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Akali:Easy to Play Hard To Master

Last updated on December 21, 2011
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This is my first Akali build i have been using this build for a long time and I almost always go positive but everyone has a bad game every now and then. I aim for good early game damage early game kills to transition into late game and carry or just have a good game. One of the ways i set up for early game is with my runes and masteries. My runes and masteries allow me to activate poth parts of Akali's passive at level one with only Boots of Speed. This allowys you to have a better chance to dominate your lane in the early game.Having both passives up doesn't seem like a big difference but in the early game it can be a deciding factor and allows you to get your boots for mobility in lane and ganks later without losing any early game damage.

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I feel my Akali build is solid and many of you will not agree but I just hope you guys will try it and if you have any suggestions just comment and if they are serious I will try them out if I haven't already and tell you what I think about it. I open with BoS (Boots of Speed) because with my runes and masteries I have enough early game damage and I get HP pots for the obvious reason of early sustain in-lane. Next, I get hextech revolver for some damadge and more importantly the sustain you get from the 15% spell vamp. The giants belt makes you "tankier" and will help you trade off with other champions and live during team fights. I fell Mercury Treads on Akali are your best choice because she is a Dash in Dash out type of champion and CC can really cripple her the added magic resist is good also and the movement speed quints and masteries make up for not having something like Boots Of Swiftness. The Hextech Gunblade in my opinion is Akali's best item many people dont get this as her first major item but i feel it it really important to get early on and remember to use THE GUNBLADES ACTIVE IT GIVES A GREAT SLOW AND DEALS A FAIR AMOUNT OF DAMADGE. Rylai's is the next item I build and it is GREAT it make her even tankier,guves her some nice CC, and TONS OF DAMADGE it is a no brainer it helps you chase, live and even can help you escape. Lich Bane is great item on Akali because the sheen proc really goes well with the debuff applied to an enemy champion or minnion when you hit it with her Q mark of the assassin. Dont feel worried to buy it just because it gives her mana which is useless on her it is a great item on Akali. Rabadons Deathcap is another great item on Akali it just gives her massive amounts of damage not much else to say about it. Finally, Trinity Force. Most people dont like to build Trinity Force late game on anyone but I feel that onm Akali it is ok because she doesnt "need" it the extra Ap,HP,Movement speed is all good really the only thing not good is the mana. This build aims to give you good ealy game damadge and sustain in the early- mid game while dealing massive amounts of burst damdge in the late game while keeping that tankieness that is so great on Akali.

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I play Akali as an assassin solo mid champion. You should focus on farming and the occasional Q harass on the enemy champion until level 6. Once you hit level 6 you can go in and start trading with the enemy and trying to get some kills but still be farming. You should also start to gank around level 7 or 8 unless there is a really good opportunity to and your lane is pushed or one of the side lanes needs help. You shouldn't dive straight in into teamfight you should wait till they get a little bit lower about 75% or so and then just start bursting them down because if you go in straight away you wont be able to burst them down most of the time and they will more likely than not focus you down. A great tip when playing Akali is when your trying to escape jump to the enemy minions and cast your W for the slow behind you while you are running in some cases you could even jump to an enemy champion and run the other way to juke your opponents out.

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1.Extremely Fast and Agile
2.LOTS of burst damage
3.Scales well with AP and AD
4.She is a flippin Ninja

1.Squishy untill you get some certain items
2.Doesn't do the best in a duel lane but isn't terrible
3.Hard to master
4.You get a -1 health debuff if there is another ninja on the team :( lol (True)

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Tips and Tricks

1.Jump to minions/Champions for get away and chase
2.Make sure to use the active on your Hextech Gunblade
3.Try using smartcast (which can be found under key bindings) she really benefits from it because it allows you to cast her combo faster which means more burst in a shorter time.
4.Dont engage team fights or go in right away unless you have to
5.Play smart this goes for all champions dont tower dive unless you know you can or have help, Dont over extend especially if the enemy is Missing or MIA and don't listen to your team even in solo queue but then think Is that smart
6.Call your MIA's which means Missing in Action when ever you don't know where the enemy in your lane is
7.Last hit minnions don't just auto attack them wait till they are low then finish them off this will hep stop you pushing up to far (over extending) and get you more creep kills which means more gold which means more items which means more kills which means more fun :)

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ignite on Akali because I feel it gives a good balance of escape and damage. I use Flash mainly as an escape mechanism but sometimes I will use it to chase also. I use ignite to finish off kills apply a little bit more damage or cripple champs like Dr.Mundo,Volibear,and Vladimere.

Some other good choices are

Exaughst-Your Melee so you will be up in peoples face and exaughst can change the tide of a battle

Ghost-Another good escape/chase spell

Surge-This is fairly good and viable because AP is good on Akali and Attack speed isn't bad either.

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Thank you

Thank you guys for looking at my build I would appreciate a like,constructive criticism,and new ideas for the future. This was Dxrkrai's 5v5 Summoner Rift Akali build.