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AD Shaco/Jungle

Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Chapter 1

This route is by far the safest. It is very unlikely for you to get ganked in the beginning because you are very close to your own turrets and far away from their base it's also a lot faster. If you're playing premade then you can get your friends to help guard the two entrances from the river (highlighted as yellow on the map.

✪ Video tutorial coming soon!

To start off you want to buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion and head off to the double golem camp (#1) straight away. Place 2 JiTB at the white flowers (see professional placement of JiTB). After that go up to the red lizard (#2)and place 3 JiTB half way between the bush's edge and the blue flowers there (see professional placement of JiTB). The next step is to go to the wraith's camp (#3) and when they spawn smite the big, blue wraith and then run away. Do not kill the other ones as your JiTB will disappear! Run down to the double golem camp (#1) and agro both of them into you JiTB. Shortly after that place another JiTB behind them. After this pop a health pot. Try to aim on the golem that the JiTB are attacking as it is smarter to kill one golem fast then to only take away half health from both golems. Once you have killed head over to red lizard (#2). You should be level 2 so level two shiv poison so that the NPC's miss against you. Do the same thing here again. Aggro the lizard into your JiTB, then several seconds later put another JiTB behind him and pop a health pot.Go to the wraith camp (#3) and place a JiTB behind them. Don't forget to use a health pot if you need to. After this you should be level 3 so level deceive. Go to the wolf camp (#4). Put 1 JiTB behind them and then start attacking them. If needed chuck a two shiv poison into one of them. Don't forget to use a health pot if needed. AT last you should just enough mana for the blue golem. Put 1 JiTB behind him and start attacking. Pop a health pot and then at around 560 health smite him to stop a counter jungler from stealing it. That is the #1 rule with junglers, is to smite the NPC when they have low health to make sure a counter jungler will not steal it. There's nothing worse than having to take all the health away from an NPC and then have someone smite it from the bush :(. Now you should head straight away to one of the lanes (preferably the one that is most pushed) deceive in, chuck a two shiv poison and exhaust if needed. Red buff will also most certainly kepp them from getting away. Well done you got first blood and maybe even a double kill! No recall and move into mid game.

Early game jungle route #2

This route unlike the first one, is not as safe. You start further away from your turrets so it's easier for their team to gank you. Luckily I go some countermeasures to this. If you don't have any runes this one is the easiest and requires less of your health.


So like the first route, grab a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. Head over to Blue Golem and place a JiTB on the other side of the wall (if you don't understand just look at the Professional placement of JiTB or watch Jungle Route #2 under Jungle Route #2. This JiTB will help you check for incoming ganks and if nobody comes it will fear the golem to! Two in one :D. After that place 2 JiTB inside but far enough up so it only fears the golem and not the little NPC's. After that goto the wolf camp and place 2 JiTB on the purple flower. After that run back to the Blue Golem and start attacking it. At around 600 health you should smite it. Chug a health pot if needed and then move on. At the wolf camp it's the same thing. Fear them into your JiTB, place one behind and keep on attacking. The good thing with this route is that you can spam your shiv because your mana regen is insane so it doesn't matter. Once that is done head ove to the wraith camp. This is probably the hardest part of this jungle route. Place a JiTB behind the blue wraith and hopefully it will attack that one. Kill the blue wraith. Take a health pot and move onto the red lizard. Place JiTB in the usual spot and then have one ready. Fear it into your JiTB, place one behind and don't forget to spam you shiv. Double golems is next although this shouldn't be to hard. Even when I did this route without runes like in the vid, I still had 2 Health Potion at the end which meant I could stay out even longer :D

