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League of Legends Build Guide Author GcYoshi13

ADnivia - the future of AD carries

GcYoshi13 Last updated on October 22, 2012
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In team fights, most should often aim for the AD carry. Once the enemy AD carry is down, the battle can easily be won. Most of the popular AD carries in this current meta-game will remain dead once slain unless a Guardian Angel lies within their invetory.

But ADnivia defies that rule. She is the AD with the Guardian Angel passive. She is the AD that can be given a second chance to rip through your opponent's team. A dangerous bird, transformed into a harmless egg, and then back into a dangerous bird. They will fear the ADnivia, for once she is slain, she merely hibernates for a few seconds. Those seconds are designed so your opponent can prepare their butts for the spanking they deserve once you resurrect.

Try running from ADnivia. Try running towards ADnivia. She is master of the tactical wall. Watch helplessly as she back-flips rapidly over and over while gracefully tossing snowflakes at her adversaries. It's a sight to behold, and few have remained connected in the game to tell the tale. She is so dangerous, that often times, even your own teammates will want to report you after games just so others will not recognize the potential change in the meta-game that she is capable of inflicting. It's a conspiracy many League of Legends players want to keep hidden, but I am a revolutionist. They may take my account away, but the truth must live on forever.

ADnivia is this truth.

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Runes are flexible, but skill is not. ADnivia merely requires a competent summoner to relinquish her raging snowflake assault. I like to run:

Mark - Armor Penetration - Those snowflakes will bury deep within heavily armored opponents.
Seal - Flat Armor - ADnivia may be naked, but that's supposed to deceive people. Equip her with innate armor to trick the adversary.
Glyph - Magic Resist Per Level - Magic does a lot of damage. It's recommended to resist it if possible.
Quintessence - Flat Attack Damage/Armor Penetration - ADnivia is different from the typical boring AP Anivia. ADnivia prides itself in the ability to throw damaging snowballs. Having these will let the opponent know. The first auto-attack the enemy Ezreal receives will have him thinking "Wow, this is the legendary ADnivia! It's too strong!"

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Summoner Spells

Get Flash and Ignite. It may not make sense but here is why you want these spells.

Have you ever tried to throw ice at something that is on fire? Well I haven't, but I assume it hurts like hell. Ignite will set your opponents on fire and with the barrage of snowflakes that you throw at the ignited foe, they will succumb easily. Congratulations. ADnivia is now the master of fire and ice. Don't tell Morello this. Inevitable nerf.

Also Flash is good if you need to trick your opponent. Why does a flying bird need to teleport? Well, why the hell not? Also if you manage to screw yourself up with your own wall (which happens when the opponent has gap closers), you can turn that disadvantage into an advantage. Truly masterful play ADnivia.

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Skill Sequence

Get Q first. Then get W. Then get E. Once you have one of each skill, you're practically done. What matters now is the skill of you as a player. Also get R whenever you can I guess.

I usually try to max R->E->Q->W in that order. Having a strong icicle attack will compliment your snowflakes well. Throwing a giant snowball for the stun more frequently is also a good thing.

You max wall last once because it does no damage (technically it can deal 1). You only need one point in it to screw up your opponents path-finding.

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I like to start with shoes + 3 red potions. ADnivia may fly but she requires shoes to fly faster. Why? Because she's one really weird bird.

Like most AD carries, evaluate and gauge how the laning phase is going to determine your build. If you need the early game, build a Doran Blade. You'd want to finish your shoes into Berserker Greaves. This will drastically increase ADnivia's attack speed making her incredibly acrobatic to the point where it's elegant. When you play ADnivia, you don't need a Brazzers subscription. Watching ADnivia do two backflips per second will make any man or woman pregnant.

Get Bloodthirster eventually. It's good. Phantom Dancer after if possible. From there, a defensive item might be good; a Guardian Angel will complement your passive. The enemy team will now have to go through an arduous process similar to that of waiting to register a new vehicle in the DMV just to kill you. They will have to kill you, kill the egg, kill you after you revive from the GA, then kill you again after you come back alive from the fountain.

Use your judgement. Builds should always be a point of reference. There's only so much good things you can build on an AD carry.

Trinity Force is good if you want to invest in it, but it's not my favorite. Try to limit your build options to Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Guardian Angel, Last Whisper, and Infinity Edge.

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Farm up the bird. Buy good items. Win the game. Most of this is Anivia 101, but it's good stuff to know.

- Good supports that the ADnivia prefers is Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Taric. Those three are tanky, have great crowd control, and can assist and protect you as needed.

- Make sure your teammates can protect you in case you go into egg. If your egg is up, don't be afraid to be ballsy, but if you over-commit, your teammates will not find it in their best interest to save you. Stay with the group. Always.

- The wall is especially important. Use it to space yourself away from incoming melee characters. It's best to do while they are far, because once they're close, they can simply flash over or use a gap closer. Be aware of enemy skill CD if possible. Also be very careful of gap closers like Jax hop, Jarven spear, and etc.

- When positioning the wall, if the opponent already closed in and is attacking you, place the wall almost directly on you. This will separate you and the melee opponent.

- Furthermore, use the wall to challenge people to a duel. Close off their escape and fight to the death. Loser goes to the shadow realm.

- Your Stun is useful but it's slow. You can force opponents to move in certain paths if you use the wall. Isolate and divide enemy teams in standoffs to make it easier for your team to initiate.

- Try to never be alone. Your passive is worthless if your teammates are not there to secure the revival.

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ADnivia is the truth. You heard it first here folks. She is the most masterful and graceful of AD carries. She's durability and deadly in one. She's graceful and ferocious.

I am in love.

These rule 34 and booru sites need more Anivia material, yes?