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Tryndamere Build Guide by xetsu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xetsu

AD Destruction: Obliterating as Tryndamere

xetsu Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Tryndamere is one of my favorite champions as he can easily carry games and also hits for insane numbers relatively early compared to most carries. Furthermore is ult spells on of two things for the enemy team. Either they use up a lot of CC trying to control you or they lose 1 or more champions. Trynd is also an excellent escaper as his spinning slash has a very long range compared to most other jumps (other than the notorious riftwalk)

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Easy mode. ALWAYS get desolation runes. coupled with offensive mastery this allows tryn to have 31 armor pen from the beginning. I usually take flat armor and MR for early game, where imho, is where tryn can deal the most damage and also assures he can get one or two kill in his lane if played correctly or coupled with a good hero. Dodge runes are also a very strong choice with him as well as per lvl MR due to the fact that casters( and possibly jax) will be the only ones killing u late game.

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pure offensive mastery are needed, I take cripple because I ALWAYS take exhaust and it gives further 10 armor pen. Nimbleness is there for the lols really. when it procs it ensures i get away rather quickly and when i decide to use dodge runs it really comes in handy.

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imo you have a lot of choices with starting items. I almost ALWAYS go with brawler gloves+ 2 health potions, but Dorian shield is also a very strong alternative if they have a lot of AD. DO NOT START WITH DORIAN BLADE seriously this will not help you build your fury bar early game, which is the main thing which will allow you to dominate your opponents. Further more brawler gloves allows you to build an early zeal.

there is not set item sequence. Start with brawler gloves and 2 health potions. If you are completely dominating lane go back and buy beserker greaves and a zeal+, if you have the money a piece for Phantom dancer. If not save up for bf sword. right after zeal rush ifinity edge. Infity edge is your game changer. Then finish building your Phantom Dancer and then judge your opponents. If there is a lot of CC, specifically a malzahar or WW you might wanna a quicksilversash. if not go straight to starks fervor. Starks fervor is AMAZING on tryndamere for a couple of reasons. One, -20 armor ensures you now have 51 armor pen. this is crazy. Armor pen is by far the best stat on any physical carry because the more you have the more damage you do. Starks fervors lifesteal is also solid as well as its aura and attack speed. as for your fourth item i recommend Bloodthirster or Black Cleaver. if the enemey has the occasional armor item. rush black cleaver. If a lot of Ap carries bloodthirst might be better.

in the end my final build is. Greaves, phantom dancer, IE, Starks fervor, Black cleaver, and blood thirster.

Last whisper/banshees veil, quick silver sash is added in whenever i deem it nessecary

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Summoner Spells

flash: flash is op, nuff said. also spinning slash acts as a psuedo-flash so u can easily get 1000~ units away in a jiffy

exhaust: imo best summoner spell for any damage dealer, espcially melee ones.

reasons why exhaust is better than ignite

1. exhaust slows and makes an enemy effectively useless, this acts a psuedo extra 3 seconds on undying rage if i wish. Also exhaust is an amazing anti-gank spell. Whenever i see the enemy jungle come gank me people in lane get over confident. so I can easily exhaust whoever i want and take out one or the other and then quickly spinning slash
2 Exhaust can be used in team fights rather effectively. You can completely shut down a fed carry with this spell for 3 seconds. Which late game is enough for you to kill him, or enough for you to kill someone whom you mightve not killed if the carry was at full strength.
3. exhaust can be used defensively to run away
4. I need to repeat this. Exhaust makes an enemy effectivley useless for 3 SECONDS. in late game you can use this at low health (400~) to get a couple of free lifesteall strikes on your opponent. Honestly it has so many uses i can't name it all.
5. The slow coupled with mocking shout makes enemies slow to a crawl. also the slow can be used as an extra slow, and since your melee you want to always have your target slowed.

That's it, i do not consider any other summoner spells. I absolutely hate ignite, its damage is rather weak, and Imho opinion exhaust has so many more uses its not even funny.

