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Last updated on August 14, 2010
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Katarina is a very offensive champion. Thatn doesnt meen you cant lane with your partner and turret hug cause she is good at that to. Her bouncing blades spell gives her a great harass including minion kills. When I play Katarina I got strait mid cause I dominate many champions.

Early game:

ok so i start out with a dorans and a hp pot. I normally grab shunpo first because it is an amazing lvl 1 spell. You teleport to the enemy plus u get 1-2 auto attacks while that champ runs away. At lvl 2 i can normally get below half health and go in for the kill at lvl 3 or 4. Im normally able to lane untill lvl 9 before I have to go back. i normally pot up after my second encounter with an enemy champion in middle. With katarina its important to not break the laning phase to early unless u have a sure gank.

Mid game: If you are on fire this is the time to get some rage quiters. winning close fights are katarinas specialy. and if ur not so hot its ok. mid game is where u can catch up. ganking and protecting turrets are normally ur main focus at this point. u should have your boots and brutalizerr by now and start working on your first BF.

late game: now is where u can have some fun. you an 2v1 or maybe 3v1 (if the enemy is low health) some squishies. and ur ulti at lvl 3 can defend a turret 1v3. when u start upgrading ur BF swords u can push turrets with ease and ur bouncing blades spell will still do massive damage. (this is why i prefer AD kat over AP after the buff to her ult) Katarina is very important in team fights. she is definatly not as important as a galio but she can basicly do somthing like shaco and pop in kill a champion with half health and pop out. always make sure your the 3rd or 4th person to enter the team fight. because katarina is mainly focused since she is mega squishy.

Item build: ok so u start out with Dorans shield. imo it is the best item for a melee like aktarina to continuasly lane. a small hp regen armor and health. this is what gives me my early game edge. and please dont get dorans blade. it isnt worth the lifesteal and damage. if u want damage just get a long sword and build ur brutalizer early. my next item is sorcerers boots. these are great amgic penetrationw ith your ulti. since your ulti is magic damage. after all this time the last kat buff finnaly stated it in the description MAGIC DAMAG. after that get brutalizer. its good damage with an amzing 10% CD reducation. then i go strait for 3 BF swords. many people ask me why 3 BF swords without upgrading first?!!. imo i think the raw damage of 2 BF swords and its cost is better then upgrading to a blood thirster or infinty edge. also u can get any of the 3 BF sword upgrades this is jsut what i get normally. and if youve finished this build sell dorans and get somthing fun like phantoms (by this time you know whos gona win so i just mess around). and u can also upgrade brutalizer. the upgrade isnt worth the gold unless u have NOTHING ELSE TO SPEND MONEY ON.

Summoner spells:

ok your gona choose exhaust and ignite. because it took me a while to learn this but exhaust actualy blionds the enemy for 2-3 seconds or somthing. so early game when they think they can kill u 1 on 1
pop exhaust use spells and when they run ignite them. you gona be laning so long teleport is gona be worthless and ur shunpo is a good enough escape.