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AD Carry Tips and Tricks

Last updated on August 22, 2014
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Hi everyone i'm just a AD Carry player from Garena SEA server. I hope everyone will read my guides and try to understand them . During my journey as an AD Carry , there is many ups and downs for me . It wasn't easy at first for me, i tried my best to improve my mechanics days by days . Eventually it does paid off, last but not least i do play other roles as well ! )


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ADC Runes ? ( This are the two adc rune page that i've use during my journey being an AD Carry )

Aggressive lane :
3 Attack Speed Quints
9 Flat AD Damage
9 Flat Armor
9 Flat Magic Resist

Sustain lane:

2 Life Steal Quints
1 AD Damage Quints
9 Flat AD Damage
9 Flat Armor
9 Flat Magic Resist

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Masteries ? ( I prefer you using your own Masteries thou )

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Key Things To Remember

Positioning is key. You're a damage dealer for the most part and a vital part of your teams overall DPS. AD carries provide the most sustained DPS to any team and you need to be aware of your position in a team fight to avoid AoE damage and other spells, crowd controls, and other harmful things that can stop you from auto attacking.
If you can't get at the valuable targets like their AD carry and their AP carry auto attack whoever you can. It's better to auto attack something then nothing running around trying to chase down enemy champions. Most of the time you'll be doing a lot of damage to their bruiser / tanks anyways if you've built right so don't be afraid to auto attack tanks and other hard to kill targets if that's the only thing you can hit. Just hit anything you can, all the time. Value those high priority targets when you're able to get to them.

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Basic Strategy

1. Make sure to farm all game, this is the most important thing for AD carries.
2. Harass in lane and go for the kill when you have the chance, getting a kill in the lane phase puts you so far ahead of the enemy AD.
3. Try to synergies with your support player, you need to communicate with this player since they do most of the work for you.
4. Positioning is really important, you're a glass cannon, so stay behind your team in most situations.
5. Don't wander off alone, you need to stay with your team or farm safely in lane unless you know what you're doing.

6. Call for jungle to break the freeze if the enemy was freezing the lane and deny ur farm.

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