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AD Sion - I do it. - Under construction

Last updated on September 16, 2012
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Introduction - Sion is OP

Sion is the champ that rather than farms creeps, farms champions, although he isn't used much in ranked play, you can dominate anyone and everyone that gets in your way. Similar to Karthus (not really), press "r" and win. Sion ultimate is OP, OP I tell ya, OP. At rank 3, you're probably dishing out 500+ damage per hit at around 1.2 - 1.3 hits/second, and healing all that back as health (unlike AP Sion, your ultimate is actually useful). Even at rank 1 your ultimate can allow you to easily dominate a 2v1 lane.

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Runes - Yeah, only if you really like Sion, pfft, what am I saying, of cou

I picked these runes cuz teh runes work.

Ummm, for reds I picked attack speed because while dishing out 900 crits, you are not going to care if you do 2 more damage. You are going to care if you attack at 0.532 atks/sec, with this you deal tons of damage and you do it quickly.

For teh yellowz, I picked them armor so you can kill everyone and anyone in sight early game while taking less damage, especially in a 2v1 lane.

For teh bluez, I picked mana regen because your "q" uses like 1/2 your bar of mana, so unless you want to buy mana pots or recall every 2 mins, get these, they are important for your early game.

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Masteries - Dem masteries.

Too lazy, don't like it, change it, I'll add something here later.