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Ahri Build Guide by TeeWhy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TeeWhy

Ahri - Fox Fire Style

TeeWhy Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide assumes that you already know what each of Ahri's abilities do, and how they function on a mechanic level. If one day I find the spare time I'll write up a section introducing all her moves but for now it's 2 am and I'm writing this in a fit of drunken stupor and enthusiasm.

There's also a ****load of text. When I find the time I will do something about that and make it look less visually challenging to read.

I may also eventually roll out a jungle Ahri build once I've tested it exhaustively.

Ahri's been one of the most awaited champions since she was announced, and with the advent of Riot's cunning delay of her release she was extremely popular when she was finally playable. However, her popularity quickly scaled off, much faster than most other champions, within just a week. Why? Players consistently complain about how UP her ratios are (which they are on paper) while at the same time whinge about how OP her ult is when playing against her (which it is). So what is Ahri?

In this guide, apart from explaining my item choices, I will also digress into the playstyles of Ahri as well as some common character control skills that I find imperative to Ahri players.

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Pros / Cons

- She's a fox.
- She's got 9 ****in tails.
- She's cute to look at.
- Extremely mobile, excels at chasing and escaping like a boss in the most ridiculous way.
- Charm is possibly one of the best CC in game.
- Decent damage that while does not match up to a burst caster, can be stable in a sustained fight due to low CD's.
- She's a fox.
- Get a rylais, kite like a boss.
- Incredibly fun to play.

- Squishy, if you do not use her ult effectively she'll explode onto a gray screen in front of you in seconds.
- AP ratios are not optimal at all.
- In teamfights, may be hard to use against a proper and co-ordinated team; all her **** are skillshots or random auto-lock ons.
- She's flashy, everyone hates her, everyone wants to kill her.

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash and Ignite for summoners since I play Ahri as an assassin/disruptor type champion. Flash lets me close/lengthen distance between me and the target, Ignite ensures the kill and does a decent amount of damage in addition to the healing reduction.

Other spells you could consider are;

Ghost - Handy for running to or away from a fight. With the nerf to flash, it's viable.
Exhaust - Great for 1v1 to reduce incoming damage or to be used defensively when ganked. I find ignite a lot better as if I can't burst someone their sustained damage will usually kill me with exhaust on anyways. It is still wise to grab one of these if your team lacks one, or if you spy an Olaf or Trynd type character on the other side. Exhausting an AP champion right before his nuke combo lands can also effectively save your life very well.
Cleanse - With her triple ult jump, stuns are the bane of ahri's existence. Now that it got buffed to *****, pick this if the other team has some serious CC. Almost always pick this if you are laning against a malzahar; quick fingers will completely negate his damage and leave him helpless and a piece of food on your path to becoming a fed-*** fox.

Summoners you should not pick;

Teleport - Why? Ahri benefits from other summoners much more than this one. She has the increased mobility to gank with her ult and the sustain to stay in lane, so tp is imo quite wasted.

Everything else - Huh? Why?

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I've merely listed the runes I usually use, which are fairly generic AP mana caster runes designed to help me most lvls 1-7 ish because I'm a great fan of the early game and a faithful believer in snowballing down a smooth game from winning a lane.

Other viable choices for runes could be but are not limited to:

Greater Glyph of Force
Greater Glyph of Insight

Greater Seal of Force
Greater Seal of Potency

Greater Quintessence of Clarity
Greater Quintessence of Force
Greater Quintessence of Transmutation - I can really see this working well; unfortunately I do not have the 6150 IP to spare so once I get this tested I'll post an update!
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness - Because movespeed is always awesome.

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The masteries I feel are fairly self explanatory for the generic AP mana caster.

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Generally one would consider starting with boots/pots when going into a solo lane. However, somewhat like Morgana you will benefit from the limited but not-to-be-scoffed-at spell vamp every 3 spell casts or so. I generally find the health, AP and mana regen from dorans a huge need for Ahri, since they go hand in hand with the runes I use and allow me to harass and sustain like a Warwick on steroids. Of course, picking Dorans gives you situational sustain so you must be more careful when in lane.

After I first go back, I always grab a Boot. Then, depending on whether I'm running OOM too often in mid I tend to grab a second Dorans. If I have the cash for a straight hextech by now I get that instead and skip the Dorans and nag the jungler for blue instead.

