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Akali... How to do it right!

Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Hello fellow LoL players!

In this build you will how to build Akali, how to pwn with Akali, and how to get away with Akali. In less then 10 min you will learn how Akali is one of the best champions on LoL.

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Akali is one of the most diverse champions in LoL. She is able to dish out a lot of dmg with her Q and E spells and still be able to get away if things get bad by using her W spell. If you play her right then you will be able to get many kills with her, make enemy players QQ, and be able to survive like no other!

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Pros & Cons

She is fast
She does a lot of dmg fast
Can escape easily
Almost unkillabe late game
Easy to farm minions
Has 3 easy flashes

Can be overwhelmed
Everyone wants attack you

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Summoner Spells

Another option instead of ghost is to useto make it so with my ulti I have 4 flashes on the get go.

I also like to useso I can either catch up to people or help myself get away.

I like to useso you can either help yourself get away or you can use it to take them down more while they are slowed and blinded.
is also good to help you get nasty debuffs off you while in a team fight or while trying to get away.

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: One of the most unique passives in the game. It pretty much means if you get more AD you will deal additional magic damage to a target. And if you have more AP you will heal yourself for a percentage.
: Your main attacking ability. Use this to harass, get the last hit, or just to plan out damage against someone. The main part of the spell is straight forward; throw it at someone. The second part is often not known very well. If Akali hits that target again with an auto attack then the target will receive more damage. This doesn't mean you have to always hit the target again; only if you can and you won't die.
: Akali's best spell. You can have this at your lowest level and it is still amazing. The slow on it is not that great, but the fact that you can sit in it and not be targeted or be seen is amazing! Be careful though people might pop some spells into it to try to lure you out. Another cool thing about it is that when you leave it be walking you will still have about a second of invisibility.
: This ability has a very short range but an excellent cooldown. So spam it when you can.
: This is one of the best ulti's ever... You have a very low cool down on it. It does a moderate amount of damage. And it stacks every 24 seconds. You also get a stack if you get a kill or an assist. Use it to get near people and start the rampage.

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I like to start with a Doran's blade to get her passive started to deal more damage, get some lifesteal, and some more health. I also like to get a health pot so I can stay in the lane longer.

The boots are up to you. I like to get the Boots of Swiftness so I can catch up to people pretty fast. If the other team is good though with some tough fighters I suggest the Ninja Tabi's for the armor and the dodge. If the other team has a lot of stunners i suggest the Mercury Tread's.

The stack items are also very good for Akali, because your attacks will do more and your passive will benefit you more. I also like to get the Rylai's Staff for the Health and passive to slow people down combined with your W. Then I start the Ability power items.

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Early Game:
If you have played as Akali before you can go mid. But if you are new I suggest having a laning partner.

Solo: So first off grab yourand aand head mid. I suggest waiting for your minions to spawn and for them to start heading up before you go up. Don't try anything fancy just yet. Most people mid will have the range on you stay back and get last hits on minions with your. When the other champion gets greedy pop aand then aright on them or right in front of them so you can go in and not be seen then hit em with your. When they try to run, or you need some help pop a, and spam your Q and E abilities. When your enemy recalls or your kill them or they kill you (DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!!) grab your boots, and start youror buy it if you have enough then head back mid.

With a Partner: Same thing as in mid but you have a little bit more security and ability to push more. When you reach Lvl 6 recall back and get your items you need.

Mid Game:

Solo: With your ulti you will be able to tower dive and kill people a lot more easily. With your ulti also your be able to gank top or bot when your lane is free.

With a partner: When your partner feel confident that you can take an enemy or enemies you start with your R ability and exhaust your target and pop your W ability down and then finally spam the **** out of them with your Q and E.


TEAM FIGHTS!: This is around the time where you can take pretty much anyone by yourself so I am skipping to the team fights. In a team fight I suggest you don't start because you might be hit hard before your teammates get in. So let a tank or a tough fighter start first then you use your R on the weakest, strongest player they have and use your W to slow and to hide. Spam your Q and E. If your about to die flash or ghost away (or use both). Then reenter if you think you can. If you kill your first target pop your R on the weakest enemy after that and use your abilities combos.


One of Akali's best talents is to fake a run away. You act like your scared of the champion by throwing your Q at them then run back towards your tower but not all the way and you pop a W when they get close and you R on them then spam the **** out of them.

Another good talent of Akali's is the get away. You run away, pop your W, and go invisible in it then run a way the other people wouldn't expect.
Try to get the blue golem buff when you can around mid game and late game to keep your energy up and your cooldowns down.