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aggressive amumu roam > bot lane/dragon control

Last updated on September 7, 2011
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this is a very simple comp that focuses on amumu's midgame ganking and that is centered around bot lane ganking/tower pushing and counter-jungle control of that area, dragon control etc. gp ult to finish off bot ganks and to side-carry so trist can be more rambo with her burst. brand to push mid then roam, poke, burst, gank, harrass, counter-jungle etc.

gp can have exhaust or teleport, trist exhaust or ignite.

not much to say... if trist takes ignite she has to use it early in her burst combo because she has good ap ratios and 10 ap really improves her early game burst. exhaust doesnt help her early game cuz she already has w to slow and her ult for protection. shes good at assisting ganks with her weq or flash weq combo (she has mana probs save her ult for defence so shes always ready to burst, and mana left over for q to push tower).

everyone has good burst which is just what an amumu team needs to get the most from his ult. trist can babysit herself quite well which is good since amumu is gonna be in the front line after his ult, then everyone rushes in: brand burst, trist burst, gp ult, sona ult... very simple team. amumu gank bot, kill tower, control dragon. as long as lanes all hold themselves so amumu can lvl to 6 quickly, gp doesn't overextend, amumu basically does all the work. trist and gp scale, trist should roll in money after bot falls, gp basically passively farm top. as long as gp farm team scales fine.

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trist: db, greaves, infinity edge/bloodthirster, phantom dancer
brand: boots, catalyst, sorcerers shoes, rabadons, banshee's veil
amumu: philo, boots, depends
gp: not sure, doesn't really matter he just ults and farms top for lategame. probably ionian, trinity, banshees veil, atmas. more dps if doing well ofcourse.


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