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League of Legends Build Guide Author ace47

Akali AP - Supprise your dead!

ace47 Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Welcome to my AP akali build.

Table of contents:
-Pros & Cons
-Summoner spells
-Early to late game walk through
-Item selection
-Other helpful items

-Great burst nuke
-Fast farmer
-High mobilitey
-Great huraasing

-Targeted fast
-If stacks fail less efficent

Summoner spells:
Flash: This can be useful for many situations including: chasing enemey champions through the jungle or being chased through the jungle. Very useful for when enemey champions are siting on your smoke screen waiting for you to pop out.
Ignite: Very key spell to this build. Early game when your geting stacks for your mejias you can last hit enemey champions very easley and will not have to dive for kills.

-For marks I chose flat MPso i can kill enemey champions faster in early game and easley kill squishy dps champions.

-For glpyhs and quintessences I chose AP per level glyphsand flat ap quintessencesThe quintessences give you a early damage out put for easyer kills and the glphys help out later game and still have an effect.

-For seals I chose Flat Healthso your not as squishy and will not lose your stacks earley game.

Earley game:

First off go and buy yourto give you more damage out put and will be built into your mejias soul stealer as soon as possible.
Also grab a
Keep trying to hurrase the enemey champions because you run on energy but one key thing is to keep last hiting to get gold for your mejias soul stealer.

once you have 800 gold go recall back and grab yourthis is your core item. When you get back to your lane call for your jungle if have or ask your team to start going for ganks.

After 1 or 2 kills recall back for yourThis will help you kill squishy champions in 1 burst easly and keep geting your stacks up.

Mid Game:
At this point hope to have yourThis will give you a huge AP gain and the activate is great for geting out of tough situations.

Start really going for weak champions at this point ask your team to wait for you to atlest get assists on kills for yourhopfully you should have 10-12 stacks at this point.

Next you want to buy yourthis will help you drop any champions in a second. Plus the extra ap from Void staff can help out.

Late game:
At this point work for yourthis will help tair peoples faces off in fights and really do some damage.
After this point you can chose diffrent options of items depending on enemey team champions. I havent gotten fast this point in a match.

Item Selection:
-This is your core item to this build and really makes you stronger when stacks are maxed out, if haveing trubles with stacks sell you mejais and try takeing a base AP build without stacking souls.
-This item helps go right through enemey MR easly for squishy champions and helps you destroy them much faster.
If facing a more speedy team try switching toto really move around fast and able to get away from team fights when low health and return for last hits.
- Zhonyas is where most of your AP comes from when you lose some stacks and also help surving fights and ganks to keep all your stacks.
-Void staff helps take down any more MR champions that are trying to target you alot more also the AP is a nice touch.
- The lich bane helps you just straight drop people with its passive abilitey you can burst a dps in just 1 second from full to no health.

Other usefull items:
- Gunblade helps in many places and can help heal you in team fights with all its life steal. The activation can help kill enemey champions running away.
- Rageblade can easly have its stacks maxed out during combat on akali and will deal great damage out put with 8 stacks.
- Rylais Scepter can help if you notice your geting targeted alot in team fights giving you more AP and health to help to your build.
- Black cleaver will help you sreade through enemey armour so tanks will drop without a problem.

Thank you for readying my AP akali build. Good luck and have fun.

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