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AD Pantheon

Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Pantheon Build

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This is my first attempt at creating a guide. Please forgive me if it isn't quite up to par. I realize it lacks suggestions for mastery and rune builds, as well as summoner spells. I will leave those up to you to decide.

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General Info

This guide is for a attack damage Pantheon. Although I have played games with Pantheon in which I decided to use a attack speed build, I find the attack damage is the better way to go.

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Skill Sequence

The basic thing I try to do is get all three skills at lvl 1 as quickly as possible, and from there focus on spear shot, then heartseeker strike, the aegis of zeonia, while leveling up grand skyfall where possible.

I chose this order because early game, you will find yourself using spear shot a lot to harass the enemy summoners. Heartseeker strike is incredibly powerful mid to late game once you have a high attack damage. aegis of zeonia is pretty much only useful for the stunning affect.

Remember to put a skill pint into grand skyfall whenever possible. I use this skill mainly to block off the enemy's retreat while your teammates are attacking. It can also be used to jump into a fight and save your teammates, or in the rare case when all the enemy has left is their nexus, you can jump right behind it and destroy it while they are not paying attention.

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To simplify things, I only included the six items that you want to end with. In the beginning of the game, I like to choose Doran's Blade, and carry it until I need space or money. You may also find it useful to by boots if you find that your movement speed is preventing you from reaching your full potential. I always end up selling them late game.

The general Idea behind the items is simple: get as much attack damage as possible. You will also end up with other useful things, like life steal, a little attack speed, and slowing enemy movement. I do really like Tiamat for its' splash damage affect. It helps to farm gold.

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    grand skyfall is useful to block enemy retreat when your team outnumbers them in that location. It would benefit you greatly to avoid jumping behind all three of their champions where your teammates cannot save you.

    Be careful with aegis of zoenia. Don't use it if it will pin you in a spot that will get you killed, like near an enemy turret.

    Be very careful of enemies who slow/stun you.

    My best tip, I guess, would be that Pantheon is amazing in battles where your team is not outnumbered. 1v1, he can kill pretty much anyone. 1v3, he will fail.