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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkofday

AD Veigar: King of Trolls

Darkofday Last updated on May 22, 2011
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AD Veigar? That's a terrible idea!

Let me begin by saying that this guide will probably meet a fair amount of resistance. Secondly, do not bother using this guide in ranked play. Your team will be confused and your team composition may turn out funky. That aside, I have been playing AD Veigar in normal for awhile now and it is one of the most amusing (and actually useful) builds I have tried.
On to the build!


  • Full use of your AoE stun (IE do stuff after casting all your spells or if they are running in circles in the middle of it).
  • Forces the enemy to build both MR and Armor to combat you.
  • Heavy nukes followed by decent auto-attacks.
  • Added survivability compared to going full AP (movespeed+health as well as ability to fight other AD carries).
  • All the early game ownage followed by late game usefulness.
  • Does not maximize spell damage, your 1-2-3 combo is not going to be a full kill on its own late game.
  • It requires you to be 'in the fray' a bit more than if you just tossed in some nukes and backed off.
  • Confuses your allies if you are not in a pre-made (You'll get the occasional "GG Nub Veigar-LOL")
  • Requires successful farming early game.

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Runes+Masteries+Summoner Spells

I use caster runes and masteries to keep Veigar's early game harass and farm up to par. Having tried pure AD runes and masteries, I found that the magic penetration and early game AP is vital to surviving your lane.
Reds: Magic Penetration: since the item build focuses on auto-attack damage, the magic pen runes allow your spells to still pack a decent punch. Basically, it makes you a middle/late game hybrid.
Yellow: I use flat armor for survivability and the ability to trade harasses with enemy AD carries. Mana/5 runes are also viable, but with your passive and a meki pendant, you shouldn't need them.
Blues: Straight AP for early game last hitting on baleful strike and a nice little bonus to start the game off right.
Quits: HP: Early game survivability which allows you to harass and stay in lane.

For summoner spells I use flash for escapes and to get those just out of reach kills (when your ult or baleful strike are up and they are running in fear of you). And ignite to allow your AD beatdown to combat healing opponents such as mundo, irelia, etc.
Other spells to consider: Ghost and Teleport.

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Skill Sequence/ Early Game

You're going to want to start with your meki pendant and 2 health potions and go mid if possible. This allows for the least amount of being harassed and the easiest way to make use of your baleful strike.
Be sure to farm early, last hitting as many creeps as you can with your baleful strike. Between harassing and farming, you should be choosing farming if at all possible.
Lane against your opponent using primarily dark matter to harass (save your baleful strikes for creeps most of the time).
This should get you into mid game with a fair amount of AP which will allow your 1-2-3 combo to possibly kill low health champions (for now).
If given the opportunity, be sure to gank bottom and top if possible. Event horizon is a great skill and if used wisely can result in very successful ganks. Be sure to attempt to use the edges to stun your enemies, don't aim them to be in the middle of the spell.

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Middle/Late Game

Try to have both red and blue buff at all times if possible. The CDR and slow are both enormously useful for this build.
Your combo should go something along the lines of baleful strike-> event horizon-> auto attacks-> sniping with your ult or dark matter if necessary.
Try to keep the enemy off of your team using your horizon.

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AD Veigar is a very successful "troll" build that has a lot of versatility in NORMAL games. Great early game AP into a really good stun combo for auto attacks later in the game.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.