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AD Ezreal

Last updated on July 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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An easy AD guide for Ezreal. Since AP has been nerfed, AD became more acceptable. Essence Flux in this build is totally useless early game. Late game you have it because of the extra skill points. You can use it to scout on grass or just it to damage heroes. Mystic Shot is your bread and butter. You use it to farm early by last hitting. You can also use it to harass, but watch your mana pool. If you last hit with mystic shot you would be able to get sheen and half of phage from your first time back to base. I prefer to solo mid because you do not have to fight over last hitting with your teammate. Once you get sheen and/or phage you should start ganking bottom or top lanes. Those heroes are low level and your ultimate easily does more than half their life. While fighting heroes use mystic shot as much as possible to stack up your passive and deal a lot of magic damage that scales with your AD. Always maintain a buffer around you because Ezreal is really squishy and enemy heroes can easily kill him once he is close in range. If you have to use arcane shift to shift away from the enemy hero. I prefer kiting the hero, throwing my spells (mystic shot and maybe essence flux if my mana can support it) from afar and chasing them. Also try to throw a spell and hit thus utilizing you AD and your trinity force/sheen buff. In team fights ALWAYS let the tank initiate and urn in first. Usually the other team likes to focus on Ezreal because of his damage and his squishiness. Your range on your spells and regular attack is pretty far, so staying back should not be a problem. Another way you can enter a team fight is flanking them (usually results in more kills than being behind your teammates). Be very careful when flanking because you are open to creeps, towers, and also enemy heroes that were slow. Still let the tank initiate, then you run in form behind spells blazing. Since their tank is in the front lines, the other team's caster and range heroes will be easily killed by your dps. Trueshot barrage can be used b4 or after the battle. In team fights try to use it when there are 3 or more heroes in a line. If not wait to use it after the battle to catch the lucky ones. You can also use trueshot barrage to farm the mage creeps. Use it from the sides so it gets atleast 6-8 creep mage creep kills. Heroes you have to be very careful of is Tristana. She is a very strong soloer for mid and can screw up your farming. Just play more defensive when that happens. Do not try to kite her because she will kite you back. You are stronger than Tristana if you fight her headon whilist throwing spells. Essence Flux is useful on her because it slows her down. Any other hero should not be much a problem in a chase/1v1. For summoner skills you need ghost to catch heroes that out run you, even with your trinity force and +3% move speed from your masteries. Ghost is very useful early game before you have trinity force to slow down or catch-up to enemy heroes. Cleanse is your best summoner ability. It can save you from ganks, Warwick's ult, and just making a mistake by venturing too close to the front lines. Cleanse and arcane shift away.