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League of Legends Build Guide Author ePalm

AD/Tank Taric

ePalm Last updated on December 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: This is my second guide for Taric building; this time building him as a hybrid AD/tank. The problem with pure tank Taric is that opponents often ignore it because there is no damage from it. All that there is to worry about is the initial stun to them. This build is a hybrid for good damage to make people target you as well as good tanking abilities so you don't die easily.


    Good damage
    Fast Imbue cooldown
    A little squishier than pure tank

Summoner's Spells:
Since the early part of this build is focusing more on the AD portion it is nice to have Cleanse to get you out of bad situations or help kill. Cleanse offers a way out of annoying ults and has a relatively quick cooldown. I like to think of cleanse as my anti-gank and anti-death spell.

Masteries: Pretty much you want a tank type build. It is possible to take the 9 in utility and put it into offense thereby getting more attack speed and the Ignite mastery, but I like the extra mana and regen.

Skills: The way I prioritize skills is Radiance>Heal=Shatter>Dazzle.
Taric's passive is very good and coupled with Chalice he can recover a lot of his mana in a short period of time. Remember this and it can result in laning much longer.
The main thing I want to point out here is that each attack reduces the cooldown by 2 seconds. If your allies need some healing late game just heal them and keep attacking stuff to heal them more.
Shatter is decent damage, but what I want to emphasize here is the effect after the damage. At level 5 it decreases an enemy's or enemies' armor by 30 (basically 30 armor penetration for everyone). Coupled with the ultimate of +90 damage for you and +45 dmg for your allies it makes a lot of damage on the enemy in a short amount of time.

Runes: The main thing here is that I have high attack speed. Once I hit level 2 I have heal with a ridiculously fast cooldown for a level 2. The magic resist runes are because glyphs give relatively low attack speed, but awesome magic resist, which is Taric's weaker point.

Gameplay: AD Taric is nothing to be taken lightly, but most people will take you lightly because of the uncommonness, so punish them for it. Don't be too aggressive until you get your Frozen Mallet. Use common sense and look at your mana. If you only have enough mana for 1 heal or 1 stun then don't try to turret dive someone. Go smack some minions for mana.

Early Game: Starting off with stun and high attack speed makes you fairly threatening early game. Stun and work with your laning partner and you should be able to grab a couple of kills/assists. If you aren't able to kill them it means they are probably turret hugging, so try to only last hit minions to starve them for experience. If they venture too far punish them with a stun>shatter>radiance>attack and an Ignite if you think you can kill.

Mid Game: I like to consider this point in the game where you have your Frozen Mallet and are working on your Madred's. The Frozen Mallet is really where it is at. After you obtain it you can gank or kill your lane with relative ease. With Boots of Swiftness you can just run up to enemies stun>shatter>radiance>Frozen Mallet to face. They won't be able to escape and if they try hitting you back you can just spam Imbue.

Late Game: Your Madred's Bloodrazor should be complete and you should be able to kill pretty much anyone. At this point you have to look at the enemy team and decide who is the most threatening to you. If it is magic then get Banshee's first, otherwise get Thornmail. After getting either or both of those two you are very difficult to kill and dealing good damage.

Notes: Remember each attack reduces Imbue's cooldown by 2 full seconds and Taric's passive gives 7.5% of each attack back in mana. Sometimes the best way out of a sticky situation is just to attack the enemy.