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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cilmeron

Agressive Defender Janna

Cilmeron Last updated on March 15, 2011
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EDIT: This is basically a copy of a build I already uploaded - however it didn't seem to update for anyone so I remade it - the old one can't be deleted unfortunately - just ignore it.

This is a very aggressive build for Janna, suitable for both solo or duo-laning on 3v3 and 5v5. You pick up mainly Zephyr for speed and slow and Howling Gale to harass and farm. Pick up Eye Of The Storm sooner if you think you need it. Release Howling Gale sooner if you think you can harass better and try to have last hit on as many minions as possible.

Instead of starting to build on the Hextech Revolver you can also pick up Doran's Ring initially because it has an even health/mana/ability power boost.

If you don't pick up an additional health potion.

If you have mana problems you can go for Clarity and if you are not comfortable with using Teleport I recommend Heal (can be a life-safer in the early game).

If your opponent is too strong (solo laning) go back to the tower, use Eye Of The Storm on your tower and make sure to disturb the minions (and possibly your opponents) with Howling Gale. Don't hesitate to use the Zephyr Active to take off huge chunks off your opponents.

Once your Hextech Revolver is done you can use Howling Gale to actively farm Minions - the spell vampirism should make sure that you don't need any more health potions.

By Level 12 you should have around 150 to 200 ability power which is enough to push aggressively and also support/shield your buddies. If you have a situation where your opponent is down to ~5% health and running away use Howling Gale and release right away - that can often mean the death of your enemies. In group fights try to let it charge to take off huge chunks of all enemies in the area - can often give you some double or multi kills.

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Pros / Cons


  • Very good harass
  • Very powerful spells due to ability power
  • Can kill most heroes if the circumstances allow it
  • Very good to support glass-cannons
  • From level 12 on decent to take down buildings with only few minions to support
  • Zephyr's "ghost-like" ability can be very powerful with minions between you and your opponents
  • Very good when duo-laning with glass-canons like Ashe or even Miss Fortune

  • Squishy and weak against silence/stun
  • The ultimate isn't as good since the nerf
  • Weak when duo-laning with another support character

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Janna's passive ability increases the movement speed of all heroes in the team by 3%. This includes Janna herself and is a welcome passive ability for anyone. Be it to be able to chase your opponents or get out of brisky situations.

Howling Gale

This spell is very usefull when farming minions but also to harass your lane-opponents. It deals a decent amount of damage (scaling with AP) and can also serve as interrupt. Keep in mind that spell vampirism only restores 1/3 of your health when used with area of effect abilities - but even then it can be very beneficial.

Also - what some people don't know - you can release Howling Gale by pressing q while it is charging. The longer it charges the further it goes and the more damage it produces. HOWEVER, the main damage from the spell comes from the AP-scaling which is level independent meaning that if you want to save some mana in the beginning you don't have to level up Howling Gale if you can gain access to AP otherwise ;)


What can I say - it makes you run faster and has a wicked damage/slow effect once used on enemies. Keep in mind that the "ghost-like" features will be gone once you use the active ability.

Eye Of The Storm

This scales VERY well with your AP and can determine whether you or one of your buddies die or not. With approx. 500 AP this will prevent 600-700 damage. Another bonus is that you can cast it to turrets. This is true for the damage-prevention and the buff (up to +50 AD).


Use it for knock-back when you're surrounded by enemies. Keep in mind that if you're close to a wall the opponents won't be knocked back further than the wall. The healing is insignificant and since the nerf it doesn't have any additional slow. The CD is also quite bad. Use whenever you feel you need it. It can safe lifes but it's not as good as it used to be.

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Summoner Spells


This is always a good spell because you can finish off opponents and most importantly reduce their healing by 50%. This is very effective against any healing team but also against heavy users of health-restore. You might consider taking the two points in the Attack tree for Ignite but even without them it's an excellent choice.


Used correctly this can be used to assist in turret defense but also to jump to a big group of enemy minions to destroy them. A true life-safer if a lane is unprotected. However you need to know when and how to make use of it. Don't pick this up if you can't handle it.


Not a bad skill but needs additional coordination. Used correctly this can be a great asset to your team - very good support spell.


Not really needed because your Zephyr passive is already doing the job - permanently ;)


Could be used to chase opponents or run away but it's very circumstancial. Not recommended for this build.


This can be useful if you are spaming your spells (particularly in the beginning) and especially if you're laning with another mana user. Don't pick this if you don't have mana problems.


Can be a viable option but shouldn't be necessary.

I won't list all summoner spells here. If you think you can make use of it - pick it. Some scenarios may call for an exhaust or a revive or even a rally. Use at your discretion ;)

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Now you can follow the purchase order outlined above to maximize your ability power and damage output. Keep in mind that a high ability power also buffs your shield and heal - which can safe everyone's butt. If you feel you need it go for some CD-reductions early on. Depending on your opponents you can also pick up some magic-resistance or armor but you shouldn't fight offensive anyway. Don't be afraid to pick up potions/elixirs - they can buff you more than some items even if it's just for a few minutes.

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While Janna _is_ a support character she can deal a lot of damage with this build when played right. Keep back and defensive but if you see an opportunity strike and show aggression. You can finish off any champion with this build - some alone, some with the help of your team. It's not recommended but you can solo-lane 3v3 and 5v5 with this and leave the game with the most kills. But you can also control the game itself. If you have any comments and if you like this - show it ;D