you position yourself towards the brush with the cliff facing your side. As soon as they come after you, simply lay down a trap camouflaged in the brush, align yourself next to the cliff and fire off your 90 Caliber Net facing directly away from the direction you want to jump so you can hop onto the cliff. Chances are as they follow you inside the brush to engage, one of them will be caught in a trap and by the time they realized what stunt you've managed to pull; you've already repositioned yourself for a defensive counter gank.

Example 2: You're team has decided to push top lane even though you know that your all going to get jumped. Feeling cautious, you lay down some traps to secure your area of escape. Just moments after you've lay down your traps, they gank your entire team and you are the last one remaining. They are willing to chase you because you are overly farmed, high lvled, and is incredibly squishy. The traps will slow them down, but just barely and gives you vision on where to run next. You align yourself to the cliff where Baron is at, position yourself so that your 90 Caliber Net is facing directly opposite of where you want to go and fire your net. Viola, you have just phased through Baron's cave and bought yourself at least 10 seconds of distance.

But remember... You can only phase through cliffs and trees, not solid walls... Experiment a little when it's safe, this phasing ability allows Caitlyn to juke in and out of combat.

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Explanation of build

1. More dmg = more dmg with your ult. That, comboed with armor penetration will seriously surprise your opponents with the amount of chunks you pierce off.
2. Easier farm. Doesn't matter if it's early, mid, or end. Until you've finished your 2nd phantom dancer and mow down your opponents with over 1k crits, you must out farm them.
3. Extreme harass. Doesn't matter if it's early, mid, or end. You must constantly engage during team fights and overwhelm the other carry.
4. Hilariously dangerous when your build is complete. I'll try to break it down so you can see. This is not a joke, you have to try it out to believe it yourself.

- You're damage is around 330 (Although it is higher than that, let just assume for safety reasons.)
- You have 57 base armor penetration, combo-ed with Black Cleaver that's -87 armor after a few hits on a target.
- Your attack speed is around 2.0, you can reach 2.1+ with activation of Ghost Blade
- 100% crit rate
- 250% increased crit dmg (1150 dmg against creeps)
- Head shot passive stacks with increased crit dmg (1500 against creeps)
- 15-25% life steal
- Can escape in and out of combat through cliffs
- Ults in and out to initiate or execute

Trust me, if you've played your cards right; you'll laugh.

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Rune explanation

This should be fairly obvious, but I'll go over it anyways. Mana has always been one of the biggest issues with an AD carry, the glyphs and seals solves the mana problem towards end game when you've racked up all your gear. You should have no problem on spamming your skills when you reach 18.

Armor penetration is also obvious for any AD carry. 22 armor penetration early game packs a PUNCH early game, especially for harassment. If they're good, it gives them a clear indication to back off and discourages them from last hitting when they are laning against you. Others will be surprised in how much dmg your dealing in a single bullet. And because you will not be getting Madreds, armor penetration comes in as a factor in chipping off large amounts of dmg against a tank.

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Madred against tanks?

Do NOT. Get madreds. I don't recommend it. Madreds is made for countering tanks that stack up bulks of hp and armor. The only benefit that any AD carry that would have is the 4% of their hp as magic damage. But think about it.

Suppose your playing against amumu that has around 4k hp. 4% of 4000 is 160, this means that your auto attacks will deal 160 bonus magic damage against amumu. However... towards the very end you'll already been critting with a 100% crit rate, you will dish out more damage if you had all of your end game AD items. The fact is that you cannot afford to replace anything with madreds that will jeopardize your dmg.

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IMO Caitlyn is one of the funnest champions in the entire game. The satisfaction of executing someone from a great distance knowing that they can't escape is always an exciting feeling. Of course, you can't just expect to cruise through Caitlyn and expect to be overly farmed, it takes skill and dedication towards last hits. All of her skills can be used offensively and defensively at the same time.

So the next time when Riot decides to release Cait for free, try her out and have fun. She really is one of the best ;)

~ KickPistol