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Ahri Build Guide by Harrian

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harrian

Ahri, a Hurricane Of Pain

Harrian Last updated on January 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ahri, a Hurricane Of Pain

Ahri is a well adverse champion. She has alot of movement and skill shot moves and yes she is one of the "GO HARD" champions and shes all about how well you can multitask and be observant! Her key ability is Charm and man does it do all kinds of wonders, from saving allies to lining up perfect Orb of Deception to breaking enemy channels. Fox Fire is also an ungodly damaging hero killer ability. We'll look over all these abilities in depth later on. I'll go over Ahri's key points of intrusion, what Spirit Rush can and can't do, and an in-depth tear down of her item build! Also take note that this guide is for solo middle and I can't guaranty satisfaction if not done in this manner.

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Pros / Cons

Extremely good early game.
Fast Moving easy to escape almost every situation.
Highly Damaging Abilities.
Assassin as well as a utility champion.

Squishy at all times.
Susceptible to CCs. (Especially Fiddlesticks)
High Attention Required. (not for the faint of heart)

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Gives you some nice spell pen that is valuable throughout the entire game. Helps alot early game and even later on if they try to stack some magic resist your boots and a Scepter will easily shut down any attempt to block you out.

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power I use these because at level 18 it gives you a nice +45 extra ability power, which is always handy.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power here I snag straight ability power because I feel that +15 ability power right of the bat is better then +21 ability power at 18 since we already +45 at 18 from Seals and Glyphs.

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Skills/Early Playstyle

As I'm sure your wondering "Why does this scrub only level charm once early on? and why does he level Fox-Fire over Orb of Deception," Well here's the deal the way I understand and put Ahri to her most effective use is to capitalize early game and well in order to do that we need to get up close, personal, strong, conservative, and damaging(All The Productive Women Just Thought about Themselfs). Anyway so we grab Orb at level 1 and hold of on casting anything until you hit level 2 and then you grab Charm. At this point you need to test how much "Balls" your opponent has we'll split these into players A B and C.

Now Player A is scared he knows that its his job to do mid (often times because they like their champion and is being forced into the role) its easy to capitalize on players of this mentality they usually just stand there giving you plenty of opportunity to get around creeps and land an early Charm and through out a quick orb!

Now Player B is a bit more on the cocky side he knows how to play his champion well and he wants to do mid, but he likes to jump the gun hes eager for the first kill, Caitlyn is the prime example of this, the player has the ability to pick you off with there abilities instantly facing them head on. What you need to do for this play still is stay back behind the creeps. Do enough so that you ensure you don't miss any EXP; however don't use any skills. Let them push right up along to your tower bait them back and forth by the tower with Charm and Orb. Once their at about half health the fun starts, move along to the bushes at the edge of the mid lane wait for the champion to get gutsy and try and push down the tower since he knows your gone, then BOOM Rush in lead with Charm then Orb of Deception. I'll also note here its good to hit your target with the the charm and orb combo at least twice the first kill before heading to the bushes for the sneak attack. It is very beneficial to you to have your ultimate here but its also equally important to gain the upper hand fast and its also not usually an option for you to hold on that long.

Player C, goes hard, hes one of those champions that knows what hes doing, is map aware, can easily shoot you down head on, and is out right painful( a good Fiddlesticks mid is a prime example ). This leaves us with only one option: Ganks. The plan here is to deal with the same as Player B, but as soon as you reach level 3 look for opportunities to gank, have a plan setup of where your going and who you want to kill and as soon as you hit level 4 book it. I'd recommend running back behind the mid turret and heading into the jungle and traveling into the river bushes on either side. This is key as mentioned this player is very map aware and will call which direction you disappear into as well as plant a counter gank.

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At this point your probably thinking "Okay the strategy sounds kind of solid, but LOLOLOLOL THIS SCRUB FORGOT TO HAVE 6 FINAL ITEMS" and well here's why we have alot of options I tend to leave my last time to handle champions that are getting a bit out of hand and I'm finding myself literally 12 points of damage from killing them. My main choices for items are Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Abyssal Scepter, Or Banshie Veil. More often then not I find myself buying the Frozen Heart as its really easy with Ahri's skills to lock up and/or dodge potential Ability Power attacks, with that being said you again need to be able to weight your choices this guide is NOT meant to hold your hand you need to be able to recognized and evaluate quickly situations that may otherwise roflstomp you if you make the wrong move. NOTE: If you think you got what it takes to play her to her full potential buy a Meja's Soulstealer after Sorcerer's Shoes (NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART)
Item break down:

Will of the Ancients - This is probably your most important item through out the game not only does it give you a nice 80 ability power but the life steal it provides plus the passive bonus yields ungodly amounts of health especially early on this can easily save you from death. Try to capitalize on this early on if someone is really aggressive fight back once your passive is up hit all 6 creeps and gain a nice hunk of health back.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Also semi-important late game after your fed and you start to weed out the week from the strong enemies tend to get a little more cautious so this little guy will give you some extra survivability and also give your spells a nice slowing effect to destroy anything that steps out to far.

Morello's Evil Tome - I know this item doesn't seem needed by here's why its a valid requirement. Ahri's skills are very low in mana cost and I often find myself using them in bursts rather then spreading my skills out so this item gives me 12mana/5sec regening enough in between team fights to go all out. Believe me there is nothing more frustrating then running out of mana 1 Orb of Deception away from a kill. It also gives us a nice 20% CD Reduction that is very nicely coupled with our skills.

Rabadon's Deathcap - God Mode? Yes PLEASE. Every AP Champion needs a Rabadon's some where and here is ours a little later then usual but its here. :)

Final Item Options:

Frozen Heart - Gives Great Armor if some of your AD enemies are giving you trouble and getting out of hand. It also gives you a nice bit of mana if your finding yourself running out of it quickly and another bit of cool down reduction. If any basic attackers are giving you trouble the debuff that it puts out will also help you :) (great against master Yi)

Thornmail - Use this in extreme cases where an AD Basic attack enemy gets really out of hand.

Abyssal Mask - This is the item I buy most of the time to finish up my build great for countering a Katerina and her "Spin to win" it also reduces their magic resist by 20% poking a nice hole for you to open up to say HI! The ability power it gives is also nice and works nicely with the Rabadon's

Banshie Veil - Again something for use in extreme cases like thornmail when someone has spells that hurt and your finding them unavoidable even with all the mobility options available to you.

Mejai's Soulstealer - If you think you have got what it takes to play Ahri to her full potential try this on for size. Buy the Mejai's right after you finish your Scourers boots. I do not recommend this unless you got the ballz.

A final option is if a game goes on for much to long and you end up stocking a good 4kish in your pocket and it doesn't look like the games going to end soon is to sell the final item you choose and buy another Rabadon's I've done this a few times and it is worth it for longer games.

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Skill Sequence

Early Game: E > Q > W

Kill Shot: R > E > W > Q (Repeat/Ensure to use all charges of Spirit Rush

Team Battles(First Attacker): R > Q > E > W (Make sure to orb early and when people start to run hold them back with Charm for a bit blast with Fox-Fire Rinse Repeat)

Team Battles(O SHI* I'm Tarty to the party): W > Q > E > R

Team Battles(Damage spread): R > E > Q > W (Note here your not using Spirit Rush to chase but rather just bounce back and forth in the back to spread the damage and ensure 3 targets get hit by all 3 rushes)

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My Personal Game Data

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