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AD Ezreal Carry Low Elo

Last updated on September 27, 2012
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I will be short in this part.
I have been playing LoL since pre-season 1, season 1 1750+ elo, season 2 1600+ elo, left LoL for 3 months, got back in with a friend's acc in EUW. he had 10W/15L and 1100 elo. now he has 50W/38L, 1500 elo and Ezreal is 75% games played by me carrying his acc from low elo.

P.S. i dont know how to use any features of this site, so i dont include any pictures. sorry

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Pros / Cons

good farming potential with q+ passive
good burst pre-6
epic burst lvl 6
integrated escape mechanism
w skill works miracles tih your offtanks and enemy offtanks
good poke
ult reveals terrain for some time, good for scouting dragon/ baron
well-timed ult can steal drag/baron

550 attack range, outranged by some carries
early game dependant
gear-dependant- ungeared Ezreal is almost nothing in fights
all skills- skillshots= needs practice
banned in 50% of games

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Ranked Play

this is the only build i use in Ranked play. this build is used by genja007, i guess you know this guy from M5

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9*greater mark of strenghth (flat AD)
9*greater seal of resilience (flat armor)
8*greater glyph of warding (MR/lvl) can be replaced with flat MR
1*greater glyph of strenghth (flat AD)
3*greater Quits of strenghth (flat AD)

all in all: +16 AD, +13 armor, +26 MR@lvl 18 or so, dont remember exactly

EXPLANATION: Ezreal's strenghth is his early game. abuse your harrass potential. you have armor to negotiate some minion and enemy's physical damage. flat ad is what helps you to last hit minions. LAST HIT THEM!!! THEY BRING GOLD!!!

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21/0/9 masteries
take everything increasing your AD damage in offence. what should be mentioned, i dont like lifesteal mastery, i prefer damage increase mastery. in utility, go for mana regen to get some mana regen for your q,w,e and r and buff ruration. red buff helps Ezreal a lot.

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i used a time-proven Ezreal item list.
start with boots and 3xhp pots. no variations!!!
then, depending on how well you are doinging in lane, where are some variations.
if you are doing fine, go straighth TRINITY FORCE- phage, sheen, zeal in this order. why? main Ezreal's poke/harrass come from skills q and w. you dont autoattack opponnent too often in lane. and then you leave lane, your goal is to spam q to get phage proc. so you can catch someone and pew pew him to death.
if you are not doing so well, consider buying 2 doran's blades, 2nd tier boots( will be discussed later) and a vamp. scepter. after this go TRINITY FORCE as mentioned befere.

1) if you are going straighth TRINITY FORCE, dont upgrade boots untill you have T-FORCE completed.
2) if you are going Doran's, upgrade boots after 2*doran's and vamp scepter

only 2 options:
berzerkers: enemy team has little hard CC (stuns, suspension), some slows, maybe knock-up
mercs: enemy team has 4 champs with soem sort of CC (slows, stuns, roots, bla bla)

berzerkers: more attack speed= more autoattacks= more dmg BUT more vulnerable to CC
mercs: less slows, stuns or CC= more autoattacks=more dmg BUT enemy team has little CC, ineffective

next is your second AD item. only 2 variations: Bloodthirster or Last whisper. it depend on how fast you got your T-FORCE and how much armor your opponent has.
1) enemy tanks build armor: buy LW, then BT.
2) only 1 enemy has high armor- buy BT, then LW
3) enemy has something with gap closers (akali, lee, irelia...) generally buy BT

4th item?
lets assume that you have
1) tier 2 boots
3) LW
your next buy is..... Gardian Angell
no matter what you bought on your 3rd item, your 4th item is GA. why? simple. you cannot do dmg when you're dead. continue

5th item:
either LW or BT, depending on which item you got on your 3rd slot. if you got LW, go BT, if oyu got BT, go LW. simple.

last item:
now you have
assuming your game last 40+ mins, your last item should be INFINITY EDGE. great overall AD item, but Ezreal doesnt need it so early

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Skill Sequence

make sure that at lvl 3 you have all 3 skills.


simple. q hits first target, while w hits ONLY champions and dont lose strenghth after hit. this means, at bot lane, you can easily harrass opponent with w throgh minions. moreover, if you hit w, you can go for damage trade, because your opponent has his att. speed decreased.
you dont even need magic pen runes to do some dmg with your w.
lots of Ezreals max q. THAT IS FAIL!!! take q at lvl 1 and max it second if you want to win.

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Summoner Spells

nothing more

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Creeping / Jungling

wha can i say, farm wins the game. more farm=more gold= more items= more dmg. farming is so easy with ez. even if you are zoned out, your q is a perfect last hitting tool.
dont be afraid to use your ult to farm/ clean wave, cause everytime you hit q, the cooldown is decreased by 1 sec. you can have your ul ready every 30 or so seconds.

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Team Work

you are AD carry. you will be focused in teamfights. your objective is to do as mush dmg as you can trying not to die. you have q, you can poke. you have good dmg, which means if you catch someone alone, all you need is phage proc to kill this guy. use ult in these situations:
1) clean waves/ unpush lines
2) burst enemyies in the begginng of teamfight+ gain max stacks of passive
3) snipe enemy champions from across the map
4) steal buffs/dragon/baron

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Unique Skills

your flash+e combo takes you twice as much as flash or e alone. use it to get kills, escape or chase

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i guess, this guide is quite hard to read. sorry about that. the main thing about this guide, paly Ezreal, learn his limits, his skillset, his build and you will be untopable force in any ranked elo. bye