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ADC for the win

Last updated on November 4, 2012
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Twitch is an aggressive champion able to get a kill at level one while laning, possibly even a double kill with the right support.

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How to ADC

As an ADC you need to be able to last hit minions. IMPORTANT TWO WAVES OF MINIONS EQUAL ONE CHAMPION KILL!!!!!! (without bonus's)


You need to know your support and what they are capable of. I do not enjoy poking wars and will avidly chase down my enemy (sometimes to my own detriment). For an aggressive ADC like me you have to have someone with heals and/or stuns that is willing to be aggressive with you as your support or you will not be able to be aggressive. If you have a passive support you will need to back off and settle for poking wars till you can get a kill.


Stay near but not right up against your support. if you are playing with a support like; Natulis, Blitzcrank, Volibear, Singed, Or anyone else with a stun, knock-up or pull when they pull you need to be there to apply the damage. Your support does not do enough damage to kill!!!!


Stay from groups of opponents unless there is someone else there to distract them so you can deal the damage. YOU ARE SQUISHY!!!! (you don't have a lot of health armor or magic resist) when you are laning try to stay behind your minions or support as they will absorb the worst of the damage that comes your way.

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The Build

Next is my choice in summoner spells.
FLASH The essential get away spell. without this escaping is very hard, but if you are winning it can also be used to catch your opponent for the last hit and expunge.

EXHAUST This is for ADC's (attack damage carry's) with a decent amount of experience and will help extremely in netting the first kill.

HEAL For the less experienced i recommend heal as it will regen enough health to let you escape.

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Boots and health potions are the standard start for any ADC, but for some who are very good at it extra damage in the form of a Doran's Blade is the first item. Also if you have a support who mostly heals this is also a good item to get for the start.


I usually go for the BF Sword as the need to do damage in large quantities is important for an ADC.


After this depending on how the game is going i will go strait for the Blood Thirster if i am winning the lane or the attack speed and some life steal if i am losing the lane.