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Akali Build Guide by Kappash

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kappash

Akali build by Kappash

Kappash Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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Hello my name is Kappash and this is my first build on MOBAfire. I've played Akali for a while and I decided to show you how I play her.

Basically as an assassin/AP nuke champion, using AP items and a Lich Bane dealing both physical- and magical damage.

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Pros / Cons

Spammable ultimate makes you able to:
- Chase
- Do a lot of damage
Excels in close combat against squishies
Decent damage output overtime.
Able to quickly get to the carries in team fights

Can't initiate team fights
Takes some skill to play properly
Item dependent, so requires farm
Can be bullied in the laning phase.

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Ranked Play

Akali is a viable ranked champion. In most cases you'll have to go solo lane in either mid or top.

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Marks: Attack damage runes to activate your innate when combined with masteries.
Seals: Plenty of choices here. I generally like armor/dodge because Akali already gains mres per level. If you feel like the lack of armor in my build is no problem you can take what you wish. On a side note: Seal of Force isn't too shabby either.
Glyphs: I love these, once you're level 6 they surpass the flat ones, and this is where Akali shines.
Quintessences: You have 2 options with these, mpen or flat AP. Personally I don't think the extra Mpen is worth it if you're not taking sorcerers boots.

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Here I take 21/0/9, but really 21/x/y would do though.
Just get the 3 AD from offensive, the 4% increased damage dealt is pretty neat too.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is crucial
Ignite makes you do that extra damage, definitely superior over any left over choices.

Exhaust: you can chase properly without it as soon as you have your Rylai's, not to mention your spammable gap closer(ultimate).

Ghost is also a lesser choice, can't replace flash nor ignite.

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Skill Sequence

There is no way that you would want to change this, your q and r are your main source of damage and having only 1 point in your w is crucial yet covers your need.

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Mercs vs. Sorcerer's.
Although Sorcerer's are a good pick too I'd rather take Mercs in most cases. An exceptional situation would be if the enemy team has very few CC, plenty of squishies and preferably lesser magic damage. :P I suppose you could take this against ******s as well.

I suggest staying on Boots of Speed for a while as the speed increase to Mercs is not that big. If you wish to postpone getting Mercs even further, feel free to do so, but I'd definitely get them before your 2nd big item.

Hextech Revolver is nice to sustain yourself in lane, after this you can just finish it up to your Hextech Gunblade giving Akali: 15% extra magic damage from AAs and a free 12% Spell vamp via your innate.

Now it depends on how you/your team is doing. If you need the tankiness you can take Guardians Angel earlier, if not then just take a Rylai's via either blasting wand or the giant's belt depending on what you want (again, if you're owning you should get the blasting wand first).

Depending on what you got last, take the other. Unless you still don't want the GA and think the Rylai's gave sufficient tankiness, you can delay it further by taking your Lich Bane first.

As for the last slot I suggest a Void Staff. If the enemy team is stacking some MRes feel free to get this. (It'd be wise investment after the enemy team has 3+ Negatron Cloaks)

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Keep in mind you use energy, not mana. So don't be afraid to blow your cd's and retreat.

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Creeping / Jungling

Akali is able to jungle, but I don't recommend doing so. A lot of champions are able to but should not as there are better champions to fit the role.

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For magic resist you'll be fine as you have: Mercs(25 MR), Lich Bane(+30 MR) and GA(38 MR)! It already give you 55 from just items. Akali even gains 1.25 MR per level and has 53 MR at 18, giving you plenty (93+53=146)!
As for armor, you have 76.5 at level 18 and 144,5 once you have your GA, which is quite balanced. Generally you should feel more threatened by magical damage than physical damage though. Note that I have not used the seals in my calculations so it'll be a bit higher if you take the corresponding runes.