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Ahri General Guide by costalot2k

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League of Legends Build Guide Author costalot2k

Ahri fox you longtime!!

costalot2k Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Utility: 9

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Hey MOBA people!

  • I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first build on this site. I also suck big ones at HTML so pardon me if it isn't pwetty like those other builds. Anyway it's the content that matters right? YEAH!
  • Secondly I'd like to point out that this champ has ZERO connection to Naruto and his sexy jutsu... Only resemblance is the whiskers and the cleavage!

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My recommended choices

  • You need the magic pen early on to counter for those masteries and/or pesky magic res runes

  • I prefer AP per lvl simply because by level 6 you already have more AP per rune than the flat ones.

  • Same reason as the seals ^

  • As for quints I go the other direction and grab flat AP runes for early game burst potential and since you reach the same amount AP as the flat AP ones at lvl 12.

Alternate rune choices

  • If you feel you run out of mana or need more CD reduction go this way... but imho the 2x Dorans plus CD reduc boots will do just fine.

Not recommended
  • Anything else... don't do it...

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Offense Tree

  • Standard mage tree

Defense Tree
  • Don't do it, you're a burst champ... if you need resilience you're doing it all wrong.

Utility Tree

Here's where your choices might differ to mine.
  • My choices include:
    • I take these masteries as the extra mana works well with the Archangel's Staff and gives me a bit of mana per second early game that my rune page lacks.
  • Other choices in utility tree:
    • For those who feel they might die often... try not to feed mid. Usually that spells defeat.

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Summoner Spells

My recommended choices

  • Great for first blood and shutting down those annoying champs and their healing abilities.

  • Great choice spell if you want to close in on a kill, position yourself for a skill combo, flash over walls to save your tales, etc.

Alternate spell choices

  • Having a hard time landing those skill shots? Change champs.. I make joke. This might help.
  • Good for ganking neighboring lanes either by casting on a ward in bush or a minion behind a diving enemy.

Not recommended
  • Anything else... don't do it...

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Skill Sequence

  • Passive ability.As the tooltip states she gains 35% spell vamp on her next cast. This works great with Will of Ancients.
  • Get this at lvl 1 and max it first.
    This is your farming skill / harassing skill.
    Note 1:
    If you just barely hit them with the tip of the skill (where the orb suddenly changes direction and returns) you will deal both the magical and true damage at once.
    Note 2: If you triggered you passive and are near a wave of minions, use this skill to spell vamp.
  • Get this at lvl 4 and max it last
    Nice skill to get runners with ease as targeting is not necessary.
    Note 1:If you triggered you passive and are either in a 1v1 fight or near 1 minion, use this skill.
  • Get this at lvl 2 max it second
    This is you crowd control, hard to place as it is a skill shot. Works great to pick off champs as they walk towards you and your team during team fights.
  • Obviously get at lvl 6, 11 and 16
    Use it to get in range and position yourself for a charm. Dodge enemy skill shots (such as lux, ashe, etc 's annoying skills). If outmatched in a fight use it to flee (Dash over walls)

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Item list

Coming soon... Kinda drowsy right now.

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Early / Mid / Late Game

Early Game
Your main focus should always be minion kills and mana conservation. Try last hitting with your auto attacks, if a group of minions have low health fire your 'Q' for the kills, even better if you can hit the enemy laner at the same time. If you see an opening, fire 'E' then 'Q' then 'W' for deadly harass. If the enemy is low enough toss your ignite for the kill. At lvl 6 use your ult to position youself around the minion wave where you can easily combo away. At this point you can even consider going top lane for a gank.

Mid Game
By now you should have taken mid tower and might want to consider ganking in neighboring lanes. Pick up blue buff on the way, cause an oom Ahri is a useless Ahri. I recommend saving your ult for runners.

Late Game
Ok, so you're confronted to a 5v5 situation, i recommend keeping you distance and just nuking their carry from afar while trying to hit the most enemies with your 'Q' from afar. When the carry has been shut down, switch to the next squishiest on the list.

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Please post your thoughts and vote only after trying my build!

Peace love and disco balls!


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