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Skill Sequence

start with spinning slash. why? dodge skill shoots. things to do with spinning slash

1. use to get away by using near ledges/walls
2. use to get into a fight unexpectedly and change everything.
3. use to dodge skill shoots
4 use to quickly last hit then spinning slash backwards/ to bushes to avoid get hit by an attack.
5 use to steal dragon/ baron
6. use to travel quicker overall.

imdeatily max bloodlust for the heal and attack damage it offers.

then max out mocking shout.

The reason why i max out mocking shout is because i want a strong slow up as much as i can. Usually when players see how hard you hit they will use one of their escapes(rocket jump/dash/shunpo etc) and that when you quickly spinning slash to close the gap and use mocking shout. the stornger the slow the more likely it is for you to hit them before they get to a tower or to their allies. spinning slash in comparison is rather weak skill to level and wont assure you get any kils.

of course upgrade undying rage at all times whenever you can

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tip 1. Dominate your lane early. Try to have a partner you can synergize with, stunners are especially potent (Taric and sion in specific) also snares such as lux or morgana work well.

the first thing i do when i get to a lane is try to build my red bar. If i dont get harrased (very rare but does happen) ill wait for a full red bar and imdeatily spinning slash and get one or two hits off. If my partner can stun I while i do this i am almost guaranteed a kill or they waste flash/ghost.

tip 2: use spinning slash to dodge skill shoots or hide in bushes quickly. Whenever i see an enemy champion get close enough to use their skills on me i slash away or to them and hit them once or twice.

tip 3. Try to have your red bar at full for as long as you can, and try to also hit something once at least every 10 seconds so your always ready to unleash a full out assault.

tip 4. use exhaust early and frequently. usually i use it as soon as i can, i spinning slash>hit>exhaust>hit> hit either they are severely injured, dead, or waste a summoner spell.
once you get to level 4 use this with mocking shout for epic dps

tip 5: try to come in from the sides during a team fight. if you play correctly and with my build you will be hitting like a truck, and people will try and take you down/make you use your ult early. i usually try to come into the fight from the sides, and 2-4 seconds late. one of your allies might die, but the amount of damage youll be able to but out with the opposing champions CCs down is absurd.

tip 6: use spinning slash+ flash to get away insanely quickly. if you spinning slash and flash as soon as you stop you will cover a great distance, i almost always manage to get away.

tip 7: beaware of who has ignite on the opposing team. If they are smart they will use it during your undying rage. as soon as u see ignite on you pay attention to how many seconds are left on your ult and use Q as soon as its about to end and u might survive. if not use Q and hit a minion(if theres any around and if you have lifesteal)

tip 8: do not stack bloodthirsters. I used to do this, its actually not horrible. But armor pen is MUCH better. and the speed bonuses offered by starks fervor and black cleaver assure you will have everyone but the tank at or below 0 armor. if im not mistaken the first 20 armor on a champion gives them something like 22% AD reduction. with runes,masteries, starks and one black cleaver stack you will be at 15+25+6+20 armor pen, making you hit for insane numbers.

tip 9. Time your undying rage well. Always use undying rage at around 400-200 health during mid late gamer and remember you can use it under any CC

tip 10: tower dive early. Seriously, if you see a champ at half healh hugging turret, spinning slash>hit>exhaust> hit>mocking shout> hit>undying rage when necessary and then spinning slash out. Get fed early and win.

tip 11 get lizard buff whenever you can. Lizard buff is an " I WIN" button for tryndamere, it allows him to pretty much have FULL control and makes sure noone's ever gets away

tip 12: get an oracles against akali asap. If you have any lifesteal on you after IE and PD you will easily be able to 1v1 her with oracles. Its actually kind of funny.

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tryndamere is a very strong champion to carry with as long as your team is well synergized. his passive pretty much guarantees he has 35 crit chance and his slow/ ult assures that he is able to get some damage ult no matter HOW focused down he his.