I grab a rylais next for the awesome slow, which can be applied with every one of her spells; even when ulting away from a gank you'll fart blue beams at your would be killers and slow them in their tracks. Rylais also enables you to fully land your combo a lot easier. Plus there's the chunk of health. Before you do though, make sure you have gotten your lvl 2 boots as by now most tanks/bruisers will have some form of MR; the sorc boots will come a long way to dealing that sliver more damage.

I then complete my Will of the Ancients for the cost effective extra spellvamp and AP. If you went top and your mid AP carry also picked a WoA you will see insane amounts of healing and sustain in teamfights.

Silly Hat next up, the largest increase in AP you can get in game apart from a 20 stacked Mejais but pftt seriously, only get that if you are rolling the game. You may not die easily but at the same time if you are not already dominating then you will not do enough damage to actually kill anything and make the item worthwhile. So Rabadons, with the 30%, is definitely the thing to go for.

Silly Hat; best used on hot women.

The 5th item is a bit more situational, but you essentially have to choose between void staff and lichbane. If they are all stacking MR, get the 40% magic pen from void. If they are not, get lichbane to roll over squishies.

The game usually never progresses to the 6th item, but there are a variety you can pick from; Abyssal Sceptre if you need MR, Zhonyas if you are getting 1 shot by that veigar and need to dodge his ult (Yes you can freeze into a golden statue and veigar's R will magically dissapear) or gettin focused by people (especially AD), Void staff if you got lichbane and ditto vice versa, or heck, even the hextech gunblade if you got lichbane to make your spellvamp and lichbane procs heal like Mundo. <--- No, don't really do that unless you are fed to *****. But it is a cool thing to have.

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Skill Sequence

The first two levels I generally do not pick a spell until I need one specifically, then I skill it with my hotkeys and shoot it out. Generally, get all three skills by level 3 or 4 by the latest and you're cool.

As opposed to what Phreak suggested, I actually chose to max Fox-fire first due to the insane single target damage when you catch someone alone. In addition, it autolocks to champions while you have the freedom to run around in circles dodging skillshots like a headless chicken. I'll elaborate on this in the Gameplay section.

Next, I chose to max Orb next since it does the most damage after foxfire to a target and gives you an AoE ability that can help you farm very well mid-game. I prioritized everything over charm since by simply landing charm I had all the time in the world to land my 1 skillshot (orb) and I did not find the extra 0.25 seconds per level worth the investment.

Of course, pick your ult whenever it can. This is partially what defines Ahri and an extremely nifty kit in Ahri's arsenal.

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Laning Gameplay

Now on to the meat.

You'll want to pick either Top or Mid lane. As an AP carry/assassin you need the farm (and the 1 opponent you can abuse).

Soul Eater - Ahri's passive gives her spell vamp around every 3 spell casts. This is your sustain. As Phreak mentioned in the champion spotlight, once you gain the passive's 9 charge, use an AoE ability that will hit as many targets as possible and do as much damage as possible to take advantage of the heal.

Orb of Deception - Your bread and butter skillshot that is inferior to your fox-fire, it moves at the speed of a slow cow driven kart and returns at the same lazy speed.

The trick to landing this skillshot in an optimal way (and Sivir's Boomerang for that fact) is to KNOW the distance your ball will travel. Attempt to throw it out such that it essentially tags the enemy target at the end of the range, so it'll hit them twice in the space of a millisecond. This will make it significantly more cost-effective than landing only one part and clumsily missing the true damage part onto some creeps.

Also, always aim for when the opponent has openings. Any DotA player may have the habit of looking at the health of your own creeps; learn to do so when you lane. By predicting when the opponent will last hit, you can run up and land a Q without qualms. If he dodges it, then he'd have lost the cs, so no harm done. Of course, this also applies to the casual afk'er who talks too much in chat - ball his face.

Nevertheless, it is still a skillshot and a slow one; it'll never be as reliable as Fox-fire.

Fox-fire - In my opinion, this is the OP part of Ahri. It autolocks onto a champion leaving you free to spend your attention and clicks on something else, has a very low mana cost and cooldown, and does a respectably large amount of damage in lane should you land all 3 hits. To easily land all 3, you need to once again learn the range of your w. Simply walk up to the champ and hit w, run around, run back. Rinse and repeat, all the whilst cs'ing.

