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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on December 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I am somone. The reason im not someone you know is because if you knew me..... you wouldn't listen to me. So here I am to share some concepts on my favorite champ <3. I love akali and She just fits my all-in play style. Akali is not made for those who hesitate. She requires a bit of twitch reflex and on the fly adjustments. This champs is made to jump on carries, tear through them with her combos then disengage and wait for cooldowns and teams, then re-engage. It is always fun to snipe the adc, zhoynias, then snipe the apc. WORF!

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I left quite a few notes on my runes, items, and masteries so they should be more or less explained. My goal with this guide is to get people out of bronze silver and gold. Many of the guides on this site have been designed to fit people around their play style while i just want to get you to platinum. Once you make it there you will get better by playing with people around you. I got crazily better by getting my butt KICKED by plats and diamonds for a while. So with that said lets take a step on our way of warding our way into plat. No serious buy a f****** ward. Heck buy two wards. They are the most OP item in the game and no one appreciates it. With S4 riot has made everyone need to ward. YES THAT INCLUDES THE ADC. In reality everyone needed to ward in S3, but now riot has shown actually made it even more important. Map vision wins games. Even better for akali, you are an assassin that can go pick off that stray ADC who just wanted a red buff T_T. Time to make him RQ : D

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Pros / Cons

High burst assasin Weak early game
No seriously dat Burst falls behind hard if not lvl 6 fast enuf
but really like she is really bursty expensive full build
NRG instead of mana countered by pink wards
can go invisible (op s4) focuesed like crazy
Snowballs hard (also a good thing for your adc)
extreamly fun hindered by cd
Great skins has quite of few hard lanes pre-6
and no seriously... like that burst tho

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Starting item Explanation

Why should I start with whichever item?
Dorans sheild is my favorite start. This will keep you in lane against high poke champs with the extra health and health regen. After something like 5 minutes it out does the cloth armor 5 pots start. so that is why i wouldn't start with cloth armor. Dorans sheild keeps you in lane and your whole goals as akali is to make it to level 6!
Long sword 3 pots is a great start against champions like nasus who who can harass. I take this over dorans blade because i don't like the new dorans blade and if I am going offensive then the exra sustain shouldn't be too necessary. I rarely start this, but it does increase your spell vamp and allow you to start with two extra health pots so I have been experimenting with it. In addition it will help you last hit. Overall its a good choice if you are not against someone that will poke you out of lane.
Lastly boots are a strong start, but since it doesn't give you any extra health or damge stats I only take this if I am against skill shot based champs such as lux or ahri. It will give you an early jump on mobility allowing a possible gank at level 6 making this a strong start, but only if you can make it to level 6 with this start without having to back. High risk high reward.

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Ok so this is the most important part to doing well with akali, early farming. Using your q and e are very nice for last hitting, but if you can try not to use abilities to last hit. If they have a high harass champ such as syndra, then you may be forced to use your abilities, but otherwise try to save your abilities to bully the enemy laner. your q is scary as long as they are marked they are vulnerable to taking a lot of damage if they get too close. using your w effectively can mean the difference between life and death. make sure to use it at the right time and be mindful because it takes about half of your NRG and has a fairly long cd. Also remember that it gives vision of an area, so use it instead of face checking bushes. If all else fails and it is on cd, you can also use your scrying orb over wraiths and ult to wraiths to get away. The whole idea of farming with akali is to not leave lane until you get to level 6. You are extreamly weak and immobile without your ult. Remember that you only start with one stack as well. Try to safe farm as much as you can and try to not take big risks. You still need to leave lane to help protect your jungle if neccessary, but try to refrain from going back unless you are way too low on hp to stay in lane. Once you hit level 6 pick up your hextech revolver and go farm champions. Good luck and Have batman my friends.

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Counter jungling????

Wait I thought that akali was mid/top lane? Well yes, but if you have any jungler that can counter jungle then you can ward their jungle and invade easily once you hit level 6. Akali is very comfortable in the jungle because their a lot of creeps to escape to. Don't get cocky, but if you can steal a red/blue buff that would be great for putting you ahead and setting their jungle behind. always make sure to help your jungler when he gets invaded, or is invading but don't put yourself in a 5v2 to help him. Some things are a lost cause, but if your jungler s 1v1ing or 1v2ing someone then make sure to go help him. even if you're low, throwing a shroud then backing off can help scare off the enemy team and helping your teamates get away. Remember teamwork wins games because this is a team game xD.

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Hopefully some of the things have helped you out. To get out of bronze and silver and gold, make sure that you are warding and playing for your team. Remind everyone to ward (POLITELY) and make sure that even if Ezreal died and gave first blood, that its ok and you will bring it back. Make sure to encourage your teamates as high morale is very important. In the after game lobby is the time to yell and scream at everyone, but while in game try to keep everyone positive as it may save your life as they dive in for an unexpected peel. Play for the team, just because you are 40/0 doesn't mean you are winning. If they shut you down and you are still taking gold from your teamates then you are actually hurting your team by starving them. Good luck and make sure keep thing positive! gl hf dd ds! (good luck have fun don't drop don't suck) <3