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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuckiesRcool

AD Shaco

DuckiesRcool Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Just a note

This is my first guide, if i'm wrong about something or you have a better idea, that's great, and i'd love to make changes or experiment or tweak stuff. But this build works for me when i play shaco, it's fun indeed.

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Shaco thrives on those who don't know how to handle him, but he can dish out heavy damage, especially mid-late game and if you optimize his passive (backstab). One of the problems a Shaco player could face is lack of mana, especially early game. A great lane pair for Shaco is a support/tank because you won't be able to initiate as squishy early shaco. You might even pull off first blood if you get a well placed box followed by you and your lane mate destroying them. Especially if you stick with ignite. Your deceive-shiv combo should take a chunk of their health at any point in the game. Remember that your ultimate creates a clone of yourself (and has equal health to you when you cast it). It can be amazing for ganks, or you can even get the other team to focus the fake while you kill them. Experienced players will not be fooled as easily, but if you clone, then run into battle, then there's no way for the to tell the difference based on how you move, and if you use skills (a dead giveaway).

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I'm not all that confident about these. The Armor pen runes are a definite must, but mana regen could be substituted for something else if you want it, and the cooldown is the same. But i definitely think that the mana regen and cooldown will help. especially late game since they're per level runes (as i said, shaco is amazing mid-late game so this will only help you more)

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Masteries are 21-0-9 because the offensive masteries help out with your damage, and as always the experience gain is a near must for any character. Plus the masteries for summoner skills.

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I would start the game withsince you'll be squishy and will need the speed for getting those hits in before they come kill you :P I'd say get a fewor
After a few kills, or maybe a mediocre assist or two, or even just after farming creeps (as you should with any character) i would start on myand get aso you can stay laning longer. If you think the armor pen and cooldown reduction isn't needed then go forfor its armor and damage, plus a little minion farming.

If you think you need the move speed, or even if you just want it, you can upgrade to aat any time.

Your next priority in my opinion though is abecause of it's health and the slow that stacks with yours. So go for theUnless you have absolutely no problems with your health or dying. If that's the case go for your superpowpowbecause this will increase your crit on coming out of deceive. I'd get the frozen mallet now if you didn't get it before because that slow is handy.

Next i would go for aand start getting those stacks because it's pretty significant damage/lifesteal.

You'll want to build yourOr maybe you already did, i wouldn't frown on getting an early youmuu's for the active and all the armor pen/cooldown reduction.

So now you'll have to choose what to do with your Maldred's razors. If your team needs some extra anti-tankness you could go forButIs a great option too. You'll have to check their resistances and decide for yourself. But if you've got that tristana on your team pwning noobs, then you might instead go foror you could incorporate aearlier on in the game. Acould also be added early-mid game. I wouldn't shut down a secondsince the passives stack :) The last item is always situational though, and i wouldn't always suggest some of the selections i've added for this item in many situations. Especially the sword of the occult as it needs stacks to be effective. Max stacks increases move speed, but it could easily get beat by a bloodthirster after you kill minions with it (which is easier and faster than killing champs).

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Core Items

I would say the musts on Shaco are

Highly reccommended items (up for debate though) are

All the items listed in this chapter so far are my favorites, the chapter after this goes in detail for my favorite build.

Also viable are
I would say only get wriggle's if you like the ward and the minion damage or if you're jungling it's a nice upgrade. I can't think of any other items that jump out at me.

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My favorite Item Sequence

This is not in depth, it's just an order of items to get:
Start with
Getand start stacking mana because it'll turn to a little extra damage later and pick up a
You'll want to upgrade to
Next up is
Now to get a little survivability you'll wantand you should pick up 2xwhen you can.

Now it's time to start finishing these items up. In order of effectiveness i'd say upgrade in this order:

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence i listed is an estimate, i don't know how often you can add the skill points for sure. This is my first guide though so don't be a hater :P
The idea is that you get W,Q,E with your first 3 levels then max R>E>Q>W unless you're jungling, because that box is a must for jungling. but i only use the box for the fear when laning, so i keep it at lvl 1 for as long as possible, despite getting in first level for the fear. This is up to how you like playing shaco though, all of his skills have the potential for nice damage.

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Summoner Spells

Top Picks(images wouldn't work...):
HASTE for its use in chasing and escaping
IGNITE]for its first blood potential and getting those last hits where your skills are on cooldown or etc.
CLARITY who doesn't like more mana? this is handy early game
EXHAUST fun for ganks or when you don't have fun movespeed yet
HEAL I really don't recommend it, but heal is never a bad thing.
Probably don't use:
CLAIRVOYANCE Despite it's team helpfulness, shaco doesn't need to be the one who has this.
CLEANSE you should be able to escape any crowd-control (slows/stuns) with your Q.
FLASH This isn't out of the question considering double flash saves lives and takes them, but with your movespeed and map awareness you shouldn't waste the slot with this.
FORTIFY I've never used this. It has it's uses, but i just don't like it.
PROMOTE Man, i wasn't even there when this was available in the game. But this doesn't exist, so good luck using it.
RALLY Another Skill i've never used. I'd leave a tower pusher to this because team fights move everywhere and ignite is more handy than this.
REVIVE Please no... Try not to die, especially when you have a clone.
SMITE If you wanna jungle feel free, but it's farm isn't enough to replace those ignite kills you could have gotten.
TELEPORT I love this skill, but it would only help with long-range mobility or defending turrets as Shaco, so i don't recommend it.

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Creeping / Jungling

Shaco is a viable jungle for sure, but i've gotten used to laning with him so i haven't jungled much. Start withand 5xas you would with most junglers. As long as you set up with your jack-in-the-boxes then you can start anywhere. Follow up withwhen you go back and then i'd say build whatever from there. Gank lots and etc. This isn't a jungle guide so it's short on this section.

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Team Work

Whether you want to stealth in and wipe out their carry, or harass until they're low enough health to engage, then be able to stealth out, sort it out with your team first. Shaco has great ganking potential.

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If you decide to go AD shaco, the enemy team will fear you late game. Unknown to them you're about to backstab them with epic amounts of crit. And then you could have set boxes behind them or you're about to throw a shiv into them for another chunk of damage. If they're still alive they'll be running, and if they aren't, you can just duplicate yourself and kill em through numbers. Keep backstab in mind though. Good Luck and i hope this guide helps.