As with harassing in general, you want to use it more aggressively when you see them use up their abilities and CD's, or when they are vulnerable (e.g. landing a last hit, taunting through chat, mouse broke, screen died, internet died...etc).

Charm - A ranged Rammus taunt that does more damage. Nice. Also hella hard to land on anything in lane. Once you pick up a Rylais, you'll be able to use lead with Fox-fire to slow the champ (and maybe scare him into running away in a straight line like a pinada waiting to get his *** smashed in with the pink heart), and then instantly throw out an orb to land all your damage on him.

Charm is also awesome against early level ganks. If you are anywhere close to your turret and the enemy jungler steps too close for comfort after you escape/are about to die from a gank, simply charm him under tower and get a free kill. When they gank you they generally lack attention to their own health bars and end up becoming buff donors if they are bad enough.

If you manage to land a charm earlier on in lane, don't forget to Autoattack the enemy champ for a lil extra damage! You can usually fit in around 2, which makes some 80 damage.

Spirit Rush - This skill will make you literally ungankable in mid lane and almost impossible to gank at top lane. Spamming all three charges towards your base, over walls, ...etc will ensure your timely survival as long as you react fast enough to not be cc-ed before you can activate your ult. This also allows for some spectacular tower diving. When the enemy champion is low, make sure you will not be cc'ed in the tower, ult in, THEN hit fox-fire to instantly land 3 charges on him, ult to the side so that you are in a straight line to how he is running away and land the charm + orb combo, then ult away to land all the damage you have. You may with to blow an ignite with the foxfire. If you hit fox-fire too early before you ult in chances are that it will proc on neighboring creeps and leave you without much damage in front of the enemy with nothing but a charm to save your skin.

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Your Role in the Team

Ahri is an assassin AP who takes out the squishiest and highest DPS champions on the other side before anyone can see what is going on before darting right back out. Once they are dead, she transitions to a slow harass AP who slowly withers down the tanks, bruisers and supports. Unless you are fed to *****, it'll be like chipping at a piece of wood with your bare hands. But with Rylais, they are not getting away, so you have all the time in the world.
Because pictures make guides better.

As such, you may want to position yourself away from your team BUT at a reachable distance (with your ult). Since you have no real AoE nuke like most AP carries you generally do not want to be in the start of the engage when all the CD's are blown from both teams to do as much AoE as possible. Hover around outside and after the initial round of CD's you should see a weakened straggler running away; that is when you ult in, hit w, and kill him before quickly ulting out the other side, turning the fight into a 5v4.

If your team is poking, you will want to throw out your orb and charm as often as you can. Unlike the Blitzcrank pull, charm will not bring the tank into your team and gift him with a perfect engage, so feel free to blast it around, although you generally want to hit a squishy AD/AP champion. Charm will cause them to be completely exposed and out of position, easily snugged by your team for a kill.

Ahri also excels at catching teams out of position. While it is not advisable to ult INTO a team, you may want to ult around the side of the enemy team when you catch them retreating and see the weaker squishier target lagging behind. With rylais and charm, you can quickly destroy the target with your team. Your ult's triple jump also allows you to make the most tremendous and punishing engages, catching people off guard from over a screen away in an instant. This is what I feel is overpowered about Ahri; her ability to capitalize on fail positioning at a range incomparable to almost any other champion in game (except maybe xerath). However, compared to xerath, simply ulting to an area close to the champion is enough to slow them and cc then with charm; Ahri is therefore significantly more powerful when it comes to this aspect.

Once again, never ever ult into the middle of a competent team unless they are all on around 100 health. Your tails will be fricasseed for breakfast before you know it and you'll bait your teammates into engaging in a 5v4 and throw the game. Ult around them staying on the sides of the group so that you cannot be easily cc'ed and focused unless they all move out of position to chase you; which gives your team opportunities to wipe the floor with their faces.

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Post comments on how I can improve this! (First guide :O) Please, I welcome constructive comments and criticisms! :D Thumbs me up if you liked this!

I will get some screenies of scores up once I figure out how to use the mobafire system! :D