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Ahri Build Guide by Skalicon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skalicon

Ahri - Kitsune (The Spirit Fox)

Skalicon Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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There seems to be no good guides on this character yet due to her recent release. So I thought I'd post up a build that I have been doing quite well with myself.

Please note that I myself am not the most expert Ahri player.

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Just in case you don't know what these acronyms mean, here is an explanation.

CD = Cooldown
CC = Crowd control (fears, stuns, taunts, snares, etc)
AP = ability power

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Pros / Cons

Here are a few notes on the pro's and con's of Ahri.

Good minion Farm
Good harassment
Consistent damage
decent burst damage
Able to play ranged carry role and burst assassin

No escapes before level 6
medium/long CD ulti
Poor mana-regen without items
Heavy ability reliance
Burst damage drops off end game.
Mainly skill shot abilities that you can miss.

With all that said I'd have to say that this is probably my favorite character at the moment, she is extremely fun to play and if you play her right you can destroy.

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The runes I choose are fairly standard. The only strange choice is the flat mana-regen runes. This is because generally I find myself starting with very poor mana-regen which is later fixed by the items. These runes help my start game and give me that little boost I need to stay in lane longer and farm up gold for my better items.

You could swap out a few of the seals for ability power per level runes if you wanted.

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I feel that this character truely shines during mid game, and this is where you will do the most damage to the enemy team. Play defencive start and constantly poke your enemys to keep them at bay.

Start with orb of deception, this is great for wiping out minion waves quickly and poking your enemy.

Your charm spell is precious, make sure you will hit with this spell before you cast it!!

Fox-fire is a nice spell to use while running from your enemy, I like to cast a combo and run casting fox-fire to damage as they chase while I wait for my other spells to come of cd it can give you an edge on your opponent allowing you to turn back on them for the kill.

If you are below level 6
Start with landing charm
As soon as you land it move close to your enemy and cast Fox-fire immediately followed by Orb of Deception. This combo will output massive damage. If you're doing well you can keep on the chase casting any ability you have when it is up.

Once you are level 6.
I like to start with Spirit Rush. Quickly dive your enemy and use the close proximity to easily land charm and follow up with the combo mentioned before. Also remember that your spirit rush will do damage to them if you use it near them and is very effective for chasing down.

If you're not doing too well at the start of the game, while you're on your turret try and charm your enemy into turret range, it will agro onto them and may just give you the edge you need to finish them off.

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I find that CD reduction is an extremely good stat to get on this character and I would recomend you get at least 15-20% in every build.

Other good boots would be Mercury's Treads, if the enemy has Ap or lots of CC you may find this to be a better choice.

If you don't get the CD reduction boots then I would suggest getting a Dethfire Grasp to makeup for them.

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Team Work

I like to sit at the back of the fights and poke with Orb of Deception until my team is ready to run in, I continue to use my orb and fox-fire until one gets low, as soon as they run I quickly chase down with Spirit rush, activating fox-fire while I'm close if I can, and then using my last few casts on spirit rush to get behind my group again or escape if I need to.

With your charm in a team fight, I like to wait until someone else cc's them before I use my charm. It is way easier to land and a double stun means instant death for that player.

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I hope you got something out of this guide, please keep in mind that it is my first. Leave your comments below and I will do my best to update and improve this guide where I can.