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[advanced] controlling Anivia

Last updated on August 25, 2010
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Advanced guide to controlling Anivia

DISCALIMER: this is not a guide focused on getting the perfect build. my build works because i got them through hundreds of trial and error. simple. btw, this guide is long

A closer look at Articuno (opps, i mean anivia)

Anivia is a great nuker/support(cc) if you use her right. couple of points i always tell fellow anivias i play with/against:

1.YOU ARE NOT OHKO RAMBO. once you are in, you will likely stay in until someone dies. a noob Anivia will likely be the player that dies. stay cool and play smart. but be fierce when need to.

2.Egg doesn't equal guardian angel. an extra life doesnt mean you can throw it away easily. theres a reason why Anivia is given an egg, and not other characters, (e.g.Mord).

3.if you mess up early game, you are officially a trash pigeon. when i say mess up early game, i dont mean dying many times. i meant not getting any kills and getting sht creep farm. 0/0 is fail. in mid-high elo games, it is very difficult to make a comeback unless somehow you get fed.

4.getting positive/even kd ratio does not make you a good player. i am ashamed of myself even for one game with negative/even kd ratio under normal circumstances.

5. always, always get flash.


i will only explain how to use the skills properly.

flash frost [Q]

your flash frost hits twice: once through travel (also slows), and once detonated (stunning target). they do the same dmg. make sure FF hits twice by detonating at the center or further of the enemy.

advanced usage: (all about hitting the unsuspecting enemy)

flash-flash frost

this is used usually in early game or when chasing a dying enemy. what this is use FF immediately at the same time you are clicking flash. this makes your FF projectile invisible (thats right). timing is crucial. your enemy wont see it coming, you wont see it either, but likely they will be spooked at you flashing at them for no reason.

back shot
self-explanatory. you are moving away from an enemy, shoots FF without major animation. only works if you click the direction your facing immediately you shoots FF. enemy cant react fast enough to dodge the stun.

cover shot
not really a skill. just make sure when you are laning against someone, shooting FF when there are minions in-front of you makes the enemy harder to see the projectile.

in hands of noobs, useless. in hands of pros, game turning.

you dont have to get wall at lvl 10, if you are heavily ganking early or laning against melee heros, this is useful at lvl 5. otherwise get as much higher dmg as possible adding other skills. also, early usage of walls depletes your mana; you want to conserve mana for a good time to strike.

usage: (position!)

1. if someone is chasing you or your ally, is it better to wall in the enemy's face right away? or is it better to run to a narrow pathway then completely seal the passage?

2. anyone can wall off exits. but how about walling in a middle of a team fight? walling to initiate and break enemy formation? can you remember to do this every time under chaos?

3. wall gives sight. bigger the wall, bigger the sight range. enough said.

4. sometimes its better to wall between your own team. :)

wall can glitch by trapping the enemy in wall. this happens when you place a wall at same time someone flashes to the same location. this is likely to work on characters like ezreal, shen, and others that have built-in flash mechanisms. it also works on jax for some reason. most people think wall glitching is purely accidental. not entirely true.

shen is the perhaps only character you can effectively trap. by timing and predicting the direction/end location of the dash, you can successfully trap him by placing a wall at that spot. i have done this many times against shen, no accidents here. you dont have to be very accurate, if you place the wall approximately near (behind) shen's dash end location at the right time, it will drag him backwards to the wall (done before). if you place it slightly ahead, shen will merely get blocked.

not much strategy here. just remember to frostbite mostly when your target is chilled. that doesnt mean you cant frostbite to finish off an low hp enemy without chill. you can also shoot FB, while its travelling, immediately place "R" for instant double dmg combo. or shoot FB at same time you shoot FF for instant double dmg and stun combo.

glacial storm
quick tap for instant slow. NEVER LEAVE IT ON LONG unless you know what you are doing. glacial storm drains mana like crazy. even quick tap 4 or 5 times early game can deplete most of your mana pool.

tip: sometimes you can leave it on for KS or wiping entire team.


usually wait for other to initiate after walling in enemy's formation. but if you are confident in yourself and everyone else is a *****, do this:

1. wall enemy formation blocking one squishy in front, or blocking tanks and melee dps from getting in front.
2. charge in FF, FB, glacial storm. if you walled right, enemies should be cluster coming at you from edge of wall, allowing mass stun/slow from FF.
3. get in their middle, pop zhonya.
4. once your team in there, flash out, or die once. this is where your egg and/or GA comes in, let enemy focus you while your team takes them apart.

p.s. only leave your glacial storm on if your team looks like they are wining. dont leave it on since the beginning cause it will drain your mana and make you useless

item FAQ

Q: Why boots of mobility so quick? Why not sorc boots?

A: i used to use sorc boots, but i realized that boots of mobility give you so much more by allowing you to move way faster. this has to do with playstyle. while sorc boots do give you a bit mpen, but you might not needed as much as the movement speed. anivia is very slow. getting to lane fast, ganking across maps, go to golem spot fast is extremely crucial. early game you have the dmg, but you dont have the speed. later on you need both.

Q: why not boots of swiftness?

A: lets just say if you are good with controlling anivia, you can get in and out of battles without problem. never charge ahead and always look at your position.

Q: why not tears of goddess/archangel? omg you noob every other guide recommends it/

A: one, i never have problem managing my mana in any stages of game. two, i tried archangel, i dont get big bonus for mana and AP because i limit my skill usage until time is right. i do not always get golem if my teammates or enemy keeps grabbing it. three, there is always more important items i need to buy.

Q: rod of ages that important?

A: get it for the extra health. you will need it.

Q: why not doran items?

A: they are good, but you shouldnt need the hp bonus as a decent player. plus rushing items early is crucial.

Q: where is deathfire?

A: get deathfire against HP heavy teams. otherwise zhonya is more important (see "initiation").

Q: why GA?

A: GA is great late game and annoying as hell. you have essentially three lives. in team fights that is critical. every time you die, pop back and nuke the unlucky SOB who happens to be beside you. or start supporting others.

-last but not least, get some stacks :p

Note: even though i have hundreds of games with Anivia, i do not consider myself pro in anyway. but, i have never lost to a fellow anivia in the same game(even they are rare), in terms of skill play and CONSISTENCY (key word). i am always seeking for better players. please add me hypershatter if you want to play.