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League of Legends Build Guide Author MatthewRock

Akali - Flying Death

MatthewRock Last updated on November 21, 2010
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Hello! This is my first build, on mobafire. Today i am going to show you my way for playing Akali. She's great assassin and game with her is a real pleasure. I played a few Akali builds, and for the moment I consider this one as best.

- Very deadly when played properly.
- Really high damage.
- Very good chasing potential.
- With her Twilight Shroud you can take enemy for a ride 8)
- Can also be good at running away.

- Squishy. When you are deadly and squishy, you are being targeted. If you are not deadly enough - you are dead.
- Depending on enemies' wiliness and intelligence, your early game may be very hard.
- If you aren't feeded and you are dying too much, you are weak and useless.

Warning: if you play Akali first time or don't know how to play her, i suggest you try another build. This one needs some skill and caution, because you need to kill and you can't die.

Okay, now, when you know pros and cons let's cut to the chase.
Summoner's Spells first.
I take Ghost and Flash. With flash you can easily escape, going through wall, dodging projectiles, etc. Ghost is useful when escaping, chasing or running somewhere.

Now masteries:
I prefer 11/19/0. You have got nice spell penetration as well as additional health, AP AND attack speed. You don't have got any items that provides you any important and reliable attack speed buff, as Guinsoo's Rageblade(if you choose it) needs stacks - you don't get any at the start of fight. That's why you take masteries with attack speed.

Runes? Thanks to it you start with both passives. It grants you more survivability. It provides you attack speed. For the moment, I don't see better choice.

You know what runes you should take, you know what Summoner Spells you should take, but how play this Akali build?

Early game:
Buy Long Sword and HP potion, take lane with Golem. I like this one, dunno why, but you are near golem buff which is always good option;) At your lane remember about last hitting - you need money, and last hitting shouldn't be too hard. Use your Q freely - to last hit, to scare your enemies, and so on. Don't be afraid of being aggressive, but don't let them kill you - remember, that you are squishy, and don't push them like you're mad - you won't hit the turret without being hitted, and they will be last hitting minions with ease. If you are at low health, either stay near turret and hit minions(as you have life steal from your passive) or back for health(and eventually hp potions).

When you got 435 money, back, buy Amplifying Tome and come back to your lane. Stay there until you get 1754. You should be level 5-7. Start killing. With more kills, you become more deadly. But remember - don't be too cocky! Even when you're deadly as hell, you are still SQUISHY! Always remember: You are depending on your stacks. Without them you are useless. That's why your early game is hard. But after few kills you'll see the difference. At the beginning, you can consider ignoring danger and killing at all costs. Even if you die, you can score 1 stack, but later it's highly unrecommended due to losing stacks instead of getting them. You greed - you lose. Mid game should start when you have your shoes.

Mid game: Go through lanes and help your allies with killing enemies. Let them initiate fights;) Push turrets. Gather buffs! Do everything to make their life harder. If you have nothing to do - kill their natural minions. Imho mid game is nearly always similar, so needs no explanation. Just one thing: you should choose if you buy Guinsoo's Rageblade or
Hextech Revolver. Both are nice, but hextech will be better item late-game. On the other hand, it's quite expensive, and Guinsoo give you AS. It's up to you.
Late game: Stick with your team, push, gather buffs, chase enemies. If you are feeded, buy all 3(or 4, if you need Oracle) potions. They will be activated immediately. Sell Guinsoo's Rageblade and buy Hextech Gunblade. You can buy it as well instead of Guinsoo, but ihmo it's too expensive and you need more AS. You can buy it later and become The Ultimate Machine of Destruction. Feel free with modifying item sequence.

If you are losing and you don't have too much stacks and don't see any way for winning, sell Mejai and Occult - they are not going to be useful any more. Buy Deathfire Grasp and Zhonya Ring instead. You can also try backdooring.

Here is also a bunch of general advises:
- Remember, that you are squishy. Don't go too far alone when you don't know that you are safe.
- When running away, consider placing your magical circle on your enemies or just before them. You don't have to hide - it provides nice slow.
- Remember, that in circle you got additional armor & magic resist. Start your fights in it, and you get nice advantage. Use it also when trying to initiate - place circle near enemy and use ulti to quickly get there, eventually first use ulti and than place circle. Remember, that you might die.
- Your ultimate got really low cooldown and is great both for chasing and escaping. It also deals low damage(as for ultimate), but later damage is better. When you are chasing enemy who isn't within yours ultimate range, use it on minion. When enemies catches you in bushes and your allies are on the other side of wall, use your ultimate on natural minions to escape. When you are escaping, you can use enemy minions for escaping with ulti. That's why you are mobile one:)
- Feel free with stealing kills. Just say sorry and steal again. And again. You need stacks. You need money. Stop ksing when you end your build.
- Never get too cocky. Remember, that even with max. stacks and feeling that you're the boss, you are still SQUISHY. Don't attack entire team if you are not sure you can kill them - if you get stunned, you are dead.
- Try to consider Akali as quiet and deadly assassin, who strikes from shadow. You should wait for right moment, strike fast and deadly, kill enemy and flee. Hardly ever try to be the one who starts teamfights.
- When your enemy at the beginning is brave and comes near minions, try to hit him with Q and hit him again. In few hits his health will become low.
- Look at enemies. If they have vision wards or Oracles' - remember, that you aren't invisible in your magical circle. But remember, that it still provides you armor and magic resistance. If for example Karthus is using his ultimate, use circle. You will lower damage.

Thanks for reading my build, which is my first one. Comment, say what's wrong and help me improve it;)
Also remember, that main function of build is to show you my gamestyle. You can try it and modify by yourself.