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Last updated on June 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alright, Vayne's known to be a difficult champ to play because to be strong with her, you have to have good mechanics. I'm a Vayne main and I could see why people say this. It's true!! She's not like Jinx where your Q is your auto and does whole sht ton of damage. So you basically want to practice her a little bit, getting familiar with her and stuff.

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Well, I made the basic/general build for Vayne. If the other team doesn't do a lot of damage, then you can switch the Botrk to the Yuommu's Ghostblade. And, to choose which attack speed item to pick- you can distinguish by looking at this aspect: Wave clear. If you need better wave clear for your team, then get the Statikk Shiv, if not- then you get the Phantom Dancer. ^^

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I usually alternate between barrier and heal. If my opponents do tons of dmg, then I'd go with barrier. But it's safer to go with heal because it does help a lot during team fights. If your team is low on health and you have heal, then it does come in handy. Sometimes saves the teamfight, but sometimes doesn't. It's safer to go with heal, but if you want to be like a god and go with barrier, go for it!

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Pros / Cons

Vayne's OP if she's fed, although, if you're always focused, you need a team that knows how to protect you. If shut down early, it will be take longer for her to get back in the game. Her late game is where she rises.

The cons of playing Vayne is that she has a really short range. So, some ADC's out range her and poke her to death. Also, she's really delicate. So that's why Vayne stays at the backline. The worst con that I hate is that Vayne's escapes are limited. Her E is one, but it doesn't do enough. Her R is another one as well. So remember to not get caught because your escape options are limited!

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Farming with Vayne is a must! If you're behind, always farm! Farming is one of the biggest aspects of the game that people miss. That's just one of the ways you rack up gold. Because remember this, Vayne's true game comes late. Her true late game damage is what penetrates that other team. So if you keep farming and getting your items, then your late game will be great and you'll start to sprout over the other team. Trust me, if you always farm, then chances that your game will be better towards the end, or even the beginning! Out CSing people in early game is a sign that you're a good farmer or they're just bad at farming.

You should have at least 80+ farm by 10 minutes. And 120+ by 20 minutes. This should be a good guideline on where you should be at farming. ^^

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Unique Skills

Her passive is something that I rely on. You know her passive is on. There's an indicator under her that shows that the passive is active. So... use this to your advantage!! When enemies are near by, her passive will indicate that there are. Her movement speed rises. We all know that FACECHECKING bushes is a scary thing. You don't know if there is a whole team hiding in that small bush. So, just to let you know-- you don't have to. You can tell if anyone's nearby or in a bush by her passive! Lol.