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AD Corki Domination(Since the Buff)

Last updated on November 13, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my AD/hybrid corki build. This build is for any level of gameplay, it works in 3's, 5's, and ranked 5's. There is a lot of variation that can go into this build depending on the circumstances, but ill explain everything along the way. Keep in mind, you should know for the most part what Corki's abilities do, and have knowledge of how the game works. This isn't a guide for fresh players.

Masteries: You are a carry. Go into the offense tree. I take all of the regular physical damage things, but go a little bit into the cooldown reduction because you have a lot of ability spam. Regarding the defense tree, you can go there, or you can go 9 points into Utility, grabbing the mana, exp gain or total mana to help scale with your manamune into damage. I like defense more because it adds a little more survivability in 5's. Either way, you should be fine. Try out both and use what you like.

Runes: I go with armor pen because you destroy tanks with gatling gun, and adding that to the mix just allows you to wreck even harder.
Mana regen allows you to stay in your lane longer, but late game, your regen is good enough that you never really have to leave because of mana issues.
Magic resist just to help with defense, and flat health quints for the same.
All in all, pretty standard runes, nothing too complicated.

Item Build: Start with Doran's Blade and health pot. Blade helps you last hit minions better and adds some good early game survivability.
You should be solo mid, otherwise you shouldnt be playing corki, because that is his spot on a team, and so your last hitting should be pretty good. Last hit well, and on your first trip back, grab a tear of the goddess and boots of speed. If your leet and drew first blood, just go straight into manamune.
Now for boots, if the other team isnt very much magic, or hardly has any stuns or disables, just go for berserker boots. But usually Merc Treads is what you should get.
After Manamune and Mercury Treads, go for a Trinity Force. Some people argue whether or not this is still viable, and if you should just rush an Infinity Edge, but the sheen proc is awesome with how much you spam, and its a good damage hybrid item. It is just great for Corki.
After that, get Infinity Edge, and then Bloodthirster. If the game is still going on, go for a Banshee's Veil for the survivability, but to be honest, I rarely get past Manamune, Trinity Force, and a B.F. Sword before the other team is surrendering.

Gameplay/Ability Build:
Corki has sustained damage, but he nukes fast and hard. This is why i rank up phosphorus bomb over gatling gun first. The damage from phosphorus bomb is a good nuke, and ranking up gatling gun only increases the duration and armor shredding, and most people dont have high amounts of armor that early on anyways.
How to nuke fast and hard? If your alone, or its a 2v2, you don't usually just go straight in. You poke. And it bugs people. Corki's ult is the best poke ability in the game in my opinion. Good damage, very short CD, and loooong range. You want to poke the other team with them prior to engaging if you can. It will continue to bug them, and bring their health down before entering the fight, which can give your team the advantage.
When in combat, you should activate gatling gun first, try to phosphorus bomb the carries(the blind effect), or whoever you are focusing(you should be focusing the carries anyways. Follow that up with just autoattacks, and missile spam.
Save your valk for chasing down enemies or getting away. Unless your ganking from brush, or trying to surprise an enemy, you dont want to initiate with Valkyrie. Save it. Too many times have i seen bad Corkis Valkyrie into a fight just to die because they think they are invincible.

Oh yeah. Summoner spells. Exhaust is very nice for killing people and shutting down carries. Teleport is just a nice spell in 5's. But Ghost, Exhaust, Ignite, Teleport, and Flash all work pretty well with Corki. Just take what fits your playstyle, and what your team needs.

This is a solid build that i rarely lose with, and its very effective and fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but go out there and have fun :)