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AD Lane shaco

Last updated on December 10, 2011
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Hello, This is my frist guide i love to play shaco as AD Carry If u are looking for a build with survivability then it isnt what u are looking for.

This is a complite damage ownage build and nothing else

My english isn't very well too sorry

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For runes i use my blue and yellow attackspeed runes because atk speed will boost your damage output very good. I use Armor pen marks and Quintessences for more damage with Q and auto attacks

Other use critdmg runes instead of attackspeed wich would work well too but I just dont got money for it :D! so i think it's a bit waste

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My masteries is max damage in offense and MR and Armor in Defense i pick Defense. The reason to i pick the MR and Armor is because shaco is very squishy

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I pick those items because they will give alot burst on Deceive

Why last whisper and not Blackcealver?

I pick Lastwhisper because then u dont have to hit the target 3 times before u can use Deceive and output the max damage.

Armor and 5 healthpots is because shaco is squishy and it will help u keep on the lane

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Summoner Spells

i dont pick flash because i alredy got my q flash is good too but i more like ghost because Deceive and Ghost will get u away and ghost can be used to save other team mates too

Ignite and not Exhaust because i alredy got a passive slow and ignite will output damage

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Pros / Cons

Good haras
easy to escape
have a high burst with Deceive
The enemy cant really escape not even with flash and ghost Kassadin is the only champion who have the abillity to it
If stunned death...

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I'ts important u lasthit because the builds price is very high

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This was my build i have u enjoy it dont downvote before u tryed it please :-)