Mid game both jungle routes
One of the main responsibilities of a jungler is to ward the jungle! I can't stress this enough one or two wards in the bush somewhere might just save your teammates from an unfair gank.During mid game your main goal is to rush Madred's Bloodrazor. This is your main damage item and will help you not only jungle quicker but kill enemies a lot faster. The real sweet spot with Madred's Bloodrazor is that it dosn't matter how much health they have because it will always take 4% of their max health. You should now be starting to move into their jungle. Be wary for their junglers like Warwick which unfortunately has a lot more damage output early game compared to you. A nice trick with Shaco is to deceive in while their jungler is killing one of the NPC's and smite their buff. They won't even know you were there :D. Around 6 or 7 you should be trying to get dragon. Dragon might not seem so important, but it is. It provides roughly the same experience and gold as 2 champion kills. If you're lucky a teammate will come and help you but otherwise place a box and pop your ult to kill it quicker and without the risk of dying because the dragon will automatically target your clone. Another tip when ganking is to always place a JiTB in the most likely escape route for you, so that if things don't go your way you've always got something to cover you, in this case the fear from your JiTB. You should upgrade your boots just like any other champion and start saving for giant's belt. I've recently changed the item pathing in order to get giant's belt as early as possible. Shaco is so damn squishy and giant's belt is a must! After that a vampiric scepter is nice to lifesteal from NPC's so you don't have to recall all the time. After that you will have a decent amount of damage output and survivability. Get a zeal for some extra attack speed and movement speed. If you start getting cash left over after a recall you should buy and Elixir of Agility. Don't use it straight away, wait and use it when you get out into the field.
Late game both jungle routes
Late game is where Shaco really shines. Now you want to work on The Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer the most. The Bloodthirster will give you insane damage and survivability while Phantom Dancer while give you the maneuverability and attack speed you need. Once you got these items it's time to pick your situational item. Infinity edge is just a suggestion but you most likely need some health. Banshee's veil is great but really any other items works just as well (except for Warmog's Armor please this item is just unnecessary for Shaco!). One thing to remember is that even late game the buffs are not underrated! They are always helpful so keep on getting them! I read this in another Shaco build and i find that it is so true: "The only thing that can kill you as Shaco is your own stupidity.". Seriously, Shaco is not superman and cannot go 1v5. Sure he has a lot of damage but whats the point of damage is they just cc you to the ground?
I'm currently revamping my guide and this part is under reconstruction :P I will be finished in the upcoming days so keep checking back!
Using your tools
Using heal to your advantage

Heal is a great summoner spell, that has many uses.
1. Heal can be used when jungling and things go wrong. Like in my video (uploading soon) when i attack blue golem i was on the edge of dying because i placed my JiTB a little bit to late. Luckily for me i had heal and it saved my life. Heal will make jungling a lot more secure.
2. Heal can also be used to tower dive. If an enemy has low health go in and kill them, but on your way out you can use heal to save you from their turret.
3. Heal can also be used to save dying allies. If they are running away you can always heal them to save them from ex. ignite. Likewise it can also be used in teamfights if your team is on the losing side of one.
4. Luring in enemies is another great use of heal. For example; pretend to recall when you have low health just outside your turrets range. Then when they come pop your heal and kill them. Simple and easy.
Deceive a useful gank and escape tool

Deceive is one of the most important spells on Shaco. Not only does he flash a fair distance, but he also becomes stealthed for 3.5 seconds and gets extra damage when he attacks and enemy while stealthed. Deceive has two uses;
Using deceive to gank is epic! You want to do it straight away after you have finished you jungle route. As you can see in my video (uploading soon) after i finish my jungle route i head to mid and gank Veigar. Without deceive he would have seen me and would have most likely run away. But thanks to deceive i got my automatic crit and with the help of ezreal i got him down to pretty low health. Unfortunately for me he stunned me and got away. But that's not the end of it. After the stun wared off i managed to deceive over the otherwise impassable terrain and get the kill. There is another use for deceive when ganking and escaping; deceiving over impassable terrain.
Like is said in ganking, deceive can be used to flash over impassable terrain. This can be useful as your enemies will also have to have a type of flash (ex. Tryndamere's spin) or flash the summoner spell. But even if they get over you will still be stealthed and will most likely be able to get away.
Professional placement of JiTB

Double golem down: Place your JiTB at the flowers that are circled.

Double golem up: Place your JiTB at the flowers that are circled.

Red lizard down: Place your JiTB half way between the edge of the bush and the blue

Red lizard up: Place your JiTB half way between the edge of the bush and the blue flowers.

Controlling your clone
Controlling your clone properly is an important part of Shaco. But the only way to control your clone properly is to know how to send it to places.
Alt + Right click: Holding Alt and right clicking will send your clone to where you click. This is really useful as you can do many things with it. The most basic one is just attack with both yourself and your clone so they become confused. Another one is that when your running away you can send your clone in a different direction so that they become confused and either run after the wrong Shaco or split up. Another more advance use of Shaco's clone which i use quite often is to hallucinate before i go into battle and send in my clone first. One thing to remember is that after the clone dies it explodes dealing a fair amount of damage. So i send in my clone on a suicide mission to do initial damage and then explode in their face. After that i deceive in and deal the finishing blow. Don't forget! That after a certain range your clone will automatically teleport back to you so don't send him to far!